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When Did You Know You Could Talk with Nature Spirits?

June 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When did you know you could communicate with nature, and that your experiences were real? Have there been particularly memorable experiences for you? 

It would be very helpful to others for you to share your own story. It would help us all get used to the idea that these life forms are real and intelligent and able to converse with us. You can do so on our Facebook Group, Nature Spirits Around the World.
  Self Portraits, Youth & OlderSelf Portraits, Youth & OlderTwo self portraits by the Guardian of Place, seen when young (right) and when olders (left). CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images.

"Older" Self Portrait"Older" Self PortraitNorth facing cliff with portrait of older guardian. CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images. We now have well over a thousand members of our closed Facebook group. In applying to join, so many have said they've been communicating with nature spirits for a long time and want to know more, or want to get together with like-minded folks.

It's time for you to speak up!

What was your reaction when you first understood you were actually communicating with...something? What are some memorable experiences you've had since? 

I'll start the dialogue with my story.

Guardian Over Time

It has really helped me adjust to the reality of nature spirits by focusing on taking their photos. Hard to deny something that is occurring so clearly and frequently!

My photography has enabled me to study and explore this topic. First in the field - and then back home, when I pull up the image on the computer. Here are some comparative photos that have helped me understand time and matter from the perspective of this other dimension.

I have visited the Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois some four times, over the years. I've made friends during that time with the Guardian of Place of a very beautiful, intimate canyon. It is through my conversations with him, and the photographic records he has guided me to take, that I have learned a bit more about the intelligences working with nature. Just a bit - there's a whole world there to learn about. 

He explained to me his story, which I have described in Guardian of Place Tells His Story and produced a video about - A Love Story Told in Stone.

It intrigues me how personal and individual this Guardian is. He is a passionate artist and a wise protector of the life forms in his small domain. He showed me an image he had carved depicting himself when he was young - all warm reds, oranges. He is smiling, optimistic, and has been enjoying young love. Until his thirst for spiritual knowledge took him on a quest.

"Younger" Self Portrait"Younger" Self PortraitFull story mural of Guardian of Place when young, and the woman who loved him over the years, from youth to old age. CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images. In his youth, he has broad cheeks, a curly tuft of hair peaking out under a simple artist's cap, and a dream of self-mastery seen in the cobra-shaped image (as in Far East Indian sculptures of realized souls) that he wears as a garnish to his hat.

Much later in life, having succeeded in his quest, he appears in a north-facing cliff in blue grey stone, overseeing his domain. His cheeks are still broad but his eyes have the sadness that comes with being a leader who has faced trials and continued on. Instead of a cap he now wears a crown with a bushy tree replacing the cobra, indicating his mastery of nature.

I frequently return to my photos of this canyon to contemplate its complexity, and my conversations with its guardian. My visits are profoundly a part of my understanding of this other dimension that lives parallel to and intersects with our own.



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