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Council Tree of St Charles, Illinois

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Council Tree Members - View 2Council Tree Members - View 2Portraits of judges. Notice large face can be seen looking in two directions - impartiality in looking at the facts. This Council Tree lives on property that for many decades has hosted a native plants garden center. The tree is the left one in the long view of this area.

Council Tree Members - View 3Council Tree Members - View 3More judges can be seen up higher in the tree. A Council Tree is a judicial site where the nature spirits bring complaints and issues they need arbitrated and adjudicated. The Council is formed of wise beings of many different species and their rulings are law. They function something like our human courts and have various levels of responsibility. This tree houses a regional court for cases brought from the local region. The Council meets at specific times, just like with humans, and attendees would gather in the open space in front of the tree. While the court exists in a different dimension from our human one, it would probably meet during times when the Garden Center is not open. Council Tree Members - View 1Council Tree Members - View 1Markers of some of the judges of the Council Tree.

Shown here are some of the images of various of the judges who have sat on the court over the years. The images are like human photos of presiding judges in a human court. They signify who is hearing the cases. 

Like our human courts, different levels of Councils have different energies. This is a very down-to-earth, grounded, pragmatic Council that that deals with land issues and is far different in energy to the Council seen in the New Hampshire Council located on land occupied by a patrician founding family of their area. I photographed and wrote about that tree in my blog What is a Council Tree?

Council Tree EnclaveCouncil Tree EnclaveThe Council Tree is the left one of the three trees shown here.












What is similar is that each has a Native American spirit present and an animal representative. Look closely and you will see figures inside of figures, figures representing Native American energies, frogs, and various other life forms. One of the photos shows a Janus-type image of a being who can see both sides of the issue and hence has a face looking front and another looking back.

This tree is located in St. Charles, Illinois at what is now a prominent highly respected wholesale garden center.


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