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Old Log, Nature Spirits and Bluebells

April 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It was a quiet reflective day for me yesterday. I felt called to sit with an old log who lives in a field of bluebells over at Morton Arboretum.

Bluebells and Love from the Spirit WorldBluebells and Love from the Spirit World This particular log root is a powerful statement piece and a much photographed motif for nature photographers, especially at bluebell time. 

I've always loved the images carved into it by nature spirits and it was time for me to simply sit and visit with them.

Here are three images from the series I took. On a nature spirit sculpture critique level it is very interesting. From a nature spirit manifestation level it also excels. (You can click on an image to see it full size.)

The Old Log and the PixieThe Old Log and the Pixie The Old Log and the DragonThe Old Log and the Dragon A Limited Canvas

Nature spirit artists are working with a limited canvas. They make the most of this space and many of their solutions have been explored by human artists as well.

It is very interesting to slowly walk around tableaus like this one. The images shift, morphing into other images on many levels - vertically, horizontally and dimensionally. That is, you can stand in the same spot and shift your inner dimensional focus - and a different spirit form will emerge and others will recede. You can also move about the object and see the images shift. 

Very often interdimensional artists will work with tree roots of fallen trees. This offers them a broad canvas free of necessary functions of the tree itself to survive. 

Love is Always the Story

In these three images, a predominant theme is love for all beings in all dimensions. A central image is a spirit specter with wide open eyes and whose mouth is a heart. Up and down around the trunk you can find a large mischievous pixie head and a very large dragon head.

In the physical realm, these are three extremes of realm, density, energy and size. But they are shown here as similar in size. This is a statement that their importance in nature is equally significant.

All are important and necessary.

There are numerous other spirit forms as well - explore for yourself!


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