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Human+Nature Exhibit at Morton Arboretum

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Sentient by Daniel PopperSentient by Daniel PopperThe all-pervasive knowing of nature in all the senses... Exhibit at Morton Arboretum The sentient reality of nature is the theme of this 5-statue exhibit by Daniel Popper, currently on display at the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois.

Hallow by Daniel PopperHallow by Daniel PopperMother Nature opening up her heart in support of the living beings in her realm...Exhibit at Morton Arboretum Most of the statues are inter-active, inviting the viewer to walk through or linger inside and feel the nurturing, protecting energies of nature - personified.

What impresses me personally is how true and real is his connection with the spirit of nature. In the Ladies of the Realm gallery on this website, you can see these same life forms as crafted by the ladies themselves into their signature home base trees. 

Heartwood by Daniel PopperHeartwood by Daniel PopperThis large walk-through statue is overlaid with tropical leaves. Morton Arboretum.
Umi by Danie PopperUmi by Danie PopperYou can walk into this giant statue and emerge, birthed forth by Nature herself. Morton Arboretum














You can see more of Daniel Popper's work at and visit this installation at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois - the exhibit runs indefinitely from May 2021 on.

Below left is a nurturing female nature spirit birthing forth a baby bird - carved into her anchoring tree by the Lady herself. This nature-created sculpture is also at Morton Arboretum. Basilica by Daniel PopperBasilica by Daniel PopperEmerging from intertwined vines, Nature reaches out its arms to embrace humanity. Exhibit at Morton Arboretum. Mother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature - The Lady of the Forest -with her heart-shaped face, part in this world and part in spirit, is birthing forth a baby bird. CLICK HERE to read the full story.


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