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Fibonacci Spiral | The Nature of Spirit

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Double Fibonacci Spiral - Sacred HeartDouble Fibonacci Spiral - Sacred HeartThis Double Fibonacci Spiral diagrams the quality of love that occurs when two equal life forms connect to each other. Each partner has been growing in a proportion known as the Golden Mean and the Divine Proportion. Together, the two halves create love – as seen in this heart. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Fibonacci Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence represents the unfolding and spiraling out of form from source. It is closely related to the Golden Ratio and is a mathematical sequence found throughout nature. Wherever it is found, it is the base sacred geometry of a form that is extremely beautiful to look at.

The Fibonacci Sequence is usually considered to begin with 1 and each subsequent Fibonacci number is formed by the addition of the preceding two numbers. Books have been written on this entrancing pattern and how it is found in everything from a sunflower to a beautiful woman's face. 

I find it interesting that when this beautifully balanced number is doubled and facing itself (as here on the right), it becomes the shape of a heart. I feel this tells a lot about how true love can be seen in all its beauty. It is a balanced partnership between two equal forms. When the lightfields behind the form of love are equal, the relationship is in balance and can continue to grow together, each proceeding proportionate to its own form, and each continually counterpointing the other.

Fibonacci Spiral - Classic ZenFibonacci Spiral - Classic ZenThe Fibonacci Spiral is found throughout nature as a system of growth found everywhere from the bracts of a pine cone to the growth of a sunflower and the unfurling of a fern frond. Called Nature’s numbering system, this design is soothing to the senses, especially of sensitive people. CLICK HERE to read how the spiral is important in ancient energy sites. When the relationship does not start out in this equality of inherent form....well, eventually the two forms begin evolving in different ways, and end up either with a splitting apart as each side continues to pursue their own evolution or with one side dominating the other. Kind of like what causes so many divorces and unhappy relationships nowadays... any healthy relationship - between people, governments, society - a respectful balanced equality is the only form that can last....

Above is a Double Fibonacci Spiral. To the left is the graphing of this sequence.




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