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Sacred Geometry in its purest sense is what a sensitive can see when looking into spirit at a specific orientation. Here are some of the classic forms seen by sensitives throughout the centuries and around the world. They include classic mandalas and chakra graphs.
Flower of Life - RainbowFlower of Life - FeminineFlower of Life - MasculineSri Yantra - AntiquedSri Yantra - ClassicCreation Mandala - AntiquedCreation Mandala | ClassicCreation Mandala | Classic No Dot CenterDouble Fibonacci Spiral - Sacred HeartDouble Fibonacci Spiral - ClassicFibonacci Spiral - Classic ZenMetatron's Cube - GoldMetatron's Cube - CosmicMetatron's Cube - ClassicTorus - CosmicTorus - ClassicTree of Life - CosmicTree of Life - ClassicCrown ChakraThird Eye Chakra

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