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Wolfman - Sinister or Protective?

July 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

WolfmanWolfman This ominous Wolfman stands guard at the base of a Guardian Tree. His is the entry tree along a scenic path that circles a dark bog. 

People consider the Wolfmen as sinister. But are they really - or are they simply powerful guards, as we sometimes find in our world? He conveys the energy of a being who is somber, moody, unpredictable, prone to optionally violent action - and fiercely protective of those he feels it is his duty to protect.

What is a Guardian Tree

A Guardian Tree lives at the start of a specific area or path. Its job is to alert the beings in that area that an outsider is coming through. Its energy can vastly vary, depending on the situation. Each Guardian Tree has its own story.

A Guardian Tree can be warmly welcoming or detached guarding (like crows positioning one of their group as lookout, their job being to caw notification if an intruder approaches). Or as in this case - like a military guard at a palace gate.

Smug CatSmug Cat Smug Cat

Up higher in the tree you can see a content cat - the type of gentle folk the Wolfman is protecting.(Right)

The cat looks very happy and secure and a bit smug in its secure position. Like many citizens in all dimensions, the cat seems oblivious to the protection being provided by its community!

Watching OverWatching Over The Administrator

Guardian TreeGuardian Tree A being with more controlled energy watches out from a higher branch (left). He is like the administrative branch of the community, of which the content cat is a protected member.

The administrator's job is to watch who enters and what occurs in its area of responsibility. He analyzes and plans any needed actions for the Wolfman and other nature spirits of the area.

A Gateway to Another Realm

These folks live at Morton Arboretum. The feeling an ordinary hiker would get here is perhaps a slightly uncomfortable twinge as you pass through the energy field or aura (alert system) of this tree, and then you would peacefully continue on your way. If your intentions are peaceful, you would feel as protected and comfortable as that smug cat!

I believe this strong a Guardian Tree is needed because the dark bog behind it is a gateway to another world. It is a large gateway and the energy of that world is intense and dark. As such, the rules for interdimensional entry requires approval from a variety of strong protective guards. Unless you have business there, most folks are not aware this world even exists and there is no chance of any accidental entry.

Dowsers know that vortexes of energy, like the bog, push back from it energy not of the same frequency. This means light, peaceful, gentle energy has stacked around the bog perimeter and someone walking there would feel only peace and contentment. I believe this is why there is a path circling the bog that many folks enjoy relaxing and walking.


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