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St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock

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St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock is a scenic beauty located near Estes Park, Colorado. This active-use Catholic chapel is situated at a powerfully energetic location. Across the street, interdimensional sculptors have honored the Catholic tradition. 

 Late days at the chapel are highlighted by the sunset light streaming through the church windows. St Catherine's Chapel on the RockSt Catherine's Chapel on the RockCLICK HERE to read a story about this image

An honoring by interdimensional beings

Across the street is a large hill, featuring a statue of Christ look out over the desert in a blessing.

Monument HillMonument HillA Statue of the Christ looks out over the desert. Below are many rock spirits. They include a cloaked priest (left) and a woman saying prayers (right). CLICK HERE to read a story about this image The hill itself is filled with rock sculptures, some created by interdimensional artists specifically to honor the Christian tradition.

The two main Christian figures are in the center alcove area. They are: left, a cloaked priest holding the top of an incense psalter for purification. Right: an ordinary parishioner - a woman - head and hands raised in devotional prayer.

Elf ElderElf ElderCLICK HERE to read a story about this image At the front point of the hill, facing into the forest, is an elfin elder.

The glories of Photoshop

Thanks to the technical wonders of Photoshop, I was able to clone out the multiple electrical wires that pass so close to the hill that I couldn't shoot around them. The necessities of life in the country dictate their own needs! Just for accuracy, I am showing the original unedited raw images below.

Monument hill, uneditedMonument hill, uneditedCLICK HERE to read a story about this image Elf Elder, uneditedElf Elder, uneditedCLICK HERE to read a story about this image


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