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Fairy Ring

August 31, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Here's a lovely large fairy ring, around an American Beech Tree. 

Fairy Ring around Beech TreeFairy Ring around Beech TreeThis large fairy ring grew around a Beech Tree.

Beech Tree Ring

This ring appeared in a large tree outside the front door of my apartment house. It looks like the fairies had quite a night of it, and perhaps grew a bit tipsy - a number of the mushrooms are quite askew!

Fairy Couple and heartFairy Couple and heartA faery couple (upper left) is very much in love. Their image appears in this bas relief sculpture - perhaps the fellow did this? Along with a perfect little heart (lower right). Their love memento is sculpted into an American beech tree - the same one that holds the dragon rider and is the center of the fairy ring. Kennett Square, PA Fairy Couple

This tree houses a fine-featured fairy princess, with a male consort in conical hat below her to the left of the photo, and a perfect little heart down below - the energies of the fairy world offering their love to each other and to this area! Fairy Couple Close UpFairy Couple Close UpClose up of the fairy princess and her consort, with a perfect small heart lower right. They live in an American Beech Tree at Crosslands RC.











Dragon RiderDragon RiderSo cute it belongs in a Pixar movie! This baby dragon is shown next to his tiny tall-hatted fairy rider. Dragon Rider

The Beech Tree also houses a very cute little duo of a baby dragon and his tall-hatted fairy rider.

So shown in this tree are the span from the tall to the small fairies.









Fairy Ring at CrosslandsFairy Ring at CrosslandsThis fairy ring grew in a grassy area outside apartments at Crosslands RC Co-Existing Realities

I did two versions of this fairy circle. One is from the human point of view - see the driveway and cars, the human energy almost obscuring the fairy spirit. (Left)

At the top of this blog you can see a version done from the fairy perspective. Here the tree and the fairy ring are the realities and the human world fades away into a blue mist...

Two realities co-existing!



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