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Two Day Workshop in Nature Spirit Photography

May 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Indian HeadIndian HeadAn Indian head at the base of a tree in a local park in the Midwest. This week end - Sat May 22 - I'm offering my "Sayonara" nature spirit photography workshop in the Midwest. I am doing it up royally for all those interested in learning how to pursue this type of photography for themselves. It will be a two-day event. The workshop is sponsored by Infinity Foundation, Highland Park, Illinois.

Two Days of Learning!

The first day - Saturday - I'll take you out "in the field" and show you how to find and photograph nature spirits. You have the option to stay on after the official end of the workshop and continue your explorations. I promise you will run out of energy before you run out of photo opportunities!

I suggest you bring a picnic lunch and treat yourself to a full day of photography experimentation. There are numerous picnic tables at the site and very clean, open restrooms.

The second session - Saturday, June 5 - we'll meet by Zoom and discuss the photos you took. I'll provide you with a Zoom link, and you can send 3 to 5 photos for us to review.

Head over to Infinity Foundation and sign up for Nature Spirit Field Trip & Photo Review  We'll meet at Infinity then head out. Bring a camera or cell phone, wear good walking shoes, bring water.

A Successful Nature Spirit Photograph

Content SpiritContent SpiritA content nature spirit peers out from a tree burl.

Guardians of a Tree PortalGuardians of a Tree PortalThis portal is very large and must lead into someplace very interesting. Thus there are multiple portal guardians, some figures inside other figures. This July, I move East - to Pennsylvania - and eventually will be teaching from that area. It's been wonderful meeting so many folks, in my Midwest classes. I greatly value the friendships I've made here.

Successful nature spirit photographs rely on a number of factors, ranging from the ability to shift your consciousness to other frequencies, listening, and doing a patient photographic study of your subject. Like all energy work, it is easiest to transfer these abilities in person. So we'll review and practice all these factors and I'll teach you my own photographic processes.

We will be visiting a special site that a colleague, Maggie Calder, took me to many many years ago, feeling I would enjoy its very strong earth energy. She was right! I have been visiting this site occasionally ever since our visit long ago. Many of you in this area will remember Maggie. She now travels the world as a spiritual teacher, based sometimes in the Far East and sometimes in Victoria, BC.

I was at this workshop site this past Sunday, in an area I had not yet explored, and was so impressed by the sheer number of trees with distinct personalities. Shown here are a few I made friends with. Fat CatFat CatImage of a content fat cat, in the root of a tree.


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