The nature realm calls them "familiars" - humans call these beings "guardian spirits". These are the spirit beings who accompany all solid life forms throughout their times on earth. They support and protect to the best of their abilities from the realms of spirit, assisting the solids as they work on the subtle or physical planes. It is very instructive to see that familiars/guardian spirits are colleagues and friends, not superiors or servants. These photos appear elsewhere in my art gallery; I felt it important for people to see them as a collection as well.
Beings Not to Meet on a Dark Night....Crazy Old CroneGreenman of RyersonJamaican GreenmanLady of Templar ParkLady of the Forest with EntourageMasked Elf and Lion FamiliarRock Lady | Garden of the GodsThe ProtectorWarrior ElfWood Elf Merchant

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