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This area contains stories about nature spirits. A lot are the back end story of the photographs you see in the various galleries. You can enjoy browsing through the blogs. Or you can go into the galleries, select a photograph of interest, and click on the "CLICK HERE" link to go to its related blog. My goal is to have a story for each photograph. To achieve this, I have undertaken a May 2020 to May 2021 exercise to write one blog a day. 

Nature Spirits of Rainbow Point - A Love Story

March 19, 2021
A large community of nature spirits lives at the scenic Rainbow Point in Rocky Mountain National Park. Their presence is strong and varied, and a love story connects them...
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A Happy Day with Good Friends!

March 18, 2021
It's the Good Life! What more can one want...a beautiful mountain setting with cool, pure mountain water and good friends to hang out with! These four rock buddies are...
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Speaking of Trolls...

March 17, 2021
Trolls often get a bad rap in American culture. They are actually wonderful friendly thoughtful a bit somber and wise in the ways of the inner earth. They don't brook wel...
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Husbands and Wives

March 16, 2021
This gnome husband and wife live in one of the mottled-bark London Plane Trees found throughout Central Park, New York City. He has a wonderful tall hat, his wife has a...
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Protectors of the Forest Glen

March 15, 2021
A kindly protector looks down at the small snowdrops that bloom at the base of this Northern Japanese Magnolia. (left) Seen full face, his third eye is a heart-shaped po...
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West Wind of Spring

March 14, 2021
The West Wind is called Zephyrus in Greek and Western European mythology. He is considered the gentlest of the four winds and the energy of the spring and early summer br...
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March 13, 2021
One of my favorite flowers. The snowdrop is the harbinger of Spring. Such a humble, gentle flower. So unassuming and yet how reassuring to all that life has once again s...
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Entry Trees Guard a Path

March 12, 2021
Often the nature spirits will place specific energies inside an entry tree to an area, such as on a path through the forest. That is the situation here. An Alert System...
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Cottonwood Spirits, Capitol Reef, Utah

March 11, 2021
The nature surrounding the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah is spectacular, from towering red canyon walls to richly varied nature spirit images in centuries-old tre...
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Dryad of the Red Maple

March 10, 2021
This elegant Dryad is the living spirit of this red maple tree. She has a lovely heart-shaped portal headdress. Below her is her familiar, or protector. The Living Spiri...
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Cottonwood Heart

March 09, 2021
In honor of the one year anniversary of my beloved brother Chet Perry's crossing over, here is a beautiful, solid cottonwood heart. Chet loved trees and nature and throu...
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Dwarf in Tall Hat

March 08, 2021
Classic dwarf features! Tall hat, large nose, whiskers and beard. This elderly dwarf lives in the Scots Pines area of Morton Arboretum. This area is centered around a la...
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Study of a Vine in March

March 07, 2021
The warm summer ramblings of this 2" long vine frond have become a winter sculpture.
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Bull Pine Protector

March 06, 2021
This noble protector stands at the entry point to the residential area of my family's vacation property in North Conway, New Hampshire. He watches over the comings and g...
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Orb at Warrior Rock

March 05, 2021
I could hear but in the darkness of the cave could not see this orb being, who asked me to take a photo of him/her and the scene. The life form was quite insistent, so I...
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