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This area contains stories about nature spirits. A lot are the back end story of the photographs you see in the various galleries. You can enjoy browsing through the blogs. Or you can go into the galleries, select a photograph of interest, and click on the "CLICK HERE" link to go to its related blog. My goal is to have a story for each photograph. To achieve this, I have undertaken a May 2020 to May 2021 exercise to write one blog a day. 

A Prayer and a Scream

April 18, 2021
Some aspects of a being's personality are there from the start. Take these two Bloodroots. They are growing within a few inches of each other - and yet their attitude to...
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Storm Clouds at the Indiana Dunes

April 16, 2021
Storm clouds may fill the sky high above but all is peaceful on the Lake - at the Indiana Dunes.
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Bluebells in the Forest

April 15, 2021
If you're lucky, you come upon one of the Spring blankets of bluebells that spread through the woods of the Midwest. I especially enjoy the gentleness of this scene to t...
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Greeting the Morning Sun

April 14, 2021
Pink Magnolia, greeting the morning sun. Morton Arboretum.
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Magnolia Trio

April 13, 2021
Pink Magnolia Blossoms. Morton Arboretum.
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Pink Magnolia

April 12, 2021
Dancing in the Spring breeze, the early magnolias are in full flower. This graceful magnolia blossom is at Morton Arboretum.
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Blue Poppies

April 11, 2021
Himalayan Blue Poppies. These gorgeous, rare flowers originated in the Himalayas and have been on exhibit in the greenhouses at Longwood Gardens, PA. Metaphysically th...
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A Face of Many Moods

April 09, 2021
In that magical separating line between worlds - that place where two energies come together - in that line between prairie and forest - I found this spirit living in an...
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Find the Happy Smile...

April 07, 2021
Can you find the little "dried flower" smiling happily amongst his friends? Or maybe even two of them... How long did it take you to find him/them? Pretty Dead Things I...
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Adapting to the Thorns

April 06, 2021
We've all been constantly adapting this past year. Our adjustments have often been complex... ...but they have produced their own kind of unexpected beauty... A Thorny...
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It's Spring on the Prairie!

April 05, 2021
Yeah! The daffodils are dancing in profusion. It's really Spring in the Prairie States! Here's our celebration of the joy we are all feeling to get outside in the warm sp...
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I Know a Place Where the Wild Thyme Blows

April 02, 2021
Two of my favorite nature spirits - the Greenman of Geneva, IL and the Wood Elf Beauty of Conway, NH. I thought they'd make a nice couple, so I arranged for them to meet,...
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The Old Prospector

April 01, 2021
This old coot is some 50 feet tall. He is one of the more well-known of the HooDoos on Mt Lemmon, Arizona. He is wearing a classic woodsman's hat with ear flaps and has a...
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Holding Energy | Earth Grids

March 31, 2021
Over the years I have taken photographs of lions, apes and elephants in locales where the nature spirits have never seen such beings. Recently I have shown you photograph...
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Mayan Family Setting

March 30, 2021
A tall seated figure presides over Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona. He has a Mayan profile and a large ear ring. He is wearing a beret. Whether this was once a tall hat...
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