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Mountain Spirits at Garden of the Gods

February 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

On our final day of lion images, I chose a mountain-size tableau of a lion's head. This handsome fellow presides over the back of a canyon in Garden of the Gods, Illinois. He is the proud protective spirit under a tableau I call A Love Story in Stone.

Mountain Lion at Garden of the GodsMountain Lion at Garden of the GodsThis mountain lion tableau sits at the back of a scenic canyon at Garden of the Gods, Illinois It's hard to get a full on view of the lion, as he looks out at the valley beyond - no viewing spots. But you can see how large he is from the size of the fallen full grown pine trees to the right of this photograph. We are talking hugeeee....

This lion lives in a pulsatingly alive canyon filled with intelligent, evolved spirits from many realms who have their own interdimensional United Nations of energies.

They are presided over by a very responsible Guardian of Place. The Guardian has worked in his canyon with all these many different beings, over the years helping them to actualize their unique personalities.

Below is the view looking out from the cliffside lion. Notice the nature spirits of all sizes. Top left is a lady of the rocks and to her right a handsome beast with two faces, one under the other. Nature performing its Picasso style!

Under them, best seen in an enlarged view of the photograph, are many smaller rock spirits (only in relation to the large cliff portraits - they are very large themselves) heading down into the canyon. Mountain Spirit VistaMountain Spirit VistaNumerous mountain spirts, giant and small, occupy this area of Garden of the Gods, Illinois

The left side entry to the canyon passes through a very narrow passage between boulders. Presiding over the entry is a tall rock being trying his best to look fierce and imposing. (See bottom left.) He stands above skeletal tree bones. But, really, folks - doesn't he look like a kindly tough guy? Coming Over the MountainsComing Over the MountainsThis large mountain spirit looks like he means serous business! He lives at the top of one of the ridges at Garden of the Gods, Illinois

When you emerge from the boulder squeeze area you come to the walkway you see in the photo below. The Love Story mural is to the immediate left of the walkway.

This path leads you over the narrow rocky terrain that is just above the lion. Beneath the walkway the canyon descends hundreds of feet. Looking out from the walkway you can see a hundred miles of forest. Entry Stairs to Scenic OverlookEntry Stairs to Scenic OverlookGarden of the Gods, Illinois Atala Showing the Love Story MuralAtala Showing the Love Story MuralGarden of the Gods, IL

You can see how large the Love Story mural is in the photo below of me showing off the mural. The Guardian of Place created this mural. It shows him in his youth, upper right.

There are so many sections of stories in this area that I will, in the next few months, start sharing them a story at a time. For now - you can watch a video of the Love Story at the Crystal Life YouTube channel.




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