Sausalito AbstractSausalito AbstractA section of stone wall, Sausalito, California. CLICK HERE to read more

Tree on a Hill

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Tree on HillTree on HillTree on hill. CLICK HERE to read the full story This tree lives on a sloping hillside that leads down to the intimate Lake Marmo at Morton Arboretum. He has chosen to manifest, as images on his trunk, a number of the energies that have passed through his part of the world. 

These snapshots were taken at twilight - a time when the nature spirit frequency is closely aligned with our human one.

Friendly SpiritsFriendly SpiritsFriendly spirit face with loving heart above. CLICK HERE to read the full story Images include a watchful face with a heart above. (right)

He is expressing his love for all the many nature-oriented folks who stop for visits at the lake.

Portal Guardians

French ColonialFrench ColonialThe energy of an elegant French Colonial gentleman, with fancy headress and curled mustache. CLICK HERE to read the full story Close Up of French ColonialClose Up of French ColonialClose up of the elegant French colonial. CLICK HERE to read the full story There are a number of images around the base of his trunk. They are clustered around a portal opening. This opening is formed from a cut off limb; the cut created a tear in the tree's energetic integrity.

These life forms protect the portal opening. They remind me of energy of the beast in Beauty and the Beast and I have found this pairing in other trees on this property. They show two aspects of humans - their evolved gentleness and their beast-like nature.

Here one image is of a French Colonial gentleman, with a fancy headdress and a mustache. (Shown full figure and close up.)

Beast SpiritBeast SpiritAn elegant beast spirit. CLICK HERE to read the full story The other is of an elegant beast. (left)

On the backside of the tree is a magnificent large bird spirit, with a wonderful beak and ear-like plumes. Bird SpiritBird SpiritThis bird spirit has a fine pointed beak, head tuft and ear tufts. CLICK HERE to read the full story


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