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West Wind of Spring

March 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

West WindWest Wind 3083The West Wind, known as the harbinger of Spring. Called a Zephyr in Greek mythology The West Wind is called Zephyrus in Greek and Western European mythology. He is considered the gentlest of the four winds and the energy of the spring and early summer breezes.

Mid-March Visit

This image of Zephyrus (right) appeared in the Western sky when I was taking sky photographs at Morton Arboretum in mid-March. He is graceful in appearance, as is befitting of a zephyr.

I actually did not see this wind spirit until I was processing the images on my computer. I don't usually photograph the sky for itself, but this was my focus at this time - big, beautiful sky images with delicate, spiraling clouds. I was especially admiring these classic Spring clouds and very much enjoying photographing them. Below is one of the sky images with curls, taken shooting West shortly after Zephyrus' appearance. He was putting on a very graceful display for us.

Spring Clouds 3104Spring Clouds 3104

Your Camera is Your Good Friend

These images are one reason why it is so helpful to have a good relationship with your camera. The camera will frequently capture a subtle energy you yourself have not yet become familiar with. Studying the image can help the photographer - and those viewing the image - become familiar with the frequency of the being visually captured by the camera. The camera is not hindered by the strong vital energies that stand in the way of humans easily seeing the subtler worlds.

The Wind God Zephyrus

Zephyrus has given his name to the whole family of light breezes, known commonly as zephyrs or a zephyr.

Zephyrus appeared in the photographs shown below, all shot looking west from the large field in which I was standing. You can see how the image became stronger over the sequence, as the energy manifested itself physically. The photographs were taken over 3 1/2 minutes of time. The number on the photo refers to its place in the sequence. 

So pleased to now have photographed the North Wind and the West Wind!

West Wind 3078West Wind 3078 West Wind 3077West Wind 3077



West Wind 3085West Wind 3085 West Wind 3084West Wind 3084


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