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Twelve Tips on How to Photograph Nature Spirits

May 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Dog!Happy Dog! Do you want to go out and photograph the nature spirits? Here's a fact sheet to help you get started.

These are tips I'll help you understand in detail, at my upcoming Zoom lecture and workshop at the American Society of Dowsers' 61st Annual Convention, June 9-13.

It's on Zoom. That means wherever you are in the world - you can participate!

Head over to to sign up. A conference pass gives you access to an entire weekend of fascinating lectures on various dowsing/energy work topics, including my lecture on dowsing and nature spirits. The workshops - 3 hours long - are a separate fee on a separate day.

Twelve Tips

  1. Be clear why you want to do this. It should be for a positive purpose; the nature spirits can see intent and that determines whether they will cooperate with you

  2. Make friends with your camera and cell phone, and ask them to assist you in getting that shot.

  3. Salute the nature spirits at the start of your outing, let them know what you are looking to do, and that you would like to take photos of any spirits willing to participate.

  4. Keep your energy relaxed and be willing to follow wherever you feel you are receiving an invitation. It might be along a path, it might be across a field.

  5. Sometimes you will want to just start right there. Other times you may feel the need to first survey the area and then be guided to a location that might be a distance from your start.

  6. When you arrive at the spot you have been led to, take time to adjust to what it is they want you to see. It might be in another frequency, and you have to shift to find it. Sometimes you may not see anything, but take the photos anyway; you may discover the reason once you look at the image on your computer.

  7. Once a tree or rock starts to manifest images, it will proceed to develop this craft. Look all around the tree/rock to see what else has been manifested. Sometimes you will find that trees/rocks have images crafted by beings external to that object.

  8. Take the time to work your subject. You are doing an energetic study and you want to get to know your subject. You are also working with your camera to get the best lighting, focus, stability, angle. Remember – the images are only pixels and you are looking for the best, discarding the rest!

  9. Be sure to take a scene setting image and then close ups. As a rule, don’t get too close a shot as people need to see the life form in its setting. Unless you are doing a closeup portrait. Be sure to catalog your images as to where you shot them and the date. All this becomes proof of your success.

  10. Photographing trees is best on a cloudy day. Photographing rocks is best c noon on a sunny day.

  11. Download and study the images. It is best to do this on a large computer screen as some images can be very small. Use a photo program to adjust clarity and contrast, so your subject is seen to its best, and as you saw it in person. Honor it like you would a photographic study of a person

  12. Avoid pareidolia. This is the tendency of newbies to see a form in a random pattern. Especially an issue on a sunny day with lots of foliage around.

Once you've taken your nature spirit photographs - Join us and share, on our closed Facebook group – Nature Spirits Around the World. 




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