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Cottonwood Spirits, Capitol Reef, Utah

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Fremont CottonwoodFremont CottonwoodThis ancient Fremont Cottonwood stands at the entrance to a now-deserted Utah prairie homestead. The spirit images of numerous animals are housed inside its trunk. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The nature surrounding the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah is spectacular, from towering red canyon walls to richly varied nature spirit images in centuries-old trees. The entryway to the Homestead has been modernized but the old trees are still there.

Gifford Homestead, UtahGifford Homestead, UtahView of the entry to the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah Gentle Tree Images

Some sections of the Mormon religion are polygamous, which means multiple wives per husband. Thus there were usually more women and children on the Homestead then adult men. So it is not hard to understand why the feminine energy is found in many of the tree images.

The Mormon tradition is also a gentle one and that softness of human interaction with animal and nature energies is prevalent.

Above left is one of my favorite tree studies. It shows a large gentle deer in a Freeman Cottonwood Tree. This is the center tree in the landscape image above right.

Close Up of Images

In this close up of this trunk, which I've diagrammed, you can see several feminine images and also a number of smaller gentle animals.

Cottonwood Spirits, UtahCottonwood Spirits, UtahNature spirits in a cottonwood tree, Gifford Homestead, Utah Diagram of Cottonwood TreeDiagram of Cottonwood Tree Other Spirits

In the three large cottonwoods I explored during my visit, I found numerous spirit sculptures. These are forms created by the tree or local nature spirits. They describe various situations or beings. While these are energies the tree or an external nature spirit is exploring, these energies are not the tree spirit. (As, for instance, the dryad we posted about yesterday, which is the spirit of the tree itself.) This sculptor has a liking for ornate line and all the images are exceptionally "frilly" in their details.

Dog Profile in Cottonwood TreeDog Profile in Cottonwood TreeLooked at one way, this is a large dog. Looked at another way, inside the placid dog is a barking man's head. A statement about some person who once lived there? Man, Dog and Crowned WomanMan, Dog and Crowned WomanThree spirits in a cottonwood tree, Utah

Billboard size Pixie

In the cottonwood with the thick wooden heart, which I showed you a few days ago (see below right), the burl on the left holds the image of a very very large Pixie. Pixie are fun loving beings who love a gentle joke. That atmosphere of happy play is seen throughout this area.

Cottonwood HeartCottonwood HeartBeautiful old cottonwood tree at the historic Gifford Mormon farm in Utah. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Pixie BillboardPixie BillboardThis looks like an advertising billboard for pixie spirit! It is certainly wayyy larger than a pixie is in "real life." This pixie lives in the cottonwood tree with heart - he lives in the large burl you see in that photo facing left. He is holding something in his mouth - a whistle or a stick - and winking mischievously.



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