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Enjoy these stories about the many unique nature spirits I have encountered in my photographic journey. Stories click into photos - and photos click into stories. I strive for 100% accuracy in showing you what I experienced, and in explaining the situation to you in the story. You can focus on my images to connect with that life form. You can also purchase most images as inspiring and beautiful wall hangings, energetic focal points and household objects.

Mona Lisa Poppy Anemone

May 12, 2021
This lovely flower measures 4" diameter. She has a long name - the Mona Lisa White Wine Bicolor Poppy Anemone! She is, indeed, as mysteriously beautiful as the Mona Lisa!...
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Ent of Hoh Rainforest

May 11, 2021
This huge tree spirit could be one of the Ents in Tolkien's writings! He lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest, Forks, Washington State. The Ents are tree beings who prote...
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Forest Spirit - Hoh Rainforest

May 10, 2021
This forest spirit lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State. He kinda reminds me of Cat in the Hat, with the series of moss-covered branc...
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St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock

May 09, 2021
St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock is a scenic beauty located near Estes Park, Colorado. This active-use Catholic chapel is situated at a powerfully energetic location. Ac...
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Weeping Mulberry Tree

May 08, 2021
Weeping mulberry trees have creative branch contortions that become more and more distinct with age. This elder lives in happy protection at the well-tended Lilacia Park...
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Spring in the Heartland

May 06, 2021
It's been an amazing year for tulips - perfect conditions all around the Midwest. The lilacs are out, the tulips are still strong and the trees are budding open with the...
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May 04, 2021
This tree always amuses me. He lives next to the intimate, beautiful Glen Ellis Falls, NH. He is a very non-descript tree and has a railing nailed into him, next to a sto...
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Root Beast Guardian

May 03, 2021
Everyone needs to pass by this watchful root beast guardian when they take the forest trail down the mountain from the Clingman's Dome summit. Like the Chinese dogs at a...
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Enjoying the Sun

May 02, 2021
It's a good life at Garden of the Gods, Colorado. Lots of sun, lots of friends, lots of admiring visitors. This rock spirit and companion are enjoying just being! The Ga...
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Tree on a Hill

May 01, 2021
This tree lives on a sloping hillside that leads down to the intimate Lake Marmo at Morton Arboretum. He has chosen to manifest, as images on his trunk, a number of the e...
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Contemplating Your Options

April 29, 2021
This is a story of - what you focus on is what you experience. These two dark ominous beings, right, overlook a path through a Preserve. I took the liberty to photograph...
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Redbud Time

April 28, 2021
Sunset - Spring - a quiet lake - a mallard peacefully gliding - and a mirrored display of Redbuds in bloom. Life is Good!
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Nature Spirits Log in Bluebells

April 27, 2021
This compassionate log graces the woods at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL. Cascading down the hill around it is a carpet of bluebells. Protection for Small...
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Easy-Going Friends

April 26, 2021
These easy-going friends hang out near a popular stop at Morton Arboretum. They greet the cars as they pass by and walkers when they get out of their cars. They are part...
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Willow Tree Spirits

April 25, 2021
Willow trees are an emotional species and very compassionate towards all. They are strong with the power that comes from gentleness. This tree is a featured landscape pi...
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