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Revolutionary War images in the Brandywine Valley

August 04, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

This large maple tree embodies a number of complex images going back to the Revolutionary War. It lives near the main building at a Quaker retirement community in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I'm fortunate to be a new resident here!

Community Tree - Kennett SquareCommunity Tree - Kennett Square On my first camera exploration trip around the campus, This grand old maple tree called out to me. It is a gentle community tree with many life forms calling it their home address. Here's one set of images you can see in the tree.

Kennett Square is located in the Brandywine Valley, near a number of Revolutionary War sites. This tree would have been young at that formative time.

It appears the tree fashioned a memorial frieze of a specific individual of that Revolutionary War era. Perhaps there was a soulful mustached military officer, in tall helmet, who particularly impressed the tree spirit. Perhaps the tree sheltered him at one point when there were military maneuvers in the area.

If you look closely at this tree, and shift your viewpoint, you can see a number of other spirit images the tree has fashioned. This is a situation where a tree is unusually compassionate and has recorded images of life forms with whom it has significantly interacted over its lifetime. Its ability to craft images is quite sophisticated. As it is dealing with a limited canvas (its own trunk), it has followed tree art protocol, images merging into other images in varying sizes. The tree is embodying and grounding these energies for its territory. This is a mural tree.

There is a skull-like bird spirit with cardinal-like crown tuft facing left, looking away from the young officer - perhaps a symbol of protection in battle on the part of the tree spirit? Looked at another way, a mustached spirit being is facing right. There is a smaller masked wood elf facing right (one of the elf realm's soldiers - another symbol of protection from spirit for the young officer) and a friendly long-eared dog companion. There are also many other images, in this and in other parts of the tree. 

I look forward to sharing with all of you my adventures on my move "Back East"!


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