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An Homage to Pan from the Central Park Spirits

February 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

John Lennon as PanJohn Lennon as PanHere you see the long-haired musician John Lennon, depicted as Pan attracting life forms of many realms from the beauty of his playing of the pipes. CLICK HERE to read the story. Pan is playing his pipes, surrounded by beings of many realms.

This tableau exists at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY.  Created by interdimensional artists, it is their memorial to musician John Lennon. It depicts him in his later long-hair years as a symbolic Pan, attracting life forms of many realms through the beauty of his music.

Imagine...Imagine...Closeup of the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY. Summer mornings, an admirer cleans the memorial and set out a fresh flower. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE A few hundred feet away is a memorial mosaic created by human artists to honor this giant of a musician. Every day for forty years, hundreds of people have visited that site to pay homage to Lennon.

Nature's homage has been crafted into the base of an American Elm. It features the musician, fingers playing the pipes, while a rabbit listens on as well as a bevy of other beings, including birds, gnomes and humans.

Pan Playing the PipesPan Playing the PipesThis is an artistic depiction of what it looks like to me when I enter into the spirit realm to identify with these life forms....a mystical world of moving energy. CLICK HERE to read the story. A Cosmic View

To the right is an artistic presentation of this same scene. It represents what it is like when I go into tree world and communicate in that dimension - the outside world fades away into a world of cosmic colors and forms.

View of the Tree's Home

Below is a view of this tree as seen from the Lady of the Forest who is in charge of this area. To learn about her, read my blog Strawberry Fields Forever. The tree is far right. You can see, far left, people gathered around the John Lennon Memorial. Strawberry Fields from the LadyStrawberry Fields from the LadyThe Pan tree is back right, in this long view of the park lawn. CLICK HERE to read the story.

All are Welcome

American elms are solid, comforting trees. When you approach this tree, and look up and down and all around, you see it has comfortably welcomed a wide variety of life forms.

Including humans, who can often be found on warm summer days camped out and chatting or sleeping beneath the tree. (Below right) Humans Relaxing at Pan's TreeHumans Relaxing at Pan's TreeHumans feel the comfort of this tree as well and you will often find, on warm summer days, someone stretched out and sleeping. CLICK HERE to read the story.




Looking Around the Tree

Pan's TreePan's TreeThis long view of Pan's tree show many of the life forms who are present in spirit. CLICK HERE to read the story. To the left is what the tree looks like when you approach it from the Pan side.

When you start observing all the different energies honored in the have to admire how sophisticated the interdimensional sculptor of this art work is. There are homages to many of the life forms who regularly visit this area of Central Park. Here are some I photographed.

Preppy WhistlerPreppy WhistlerStrawberry Fields is on the well-to-do Upper West Side of Central Park. Listening to Pan is a preppy fellow with protruding belly, happily listening along... CLICK HERE to read the story. Uptown Preppy

Strawberry Fields is located in the well-to-do Upper Westside. So of course we have an image of a Preppy club hopper. With close cropped hair, bow-tie, tuxedo, ample waist line, whistling a tune. (Right)

Girl with PigtailsGirl with PigtailsOne of the "common folk" of the city - a pig-tailed girl in a knit hat - listening to Pan. CLICK HERE to read the story.


Ordinary Folk

The ordinary folk of the city are represented as well. Here is a pig-tailed girl wearing a knit hat. (Left)


Gnome SpiritGnome SpiritIt's always good to have friends among the gnomes. Here's a jolly fellow sculpted at the base of the tree, close to his underground home... CLICK HERE to read the story. Gnomes

It's always good to be friends with the gnomes. To the right is a portrait of the cheerful local gnome, depicted emerging from his underground home.





Duck EnergyDuck EnergyDucks proliferate in this area, which is near the Central Park Lake. So they come to listen as well... CLICK HERE to read the story. Ducks

Ducks like this area - it is close to the Central Park lake - so they are represented. (Left)



Dog SpiritDog SpiritEvery day locals are in the park walking their dogs. So here's an honoring of this life form.... CLICK HERE to read the story. Dogs

Humans are out walking their beloved dogs everyday so here is an homage to dog energy. Dogs can be very spiritual partners for people and this is a spirit messenger. One eye is conspicuously missing for it carries messages from humans to spirit and back again...



Lots of Spirits in the AreaLots of Spirits in the AreaHere's a view of the Pan tree from its neighbor...There's one spirit at the base and up higher faces within faces of different types of nature spirits, including a long-eared elf. This is a highly evolved area of the park, overseen by a Lady of the Forest, and most of the trees have evolved their own distinct personalities. CLICK HERE to read the story. An Area of Trees with Distinct Personalities

This park lawn is extremely well developed energetically; the Lady runs a tight ship. Most of the trees have learned to express their own unique personalities or have been utilized by interdimensional artists to tell a story. Below is the tree next to Pan. Notice the figure at the bottom. Up higher are faces within faces, the large one being an elf with gorgeous long pointy ears.



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