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Lagoon Gateway to the Spirit Realms

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Willow Tree Close UpWillow Tree Close UpClose up of willow tree. This willow tree is a gateway between the nature spirit and the physical realms. It serves as the entry point through which a whole community of life forms come and go to do their assigned tasks for this area of the Indiana Dunes.

The nature realm has chosen to develop natural technologies while humans have focused on machines. So think of this tree as the nature realm's version of a human door operated by sophisticated computer coding. In our world, it might be a fingerprint or eye scan. In the nature realm, each authorized individual has registered their specific frequency, with the many users represented visually on the tree's bark. These images are layered, much like computer codes residing inside a small keypad.

This beautiful old willow tree lives next to the lagoon at Marquette Beach. Should anything happen to the tree, the spirit beings would simply set up and relocate to another doorway. The Dunes border Lake Michigan and are very popular with people for renewing their health and relaxing. Humans and nature put in a lot of effort to keep the Dunes healthy and beautiful!

Willow Tree at Marquette ParkWillow Tree at Marquette ParkWillow tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes.

You see here many different beings with different responsibilities who use this willow tree as their door. Or as we humans sometimes call it, as their "portal between dimensions." The beings match their frequency to that of the portal, and pass through. I requested entrance, to see where it is they come from, and they very kindly allowed me to adjust my frequency and psychically walk through.

Willow Tree imagesWillow Tree imagesSignature images in willow tree.

Maiden in Willow TreeMaiden in Willow TreeThis lovely maiden oversees the plants in this area of Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes. These spirits live in a lovely, busy nature spirit village where a lot of different nature beings are hard at work maintaining the vibrant energy of the Dunes. There is the outline of a nature spirit city with tall buildings in the distance.

Handsome Young Man in WillowHandsome Young Man in WillowThe handsome young man is the consort for the Lady, seen higher in the tree. He works on the general health of the land spirits in this area. I've subsequently had several conversations with these life forms, asking them to explain their responsibilities. I'll share the essence of some of these conversations here.

Nature Spirits on Backside of the WillowNature Spirits on Backside of the WillowThese nature spirits are in charge of clearing out the energetic debris of this area. Sharing is possible because I took many photographs of the area and, back home, adjusted them on my computer to even out the very bright midday shadows/sun, then sat with the images and moved into a frequency identification. A way of working familiar to most energy workers, and something everyone can learn with a little practice.

Willow trees are flowy, gentle, ornate, delicate and known passageways between worlds. Humans see this as between life and death and willow trees often figure on human funereal art. Willows also offer gentle access to the nature spirit realms and the images here follow that template. The images here are very 1920s art deco in style, which was a popular time when the Dunes were being explored by city folk and the willow tree was young and setting up shop. To assist, I include very rough diagrams at the bottom of this article. If you click on an image, it will enlarge for your closer examination.

Description of the Signature Images

There are many many images in this tree - e.g. many signatures to open the doors. Many times when looking at these photos, I will see different profiles in the same area, as though I am looking at a different frequency level/entry code. Try it yourself! Here are some of the major beings:

Diagram of Figures on Front of the WillowDiagram of Figures on Front of the WillowThis diagram shows some of the many signature images on this willow tree. They are overlaid here. The figures morph one into another, like the layering of computer codes to enter on a small entry door keypad. Large Horned Elves. They are the nature beings in overall charge of this area of the park. There are several of them, visible in the right side trunk, looking in various directions.  

Gnome in Tall Hat. He emerges from the ground just left of the handsome young man. He showed me himself hard at work caring for the earth of that area, moving along and making sure all the little grubs, ants, earthworms and such were keeping the lawns well aerated.

Romantic Art Deco Couple, seen in chiseled side profiles. The lady is high on a limb and the man is at root level. They are covering the range of frequencies in this area. The female is focused more on the water area and the male on the land. They help to gentle the energies of both the land and the humans who come to visit. They offer a combined, detached love to all.

Diagram of Figures on Backside of WillowDiagram of Figures on Backside of WillowThis is a rough diagram of some of the figures on the backside of the willow tree. The Garbage Collectors. On the opposite side of the trunk are two beings whose job is to suck in and remove negative energies from the area. They are like vacuum cleaners of that frequency. The other life forms are loosening up and enriching the energy. These two beings are the garbage collectors - they suck in the negative energies that are being released; this is their food, it keeps them healthy and it keeps the area clean. They are part of the reason why people will come here, relax, and feel their stress and worries gently disappear.  

This interaction between the nature beings, nature and humans happens everywhere. It is why it is always so important to incorporate nature into every architectural setting. Doing so allows the opportunity for nature to freely perform its tasks in maintaining the health of our planet.

Again, I want to emphasize that the nature realm is every bit as evolved and sophisticated as our human realm. The difference is that they have been working to develop the fine points of nature energy where humans have chosen to develop the abilities of artificial intelligence and machines.

Posting Changes for 2021

I had set myself the goal, from mid-May 2020 to mid-May 2021, to do a photo posting about nature spirits every day (with a few breaks). Mission accomplished. There is now a data base of over 600 photos on this site, showing the reality of the nature spirit realm and the wide variety of beings who live there.

This year, I will be focusing on fewer postings per week and will be expanding the types of information I will be providing about nature spirits. 


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