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Blue Poppies

April 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Himalayan Blue Poppies.

Blue Poppy TrioBlue Poppy TrioHimalayan Blue Poppies. The essence of spiritual lineage. To fulfil our potential in this lifetime, we need to build on strengths gained in the past. Furthers insight and psychic skills.

These gorgeous, rare flowers originated in the Himalayas and have been on exhibit in the greenhouses at Longwood Gardens, PA. Metaphysically they are very Eastern, representing "The essence of spiritual lineage. To fulfil our potential in this lifetime, we need to build on strengths gained in the past...This is the essence for the spiritual warrior, the person dedicated to being "valiant for Truth". The more we can understand about this wonderful universe and about our own purpose in life, the more fulfilled we will become and the more we will be able to help others." (Courtesy of Yorkshire Flower Essences)

To me, this trio is exceptionally significant. We all have our passages through life and mine right now is designing my own active retirement world. This world took on a significant energetic twist when I decided to join the Quaker-based retirement community where my college roommate and her husband are enthusiastically living.

I was down checking out my soon-to-be home and Diana and Paul wanted to show me the blue poppy exhibit at the 5-minutes-away exquisite Longwood Gardens - every nature photographer's dream location for great photos!

This Blue Poppy trio especially attracted my attention. It seemed to represent the energy of our little group - one poppy leading the way, one poppy following along and a third poppy on high alert, protecting our backs.

And I must say, I do believe each of our little trio has fulfilled the essence of the blue poppy. From our Quaker college roots at Swarthmore, Diana went on to a career championing human rights and inter-religious concerns, Paul went on to achieve renown with DuPont in engineering, and I went on to a career in the metaphysical.

Here's to all the Blue Poppies in our world, spiritual warriors who have dedicated their lives to service in one way or another....


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