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Do Trees Fall in Love?

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Do trees fall in love? The short answer is - Yes. And they also flirt and dislike...and other of the universal emotions. Here are photo stories from a forest outing I took with a Deva, many years ago.

I was just starting out on my nature spirit photographic journey. In this situation - I was fortunate to attract the attention of a forest Deva. She took the time to show me a grand experiment she was undertaking. This was like the president of a company showing kindness towards a neophyte young reporter.

The Deva of the Balsams and BirchesThe Deva of the Balsams and BirchesThis is the signature tree of the Deva who is conducting the experiment. E.g. - this is her home base/antenna from which she is aware of all in her area. Behind her is a snake figure - the kundalini energy running throughout this experiment. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Devas are high-level nature spirits who oversee an entire area of nature. To the left is her signature tree (an antenna from where she oversees the energetic net she has spread throughout her domain). Her profile is in the tree on the right. A large snake (the kundalini energy of the experiment) is in his signature tree on the left.

Lost Love

This story began as I was walking in the national forest that abuts my family's land in New Hampshire - both are protected forests. I was enjoying experimenting with my new point-and-shoot camera. 

Balsam and the Birch KissBalsam and the Birch KissThese two trees have long loved each other and are touching in a perpetual kiss. I heard them calling to each other "I love you" in a male and a female voice and followed the sound through the woods to their location. It's 2009 and the Birch is in poor health, many of her branches bare. CLICK HERE to read the full story of this couple. I heard two voices calling out to each other "I love you" - almost human - and went searching for what this could be. I came upon a Balsam calling out to his beloved, a Birch tree who was dying.

I wrote about this experience in my blog The Balsam and the Birch | A Love Story and how I tracked their story over the years.

My connecting in to these two lovers at their emotional life transition also connected me to the Deva, who had descended to be present with two of her favorite residents at this sad time.

I believe this emotional crux point is what drew the two of us together. The Deva kindly explained the love story of the Balsam and the Birch and how they were her stars in an experiment she was conducting. If I would return the next day, she said, she would explain the experiment to me.

Balsam-Birch Couple 4Balsam-Birch Couple 4This couple has grown next to each other, connecting then going their own ways and now locked in a kiss. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. What the Deva Showed Me

The next day, as soon as I entered her territory, the Deva began what was, looking back, an amazing experience for me - although while it was occurring, it seemed totally normal and ordinary, like being taken on a tour of a scientific laboratory.

Balsam-Birch Couple 2Balsam-Birch Couple 2This couple has grown closer over the years - notice how the birch now inclines towards the balsam. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Deva explained that in her area she was, over many years in human time, pairing stern strong Balsams with gentle not as strong White Paper Birches. She believed this combination would bring gentleness to the Balsams and support for the Birch who suffer during the bitterly cold Northern New Hampshire weather.

She then proceeded to guide me around her realm and describe various of the pairings. We tramped about quite a bit, as the pairings were spread out at different locations.

Balsam-Birch Couple 3Balsam-Birch Couple 3This couple has found love and comfort by growing close to or touching each other over the years. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Deva explained that she paired a number of Balsams and Birches but that none were as successful as the pair I first came upon. 

Successful Love Stories

The Deva did her best to pair compatible energies, but it was up to each pair as to how they would work together in this pairing.

Shown above, to the right and left, are what the Deva considers three successful pairings. You can study each of these images, and click to read their titles, and understand how these couples connect, love and support each other.

The Flirt

Some pairings did not work out as well. 

The FlirtThe FlirtThe White Birch in the center is Ms. Popularity. She is quite social, and is perpetually admired by two Balsams - and has a side-kick Birch who bends towards her more exuberant energy. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. This white birch (center in the group photo shown on the right) is a sociable flirt. She is clearly the star of the show and is holding court. You can see two admiring Balsam suitors to the right. Next to the star is her sidekick, a Birch whose life energy is not as strong and who, as she has grown, inclines towards the star. In this situation, the Deva explained, the pairing for strength during the hard New England winters has not occurred.


Balsam-Birch Couple 5Balsam-Birch Couple 5The White Birch very clearly did not like the Balsam and as time went by she grew at a very sharp, clear angle away from him. This situation made the Deva sad. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Here are two pairings that did not succeed at all.

To the left you see a Birch who definitely did not want to hang out with the Balsam. Ugh! She seems to be saying, and has pulled away dramatically.

But the situation the Deva is most unhappy about is the image to the right. Indeed, she is actually disgusted by the behavior of the Balsam.

Balsam-Birch Couple 6Balsam-Birch Couple 6The Deva was distinctly and clearly unhappy about this situation, and expressed her dissatisfaction clearly. She considered it the opposite end of the couple in the Kiss, where the Balsam stayed faithful after death. Here the Balsam died and from its roots sprang two offspring who are more interested in playing with each other and totally uninterested in the Birch. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. You see, she explained, the original Balsam died, leaving a weakened Birch who sought to support the energy of the Balsam. That support resulted in the Balsam attempting to carry on by generating new life from its roots. However, two offshoots resulted and over time created an incestuous relationship - they intertwined between themselves, were totally self-absorbed in their relationship, and rejected any connection with the "old lady" birch. Her energy is weak, and theirs is contorted. You can see how she has attempted to pull away.

This situation is the polar opposite of that shown in The Kiss, where the Balsam for many years after clung to the memory of his true love.

Yes - Trees Do Fall in Love!

So - these are some of the stories the Deva showed me. The photos are from when I first began my project and it was a bright sunny day, so I apologize that the photos are not the best quality. But it was such an honor for a neophyte reporter to be shown around by a Deva that I just had to share anyway.

I have looked about in the Devic territories surrounding this one and have not found other such experiments, although I am sure they must exist here and there.

This story is in response to a question posed by a member of my closed Facebook group Nature Spirits Around the World. It answers the question - Do trees fall in love?



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