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Autumn Rose Autumn RoseAutumn Rose The graceful lines of a red rose as it unfolds to an autumn early morning sun. 

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Memories of Crows and Horses Crow and HorseCrow and Horse A lifetime of happy memories have stayed with this old tree that stands along an open field in Brandywine Valley horse country. A large crow calling out to his community and a gentle horse head stay strong in its life force field. A decorative but ominously invasive poison ivy vine climbs up its trunk.

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Images in an American Elm Spirits of the American ElmSpirits of the American ElmThere are many spirits at work in the American Elm. It lives at Longwood Garden, where it is a prized example of the great elms that once lined many American streets. Most have by now succumbed to the Dutch Elm disease. Few of us remember the time when giant American Elm Trees lined the streets of our country villages and cities. This giant elm stands at the entrance to Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. 

The nature realm, the tree spirit himself and the human gardeners are all working hard to prolong the life of this prized tree. It is the last remaining tree in the long colonnade of elms that once lined the path.

Elm PortalElm Portal Multiple Spirits

This tree contains the images of its own spirit, of its spirit helpers, and of the work it is still undertaking for our common earth. Like many trees, these images are complex, merge into each other, and shift to our human view when we shift our own frequency to identify with different of the tree's embodied energies.

Diagram of Figures in American ElmDiagram of Figures in American Elm Top left is a photo of the tree I recently took. Below it I show some of the images graphed out for you. 

To the top right is a photo I took from a different angle and wrote about several months ago. Different images predominate at that time and angle of view.

What is stable in all photos is the image of the tree spirit himself - a very long sad eyed being who is standing guard over the very large damaged area of the trunk (which is also a portal into the realm of elms and into the long-gone Native American influences - note the sad eyed Native American profile seen most clearly in the older photo to the right). 

Close Ups

Below are close ups of some of the complex areas of the tree.

Close Up of American Elm FacesClose Up of American Elm Faces This Kennett Square, PA area is a remarkable testament to the efforts of humans and nature to work together. An aura of peace and joy permeate the area. The influence of the peace-seeking, religious freedom-seeking Quaker pioneers is strong here.

British Military Officer in ElmBritish Military Officer in Elm In this old elm, as seen in the close up to the left, resides the image of a British Revolutionary War era officer, with mustache and helmet. This image is very significant as it is another example of the nature realm still working hard to balance out the effects of an old bloody conflict - the Battle of the Brandywine. That battle took place in this area in 1777. The conflict between the British troops under Generals Howe and Cornwallis and the American patriots under George Washington saw the deaths of thousands of young men and the temporary defeat of the patriots.

I never expected, but have come to accept, that the nature spirits throughout the area have embedded the images of various military officers in trees as a way to absorb and transform that deadly act of aggression. The trees are not as old as that battle. Therefore, they are examples of trees working resonantly with actions embedded in the earth grid of the area, to correct that frequency and restore peace to the land. This on-going work on the part of the nature realm contributes to the strong sense of deep peace found in this locality.


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Zinnia World Zinnia WorldZinnia WorldThere's a pretty little world inside this Zinnia.... There's a unique little world inside this lovely pink Zinnia. 

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A Master Tree Artist A Master of Tree Art!A Master of Tree Art!This venerable maple tree is a master of tree art. There are images inside images in just this one little section of trunk and more up and down and around...How many can you find? I am in awe of the artistic achievements of many old trees in the Brandywine Valley. They are extremely sophisticated in their crafting ability and there are many with very subtle complex images. 

I have been living in this area almost three months now and go out several times a week to photograph the many beautiful forests and formal gardens of the area. It took me some time to get adjusted to how the nature spirits work in this area. As a general group, they are the most complex and subtle I have come across in all my travels about the USA.

Harmonizing the Land

I have to really focus on identifying with the image the nature beings have alerted me to photograph. They are sophisticated, subtle and understated. This is an area that has been home to many peace-loving people including Native Americans, Quakers and Amish. It is a nature-loving area with a great deal of open land and so the influence of nature is still strong.

This area saw some of the first major conflicts of the Revolutionary War, including the Battle of the Brandywine in which thousands of young men lost their lives. The imprint of that violence is still in the land and there are a variety of trees showing the effort of nature to balance out those land-locked enmities, honoring the energy of all sides of conflicts. In doing so, the trees use many areas of their bark, forming images that contain other images and that transform from one face into another. 

Cartmel TreeCartmel Tree Time and again I will photograph an image, pull it onto the computer screen to process it, and discover other images weaving into a complex story or a series of stories. The trees themselves are not as old as the stories. Hence it seems they are pulling the images from the earth grid of that area.

Healing the Earth

The sophistication of the nature beings realm is on display here at an entry tree at the Cartmel Campus - an over-50 community. This venerable maple tree stands at the back of an entry road. He has carved many complex images on his trunk. A few days ago I showed you his carving recognizing the adherence to spirit of Native Americans and Quaker Pioneers -  a bison (Great Spirit) and a candle (the Quaker Inner Flame of Spirit). Today I am showing a different part of the trunk, down near the roots. Adjust your sight as I tell the story. Move your vision back and close, look carefully at different sections. I also graphed the images.

Cooperation DiagramCooperation Diagram Cooperation Between Dimensions

Beings from the nature realms, and this tree spirit himself, are grounding here their efforts to balance out the conflicts that occurred during the Revolutionary War and that still remain embedded in the earth herself. Today the energy of this area is peaceful, a result of the continual work of all occupants in all dimensions. 

At the largest scale (dark green) there is an earthy nature spirit with bulbous nose emerging from beneath the ground - perhaps the over-lighting spirit image from the realm of the gnomes. Inside him (light green) is a gnome. Gnomes care for the health of the dirt and its beings and are good luck signs on a piece of land.

Inside these, when the nose is revisioned, is the head of a baby - human or nature being or a combination of both (blue). To the left side (pink) is a Revolutionary War era Hessian soldier in his defining tall helmet. On the right (pink) is a Native American warrior in feathered headdress. Peaking out from behind the Indian is a timid tiny nature being (white). The baby's body stretches down from the head into the ground (blue); it is also an open hand.

Thus the entire bas relief is the efforts of the nature realm to unite competing energies to create a new life form (baby) who holds an open sharing hand to all.

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Roger's Dahlias It's nice to have a neighbor who shares his garden abundance. Roger has a major green thumb and lots of dahlias that he's grown this summer. His neighbors have recently been receiving gifts of this beautiful abundance!

Here's a major favorite of mine - so lovely I've tried it out in four variations. Which version is your favorite?

Dahlia Close UpDahlia Close UpAn up-close macro visit with this lovely pink and white dahlia Dahlia in Black and WhiteDahlia in Black and WhiteThe structure of the dahlia shows up well in black and white


Dahlia on Distressed BackgroundDahlia on Distressed BackgroundA contrast of textures - delicate pink-white dahlia on a rusty background.




Pink Dahlia on Cosmic BluePink Dahlia on Cosmic BlueA classic macros treatment of a flower, the delicate pink/white dahlia is featured against a cosmic blue backgroun.























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The Inner Spirit and the Great Spirit Inner Flame and Great SpiritInner Flame and Great SpiritThis venerable old tree grows on land once occupied by the Lenape and later by Quaker settlers. This image seems a fitting testimonial - a candle (the Quaker inner flame) resting on a bison head (Lenape image for the Great Spirit). The inner flame and the Great Spirit. Two concepts of spirit prevalent in the land itself, in the Brandywine Valley area of Pennsylvania. 

At the end of the long driveway into the Quaker-founded senior citizen community of Cartmel stands this elderly maple tree. Trees and open space are highly valued, respected and protected throughout this area and the trees respond in kind. Some of them choose to express their experiences on their trunks, in subtle and complex images that tell stories of their own.

Tree Faces at CartmelTree Faces at CartmelThis grand old tree has a lot it wants to share. It has fashioned faces within faces merging into other faces. All of them strong energies...and some of them quite happy! How Many Stories Can You Find?

The earth herself holds the energies of what has happened over time and in this area of the country I have found a number of trees who hold not only images of nature beings but also of past events. An image inherent to the Quakers who pioneered in this area is that of a candle and flame, signifying the spirit that shines bright inside all beings. An image inherent in the Native Americans who greeted the arriving Quakers is that of a bison, signifying the Great Spirit of the universe. 

In this old maple both are combined, a bison head on the left facing right and on his head the image of a living candle (with face) dripping wax from much use.

There are many other images and stories in this venerable old tree. To the right is a long view for you to discover some more as seen from this angle. How many do you find? I found eight...

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Black Locust Tree of Bucktoe Creek Preserve It’s always good news when a gnome shows up on a piece of property. It means the gnomes have decided to help out from their inner earth domain, adding their support to the land and its good human stewards. A gnome on property is good luck!

Black Locust GnomeBlack Locust GnomeThe resident gnome of this area has left his calling card/address marker at the base of a black locust tree. So I loved finding this somber gnome in an old Black Locust tree on my visit last week to the Bucktoe Creek Preserve. The image is his address marker - his door (portal entry) on this property.  

According to the Preserve's website, “Bucktoe Creek Preserve is a 297-acre privately-owned natural area located near Kennett Square, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The preserve is not open to the public but can be accessed through educational programming hosted on the preserve by one of the Preserve partners, including Delaware Nature Society.” Early Morning Sky at Bucktoe CreekEarly Morning Sky at Bucktoe Creek

I attended one of the DNS weekly bird-banding workshops. The Preserve manager puts up nets for a few early morning hours once a week in spring and fall and bands and catalogs small birds caught by the nets, then turns them loose. It is a way to track migrations and bird populations. This is an educational program that also teaches the public about such work. The preserve manager, tall and gentle, handles the birds so naturally that they are quiet and peaceful during his cataloging process. Bird BandingBird BandingThe preserve manager takes a photo of a bird he just banded.

Of course I had to take a break and photograph some of the area trees. I discovered this was hardcore tree country, with very few people ever wandering through most of the land, and the trees were content to simply be – trees. 

Black Locust Elder

Black Locust TreeBlack Locust Tree But out in the rustic parking lot, near the original old homestead of the property, there was this large Black Locust who houses some energies significant to this property. All center around the themes of responsibility, personal strength and the struggle for freedom of thought.


Wolfman of Bucktoe CreekWolfman of Bucktoe CreekStrong yet kind and wise - a wolfman leaves his calling card in a black locust tree. Besides the gnome, the tree contains the address marker for a dignified, reserved wolfman - a being in mid-life strength experienced in working with the elements and conquering any discordant energies. 

Each area of the country has different species it favors and I have been photographing quite a number of wolfmen in this area of the Brandywine Valley. 

The wolf energy of courage, strength and independence while in community is strong in these parts.

The Scream

Doesn't this look like the tree version of Munch's The Scream?

This is a sympathetic image the tree spirit himself has fashioned reflecting a human situation that had occurred on this property.

An Existential ScreamAn Existential ScreamThis tree spirit looks like Munch's "The Scream" - he's even holding his ears! At sometime there was an elderly man who was associated with this particular location. He had balding white hair that stood up all around his head. He is covering his ears against the aggressiveness of a darker being who is mouthing words right into the old man's head.

The old man was being either henpecked, hounded by authority figures or by his own internal angst. 

Time and space act differently in the nature beings' realms and their help for the human beings' realms can move forward or retroactively. 

Most humans don't understand that all actions on a piece of property become anchored in the energetic grid of an area. This intense human situation had implanted itself into the earth grid. The nature beings are seeking to help the old man and also to correct the land energy imbalance. They have done so by calling into this Black Locust gnome and wolf energy to strength, support and balance out the energy of this important piece of property.

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Spirits of the Penn Charter Tree Dating back to before William Penn arrived to establish Pennsylvania, this white oak houses the image of an area pioneer and her Guardian Angel.

Quaker and Angel in TreeQuaker and Angel in TreeAt the heart of the tree, between all its branches, rests a trableau showing the profile of a sharp-nosed long-haired lady who is being supported and protected by a round-face smiling angel, with long wing indicating her height and flames of wisdom emerging from her head. Note the fine chiseled profile, left, of the long-haired lady - a happy and inspired woman. Behind her on the right is her Guardian Angel - a cheerful round-faced protector with a very long wing, indicating her height (and standing in the angelic realms) with multiple flames of wisdom emerging from the crown of her head. These are two dynamic, adventurous, cheerful, highly intelligent beings the white oak deeply admired.

Their immense joy at being accorded the freedom to practice their own personal connection to spirit - the core of Quaker practice - is the prevalent energy of this tree.

For clarity of viewing, I diagrammed the two images - see at the bottom of this story.

Inscribed in Bark

When trees are young, they sometimes experience events that profoundly affect their spirit and many will process the event by inscribing it as an image in their bark. Such appears to be the case here. History tells us that a widow named Pusey, and a few other pioneers, arrived in this area of the Brandywine Valley prior to William Penn's 1682 arrival in America. They had come to scope out the area, in preparation for the settling of this vast land grant as a place all could practice freedom of religion. The grant was made by King Charles II, as repayment for a loan owed to William Penn's father, and the grant's first settlers were Quakers seeking the freedom to practice their faith.

This area of Pennsylvania - now called the Brandywine Valley, and the specific community London Grove - was settled by pioneer farmers. William Penn himself visited the area a number of times.

Long View of Penn Charter TreeLong View of Penn Charter Tree History tells us that the Pusey widow pictured here was a major player in the settling of this area. She contributed stability, drive, determination and profound faith to her community. Parts of her Pusey family have remained in the area to this day.


This site housed the first meetinghouse of the Quakers of the area and over the centuries since the buildings expanded. You can see behind the tree one of the old horse carriage shelters.

Meetinghouse and TreeMeetinghouse and TreeA view of the old Meetinghouse, dating back to the late 1700s. Classic Pennsylvania stone construction of that era. The current Meetinghouse, seen through the trees, was built back in the late 1700s. It is classic Quaker design and of classic Pennsylvania brown stone. The indoors meeting room still has the old pews, the wood well-worn from centuries of use.  The Meeting is still active, serving as the Quarterly Meeting site for the area.

Penn Charter Tree

But back to the tree. This white oak is highly valued by the community, due to its historical significance.

The oak is one of a number of trees found throughout Pennsylvania and called Penn Charter Trees because of their association with William Penn and his efforts on behalf of religious freedom.

Today this specific white oak has reached a massive size, with a girth at breast height of 22 feet 2 inches; a height of 82.5 feet and a spread of 117 feet. Once a month, in good weather, Sunday worship is held under the tree itself. Documentation of TreeDocumentation of TreeTree labels giving details about this tree, which was here in 1682, prior to the arrival of William Penn.

This is a warm and protective tree and the reciprocity of love between humans and tree are evident. The commitment of the tree to the community can be seen in these two images - of pioneer and angel.

Outline of ImagesOutline of ImagesI've outlined the images for ease of viewing The image is located at the heart of the tree, from where its many branch/arms reach out in all directions. The energy of this image area reaches down into the ground, serving as a gateway between the worlds all trees occupy - inner earth (roots), outer earth (trunk) and spirit (branches and leaves).




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Things They Have Told Me - Greenman of Crosslands Many of you know that my favorite nature spirits are the Greenmen, the Hooded Wood Elves and the Gnomes...They are often the first folks I meet in a new location. Well, it took a little while for me to see a Greenman at my new home in Kennett Square, PA. But the other day I was out walking (with camera, of course) and a very kind Greenman introduced himself. 

Triangular GreenmanTriangular GreenmanThis Greenman has a classic triangular face - these are the greenpeople especially esoterically oriented - e.g. working with principles of nature. So...the Greenmen are the philosophers, warriors, wisdom keepers of the nature spirit domains. They enjoy explaining their work to me, and I do my best to understand and record. After 80 wonderful years on earth, spent seeking to fathom and communicate with the nature realm, I've acquired some knowledge of different disciplines including dowsing, land energy work, human energy work, gardening, and inter-dimensional communications. Understanding these different knowledges is very helpful when you are seeking to extend your knowledge into yet another concept, such as here.

Triangular Features

This Greenman is one with triangular features. As with humans, this type of head structure indicates someone interested in the philosophical and the esoteric. He has two views of his face and eyes - larger and smaller. The two sets of eyes are looking in different directions.

Classic Triangular Greenman ArtworkClassic Triangular Greenman ArtworkThis is a classic Celtic-style art piece of a Greenman in the triangular style. (Note: Available from Wayfair, not from us). To the right is a typical Celtic Triangular Greenman plaque, for you to see the similarities.

John (as he asked to be called, in English) has a very well thought out sector under his guardianship. Here are some photos he worked with me to acquire, to show you his work. He works with a Council made up of many other nature spirit life forms who have many different ways of perceiving and acting. Many of these beings are also depicted in the Greenman's Council Tree. They include some of the energies one would expect to find - wood elves, intellectuals, warriors, graceful women, dark forces, the base level of common folk who do the everyday labors in every world...

Other Life Forms

Here are three areas of the Council Tree that have images (there are other images as well as these). 

Nature Spirits - Part of the TeamNature Spirits - Part of the TeamOn the front of the tree, up high, are a collection of nature spirits who are working with a wide array of energies, to keep a clean and balanced environment. I especially enjoy seeing a hooded wood elf with pointed face, working in the same energy as the Greenman. I am very fond of Greenmen and wood elves! Right - up high on the front are these folks, who include a strong attractive woman (near the fork in the tree). Below her slightly to visual right is a hooded wood elf with pointed chin (much like the Greenman). On the right branch, up higher, is a small elf with a curled handlebar mustache - favored by quite a few of the nature spirits for live in these particular woods.

Comfortable EnergyComfortable EnergyDown at the walkers' level is this comfortable nature spirit - very non-challenging and easy to relate to. BUT - look closely just above his nose and you will see a wise and stern nature spirit occupying the Third Eye. Above all is a happy owl. Sometimes the wisest course of action is to assume an easy-going appearance! Left - down at the human-viewing level there is a comfortable, friendly, easy-going nature spirit with whom hikers through the area would feel comfortable. But as with many such life forms, there is an underlying sternness and wisdom as seen in the life form who occupies that larger being's third eye and sports a chevron mustache. But above all is a wise and cheerful owl.

The Energy CouncilThe Energy CouncilI've blurred out the Greenman and everything else but the three nature spirits who are part of the Greenman's Council. Two hooded and horned wood elves on the left (the top one with the twirled mustache many spirits here like to sport); an extremely grounded, "ordinary" energy spirit on the right, who deals with all who do not understand. Right - back to our Greenman who actually has a number of Council leaders standing behind him, for consultation and to provide their wise knowledge of their particular beings. They are harder to see so I seriously blurred out all else.

Two Vortexes

The humans who have helped shape the woodland use, over the years, seem to have intuitively grasped the nature of John's work as they carved out, in this area, an eye-shaped oval containing what humans call negative energies or vortexes. You can spot such an area by the number of contorted trees that are present. Sometimes there are lines of trees all bent at similar angles, denoting lines of energy passing through. Energy land workers understand such areas to be negative vortexes, very useful for a community when no homes are built on the vortex itself, for such places siphon off negative energies, thoughts and feelings of the area. A very useful place to stand in if you have negative feelings you want to release from yourself - the land eagerly pulls these energies into itself as its food, keeping the vortex clean and active.

Negative & Positive VortexesNegative & Positive VortexesThe Greenman showed me, and explained, how he works with negative and positive energies to maintain balance in the area. To the left is the negative vortex where discordant energies are siphoned out; to the right is the positive vortex where positive energies are poured into the area.

Next to such an area one often finds a positive vortex. Because once the negative is pulled out, you would want to fill yourself with positive energy. A positive energy vortex spins up and out, and is frequently sunny and bright. There is a close proximity between the two energy forms, one siphoning off and the other pouring in. Both areas need to be kept clear, in their own way, for the symbiotic relationship to continue. The Greenman and his Council work on this.

John and his Council have placed their calling cards, and currently use as their base, a tree at the border between these two vortexes. In the panoramic photo, you can see the dark vortex on the left and the positive vortex on the right. The Council Tree is to the far left. This is a mobile position and should something happen to that particular tree - they would simply move their base somewhere else.

Greenman in the Trees

Greenman in FieldGreenman in FieldThis Greenman sculpted himself in the foliage of the meadow nearby. Note the close similarity of features, and his staff. John was very pleased that he had fashioned a portrait of himself in the foliage at the back side of the positive vortex. You can see him quite clearly here - his pointed chin, extended hair, and his staff on the far left of the photo.

When John guided me to see his artwork, and photograph the living sculpture, he guided me along the path to a prime viewing spot where all aspects of the forest sculpture could be seen. What I find very interesting is that there is a natural circular "balcony" carved by nature into the long grass all around it. This is not human made - it is fashioned from natural materials as nature spirits would sculpt.

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Fairy Ring Here's a lovely large fairy ring, around an American Beech Tree. 

Fairy Ring around Beech TreeFairy Ring around Beech TreeThis large fairy ring grew around a Beech Tree.

Beech Tree Ring

This ring appeared in a large tree outside the front door of my apartment house. It looks like the fairies had quite a night of it, and perhaps grew a bit tipsy - a number of the mushrooms are quite askew!

Fairy Couple and heartFairy Couple and heartThis Beech Tree bas relief sculpture shows a well-defined fairy princess and her consort (lower left). To the lower right is a perfect little heart. This fairy-energy-filled tree lives at Crosslands RC. Fairy Couple

This tree houses a fine-featured fairy princess, with a male consort in conical hat below her to the left of the photo, and a perfect little heart down below - the energies of the fairy world offering their love to each other and to this area! Fairy Couple Close UpFairy Couple Close UpClose up of the fairy princess and her consort, with a perfect small heart lower right. They live in an American Beech Tree at Crosslands RC.











Dragon RiderDragon RiderSo cute it belongs in a Pixar movie! This baby dragon is shown next to his tiny tall-hatted fairy rider. Dragon Rider

The Beech Tree also houses a very cute little duo of a baby dragon and his tall-hatted fairy rider.

So shown in this tree are the span from the tall to the small fairies.









Fairy Ring at CrosslandsFairy Ring at CrosslandsThis fairy ring grew in a grassy area outside apartments at Crosslands RC Co-Existing Realities

I did two versions of this fairy circle. One is from the human point of view - see the driveway and cars, the human energy almost obscuring the fairy spirit. (Left)

At the top of this blog you can see a version done from the fairy perspective. Here the tree and the fairy ring are the realities and the human world fades away into a blue mist...

Two realities co-existing!


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Victorian Fairy Victorian FairyVictorian FairyAll of 2" tall, this tree portrait of a fairy lass is Victorian in style. This lovely lass is all of 2" tall. She smiles on us from the limb of a decorative tree that has beautifully mottled bark. Her features and framing would fit in well with Victorian drawings of the flower and tree fairies! Kendal-Crosslands, Pa.

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Support for the Small and Misunderstood Close Up of the Tree SpiritClose Up of the Tree SpiritA close up of the angry tree spirit/butterfly Justice and mercy for the small, meek and misunderstood is the theme this large old Beech Tree has crafted on his personal canvas. He is expressing the dichotomy that exists for many beings who ponder action born from anger and action born from peaceful detached acceptance.  Not Happy At AllNot Happy At AllThis is a manifestation of the tree spirit itself. There are so many subtleties here - a large standing angry being who on closer look is a butterfly with a bird hidden beneath its wing. More small endangered beings.

This seems an appropriate tree to find at a Quaker-based community, where social justice has been a prime focus in the lives of many who reside here. 

Detached ProtectionDetached ProtectionHere the Beech Tree offers the energy of detached peace. Yet his third eye has the image of a being crying out in pain; this area is a portal into a realm of protection. From its shape and size, you can see this tree started life in a clear setting that over the years filled in with invasive plants.

Perhaps long ago, in the tree's youth, some intense Quaker sat beneath this tree and pondered the theme of social justice. Or the tree absorbed the energy of the many sincere folks hiking past him over the years.

Trees are living sentient beings and they are often affected by what occurs in their area. Sometimes energies can so touch them that they absorb and express the experiences on their personal canvas - their trunk. This has occurred here.

Beech Tree - Long viewBeech Tree - Long view Tree Spirit

The Beech Tree images include two of the tree energy himself. Seen straight on from the path is the tree spirit in detached compassionate wisdom mode. (Left) You see a large face with a portal at the third eye - an opening to inner safety for any beings who, like the energy the Portal Guardian image has crafted, are crying out for help. Images of beings can be seen as you adjust your sight while looking at the eye to the right and at the mouth. Like many of the other images on the tree, these life forms have crowns, indicating the nobility and leadership that is present in all the other dimensions that co-exist on our one earth.

Butterflies and Birds

The second image of the tree spirit himself is the one seen first and second at the top of this blog. This complex image is many things - an angry spirit with a fierce eye who is identifying with the gentle creatures of the forest and so can also be seen as a butterfly and in its center a butterfly man who is either running or dancing. Beneath the butterfly and protected by its wing is another creature of the air - a gentle bird's head with large scared eye.

Today there are two concentric circles of smaller very straight beech trees around the main one, in a protective mode, like guards. In the photo to the right, you can see the inner circle and two of the trees in the outer circle. While the tree is in a scrub area, something from some dimension has walked up to the tree often enough to leave a faint pathway.

This grand old Beech has crafted many images, large and small, of various misunderstood life forms who are in need of protection. Among the numerous images are the following. (You can click on any photo to see a larger view.)

Mice and Other Small Creatures

Mouse King and QueenMouse King and QueenThe mice kingdom and all the small rodents are represented by this portrait of a Mouse King (right) and a Mouse Queen (left). Mice and other small creatures are often relegated to being pests who need to be removed from an area. But they also are life forms with their own purpose and society. On the right side of the tree (as seen from the path) are two very large images of mice, complete with crowns. You can see their features and also their royal nobility. They are the King (right) and Queen (left) of the mice realm. (Photo at left)

Wee People

There are many types of wee people who live in the realms close to our human one. They have their own societies, personalities and homes - fashioned of the nature they live in.

Wee PeopleWee PeopleA collection of the wee people who live in the forest and are affected by modern changes... The wee folk are often under stress from human actions that bleed into their dimension. Among the beings portrayed, see right, are a king in a hat, a skeleton with dreadlocks, a sweet female spirit with a full head of hair and a beastie.


Many of the life forms in nature have appearances with a different aesthetic than our human ones. Some of these visages are delicate and others are of a denser frequency. The ponderous nature of the clunky "beasties" is beautiful in their world but a bit frightening to humans. These beings are not afraid of, nor inclined to move out of the way of, humans who cross their paths. So many humans consider these beasties as energies they need to remove from an area. However, these beings have their own purpose in creation and the Beech Tree honors them as well. Below is a round-faced horned beastie shown front and sideways. The photo lower right is of happy pointy-nose Wolfman beastie shown sideways with exposed chest and arm. Forest BeastsForest BeastsWhat some humans call beasts are beautiful in their own one is being honored by the Beech Tree spirit.

Cutie BeastCutie BeastHere is a small cute beast memorialized by the Beech Tree

Star Wars BeastieStar Wars BeastieThis creature looks like something e.t. - and straight out of Star Wars - representing another mis-understood species the Beech Tree spirit is honoring. Extra-Terrestrials

There are many cultures in this vast universe of ours and many beings who visit earth. We humans don't choose to recognize them in everyday life although we love to discuss them in detail in science fiction and in such films as Star Wars. Shown to the left is an extra-terrestrial - another life form the Beech Tree feels needs to be recognized and respected. This e.t. is protecting yet another crowned life form, perhaps of a being whose origins were from the e.t.'s planet.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Beech Tree Crosslands everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirits Tue, 24 Aug 2021 10:58:54 GMT
Autumn Arrives Autumn ArrivesAutumn ArrivesThe bright flowers of summer start their slow descent into the warm browns of autumn... Autumn is in the air and flowers start their descent from summer colors to warm autumn browns...Here a field of sunflowers relaxes into the new season. Quizzical SmileQuizzical SmileThis sunflower has a quizzical expression as she explores the season's changes

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Crosslands everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography sunflower tree spirit Thu, 19 Aug 2021 11:41:24 GMT
Old Lady and the Tree Spirit Old Lady and the Tree SpiritOld Lady and the Tree SpiritThis tree has been enjoying elderly folks walking the path beside its home for many years. He seems to enjoy their energy, and has manifested a gentle old lady with a hair bun at his third eye. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The woods at the Kendal-Crosslands Community are filled with gentle, aware trees who work in a spirit of cooperation with the Quaker-oriented residents. This tree has manifested this energy as an image filling his third-eye area. It is of a gentle elderly woman with her hair tied into a top-knot.

The tree has a wide mouth, indicating his own open, generous nature. He also has a somewhat fierce protective energy, as though intent on protecting the gentle woman.

This scene represents the comfortable relationship of nature and human that exists in this community. The tree lives at an intersection of a woodland path. Tree with Old Lady ImageTree with Old Lady Image

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Crosslands everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 13 Aug 2021 11:32:49 GMT
Revolutionary War images in the Brandywine Valley This large maple tree embodies a number of complex images going back to the Revolutionary War. It lives near the main building at a Quaker retirement community in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I'm fortunate to be a new resident here!

Community Tree - Kennett SquareCommunity Tree - Kennett Square On my first camera exploration trip around the campus, This grand old maple tree called out to me. It is a gentle community tree with many life forms calling it their home address. Here's one set of images you can see in the tree.

Kennett Square is located in the Brandywine Valley, near a number of Revolutionary War sites. This tree would have been young at that formative time.

It appears the tree fashioned a memorial frieze of a specific individual of that Revolutionary War era. Perhaps there was a soulful mustached military officer, in tall helmet, who particularly impressed the tree spirit. Perhaps the tree sheltered him at one point when there were military maneuvers in the area.

If you look closely at this tree, and shift your viewpoint, you can see a number of other spirit images the tree has fashioned. This is a situation where a tree is unusually compassionate and has recorded images of life forms with whom it has significantly interacted over its lifetime. Its ability to craft images is quite sophisticated. As it is dealing with a limited canvas (its own trunk), it has followed tree art protocol, images merging into other images in varying sizes. The tree is embodying and grounding these energies for its territory. This is a mural tree.

There is a skull-like bird spirit with cardinal-like crown tuft facing left, looking away from the young officer - perhaps a symbol of protection in battle on the part of the tree spirit? Looked at another way, a mustached spirit being is facing right. There is a smaller masked wood elf facing right (one of the elf realm's soldiers - another symbol of protection from spirit for the young officer) and a friendly long-eared dog companion. There are also many other images, in this and in other parts of the tree. 

I look forward to sharing with all of you my adventures on my move "Back East"!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Brandywine Valley Crosslands everything is energy Kennett Square Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Pennsylvania tree spirit Wed, 04 Aug 2021 10:46:26 GMT
We Are Not Alone | Interdimensional Cooperation | A Guidebook by Atala Toy We Are Not Alone | Atala ToyWe Are Not Alone | Atala Toy I wrote this book to explain, in easily understood terms, the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. It's full title is We Are Not Alone | A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation. Here's information provided by the publisher, Weiser Books:

"All matter has consciousness," says long-time subtle energy specialist and dowser Atala Toy. And by cultivating relationships between dimensions - talking with trees, devas (nature spirits), angels, extraterrestrials, and even so-called inanimate objects - we can not only solve everyday problems but help raise the vibration of all that is.

In this fascinating look at how to communicate and cooperate with all matter and forms of consciousness, you will learn how to: read subtle energy, establish communication and ongoing working relationships with other life forms, free yourself and your surroundings from obstacles of every kind, and contribute at the deepest energetic level to the healing of the world.

Published by Weiser Books. 278 pages (paperback)

Synopsis of the book:

Creation Mandala | Classic No Dot CenterCreation Mandala Grand ExperimentGrand Experiment While working at the United Nations Development Programme in New York, Atala Dorothy Toy went through a near-death experience that took her on a journey and showed her a new way of perceiving energy-one in which all objects in the universe (including machines, stones, and trees) are alive, conscious, and willing to cooperate with humans to fashion a healthier, more holistic world. Now in this easy-to-read book she teaches the deceptively simple art of how to communicate with any object or life form. Whether it’s a pet, tree, gemstone, power line, computer, nature spirit, extra-terrestrial, angel, or inner guide-the process is the same. All it takes is knowing you can do it and then learning how.

"Atala walks the reader through many dimensions of existence with an eye for personal empowerment in the inner worlds. In her reports of amazing experiences, she never loses focus on the importance of our self-responsiblity and infinite potential as human beings. Whatever you beliefs, this will stretch your horizons." - Betty Bland, president of the Theosophical Society in America.

You can order this book by clicking on the photo. I hand-sign each book. It is also available (unsigned) on

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Wolfman - Sinister or Protective? WolfmanWolfman This ominous Wolfman stands guard at the base of a Guardian Tree. His is the entry tree along a scenic path that circles a dark bog. 

People consider the Wolfmen as sinister. But are they really - or are they simply powerful guards, as we sometimes find in our world? He conveys the energy of a being who is somber, moody, unpredictable, prone to optionally violent action - and fiercely protective of those he feels it is his duty to protect.

What is a Guardian Tree

A Guardian Tree lives at the start of a specific area or path. Its job is to alert the beings in that area that an outsider is coming through. Its energy can vastly vary, depending on the situation. Each Guardian Tree has its own story.

A Guardian Tree can be warmly welcoming or detached guarding (like crows positioning one of their group as lookout, their job being to caw notification if an intruder approaches). Or as in this case - like a military guard at a palace gate.

Smug CatSmug Cat Smug Cat

Up higher in the tree you can see a content cat - the type of gentle folk the Wolfman is protecting.(Right)

The cat looks very happy and secure and a bit smug in its secure position. Like many citizens in all dimensions, the cat seems oblivious to the protection being provided by its community!

Watching OverWatching Over The Administrator

Guardian TreeGuardian Tree A being with more controlled energy watches out from a higher branch (left). He is like the administrative branch of the community, of which the content cat is a protected member.

The administrator's job is to watch who enters and what occurs in its area of responsibility. He analyzes and plans any needed actions for the Wolfman and other nature spirits of the area.

A Gateway to Another Realm

These folks live at Morton Arboretum. The feeling an ordinary hiker would get here is perhaps a slightly uncomfortable twinge as you pass through the energy field or aura (alert system) of this tree, and then you would peacefully continue on your way. If your intentions are peaceful, you would feel as protected and comfortable as that smug cat!

I believe this strong a Guardian Tree is needed because the dark bog behind it is a gateway to another world. It is a large gateway and the energy of that world is intense and dark. As such, the rules for interdimensional entry requires approval from a variety of strong protective guards. Unless you have business there, most folks are not aware this world even exists and there is no chance of any accidental entry.

Dowsers know that vortexes of energy, like the bog, push back from it energy not of the same frequency. This means light, peaceful, gentle energy has stacked around the bog perimeter and someone walking there would feel only peace and contentment. I believe this is why there is a path circling the bog that many folks enjoy relaxing and walking.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy guardian Lisle Illinois Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit wolfman Tue, 13 Jul 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Spruce Heart Spruce HeartSpruce HeartSometimes it's good to look up. Here's a spirit heart blessing those who walk below on the path through a grove of giant spruce. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. I was walking along the woodland path through this large grove of spruce (below). I felt surrounded by the peaceful strength and confidence of these giants, who towered a hundred feet above me. I was inspired to look up - and saw their beautiful group heart opening up over my head. Morton Arboretum.

Spruce GroveSpruce Grove

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography spruce tree spirit Mon, 12 Jul 2021 10:37:38 GMT
Old Things Face on the Barn WallFace on the Barn WallPeeling paint creates a dreaming face...CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Old Barn WallOld Barn WallThe old barns of the prairie lands show the rich textures that only time can provide. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Changes over time are evident in the old farm buildings of the Midwest. Machines grow old...paint peels...nature takes over...

Here is a face in the peeling paint of an old barn building...the spirit of work well done, the plough retired and spirit is at rest. The Old DaysThe Old DaysThe old farm machines of the prairie days now add to the charm of vintage architecture. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography old barns red barn St Charles Illinois Sat, 10 Jul 2021 11:53:14 GMT
Happy Gnome of Sunset Park Gnome of Sunset ParkGnome of Sunset ParkThis gnome lives right by a busy access path in a local park. Just proves you can communicate with the nature spirits anywhere! CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Love that gorgeous long beard on this gnome! He is quite the clown, crossing his eyes to get us to smile and enjoy playing in the park. He lives in the popular Sunset Woods Park, located in prosperous Highland Park, Illinois. He's right by one of the main entry paths to the park, and loves to send out welcoming energies to all visitors...

People frequently tell me they wish they could travel and photograph the nature spirits in exotic natural locations. And I tell them...look in your own local area. Nature spirits are everywhere but locally...they have more vested in connecting to the humans of the area, to encourage them to respect, value and preserve the natural setting we all live in!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy gnome Highland Park Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sunset Woods Park tree spirit Thu, 08 Jul 2021 15:05:56 GMT
Do Trees Fall in Love? Do trees fall in love? The short answer is - Yes. And they also flirt and dislike...and other of the universal emotions. Here are photo stories from a forest outing I took with a Deva, many years ago.

I was just starting out on my nature spirit photographic journey. In this situation - I was fortunate to attract the attention of a forest Deva. She took the time to show me a grand experiment she was undertaking. This was like the president of a company showing kindness towards a neophyte young reporter.

The Deva of the Balsams and BirchesThe Deva of the Balsams and BirchesThis is the signature tree of the Deva who is conducting the experiment. E.g. - this is her home base/antenna from which she is aware of all in her area. Behind her is a snake figure - the kundalini energy running throughout this experiment. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Devas are high-level nature spirits who oversee an entire area of nature. To the left is her signature tree (an antenna from where she oversees the energetic net she has spread throughout her domain). Her profile is in the tree on the right. A large snake (the kundalini energy of the experiment) is in his signature tree on the left.

Lost Love

This story began as I was walking in the national forest that abuts my family's land in New Hampshire - both are protected forests. I was enjoying experimenting with my new point-and-shoot camera. 

Balsam and the Birch KissBalsam and the Birch KissThese two trees have long loved each other and are touching in a perpetual kiss. I heard them calling to each other "I love you" in a male and a female voice and followed the sound through the woods to their location. It's 2009 and the Birch is in poor health, many of her branches bare. CLICK HERE to read the full story of this couple. I heard two voices calling out to each other "I love you" - almost human - and went searching for what this could be. I came upon a Balsam calling out to his beloved, a Birch tree who was dying.

I wrote about this experience in my blog The Balsam and the Birch | A Love Story and how I tracked their story over the years.

My connecting in to these two lovers at their emotional life transition also connected me to the Deva, who had descended to be present with two of her favorite residents at this sad time.

I believe this emotional crux point is what drew the two of us together. The Deva kindly explained the love story of the Balsam and the Birch and how they were her stars in an experiment she was conducting. If I would return the next day, she said, she would explain the experiment to me.

Balsam-Birch Couple 4Balsam-Birch Couple 4This couple has grown next to each other, connecting then going their own ways and now locked in a kiss. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. What the Deva Showed Me

The next day, as soon as I entered her territory, the Deva began what was, looking back, an amazing experience for me - although while it was occurring, it seemed totally normal and ordinary, like being taken on a tour of a scientific laboratory.

Balsam-Birch Couple 2Balsam-Birch Couple 2This couple has grown closer over the years - notice how the birch now inclines towards the balsam. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Deva explained that in her area she was, over many years in human time, pairing stern strong Balsams with gentle not as strong White Paper Birches. She believed this combination would bring gentleness to the Balsams and support for the Birch who suffer during the bitterly cold Northern New Hampshire weather.

She then proceeded to guide me around her realm and describe various of the pairings. We tramped about quite a bit, as the pairings were spread out at different locations.

Balsam-Birch Couple 3Balsam-Birch Couple 3This couple has found love and comfort by growing close to or touching each other over the years. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Deva explained that she paired a number of Balsams and Birches but that none were as successful as the pair I first came upon. 

Successful Love Stories

The Deva did her best to pair compatible energies, but it was up to each pair as to how they would work together in this pairing.

Shown above, to the right and left, are what the Deva considers three successful pairings. You can study each of these images, and click to read their titles, and understand how these couples connect, love and support each other.

The Flirt

Some pairings did not work out as well. 

The FlirtThe FlirtThe White Birch in the center is Ms. Popularity. She is quite social, and is perpetually admired by two Balsams - and has a side-kick Birch who bends towards her more exuberant energy. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. This white birch (center in the group photo shown on the right) is a sociable flirt. She is clearly the star of the show and is holding court. You can see two admiring Balsam suitors to the right. Next to the star is her sidekick, a Birch whose life energy is not as strong and who, as she has grown, inclines towards the star. In this situation, the Deva explained, the pairing for strength during the hard New England winters has not occurred.


Balsam-Birch Couple 5Balsam-Birch Couple 5The White Birch very clearly did not like the Balsam and as time went by she grew at a very sharp, clear angle away from him. This situation made the Deva sad. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Here are two pairings that did not succeed at all.

To the left you see a Birch who definitely did not want to hang out with the Balsam. Ugh! She seems to be saying, and has pulled away dramatically.

But the situation the Deva is most unhappy about is the image to the right. Indeed, she is actually disgusted by the behavior of the Balsam.

Balsam-Birch Couple 6Balsam-Birch Couple 6The Deva was distinctly and clearly unhappy about this situation, and expressed her dissatisfaction clearly. She considered it the opposite end of the couple in the Kiss, where the Balsam stayed faithful after death. Here the Balsam died and from its roots sprang two offspring who are more interested in playing with each other and totally uninterested in the Birch. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. You see, she explained, the original Balsam died, leaving a weakened Birch who sought to support the energy of the Balsam. That support resulted in the Balsam attempting to carry on by generating new life from its roots. However, two offshoots resulted and over time created an incestuous relationship - they intertwined between themselves, were totally self-absorbed in their relationship, and rejected any connection with the "old lady" birch. Her energy is weak, and theirs is contorted. You can see how she has attempted to pull away.

This situation is the polar opposite of that shown in The Kiss, where the Balsam for many years after clung to the memory of his true love.

Yes - Trees Do Fall in Love!

So - these are some of the stories the Deva showed me. The photos are from when I first began my project and it was a bright sunny day, so I apologize that the photos are not the best quality. But it was such an honor for a neophyte reporter to be shown around by a Deva that I just had to share anyway.

I have looked about in the Devic territories surrounding this one and have not found other such experiments, although I am sure they must exist here and there.

This story is in response to a question posed by a member of my closed Facebook group Nature Spirits Around the World. It answers the question - Do trees fall in love?


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy balsam deva everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography New Hampshire North Conway tree spirit white birch Tue, 06 Jul 2021 13:16:57 GMT
Fibonacci Spiral | The Nature of Spirit Double Fibonacci Spiral - Sacred HeartDouble Fibonacci Spiral - Sacred HeartThis Double Fibonacci Spiral diagrams the quality of love that occurs when two equal life forms connect to each other. Each partner has been growing in a proportion known as the Golden Mean and the Divine Proportion. Together, the two halves create love – as seen in this heart. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The Fibonacci Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence represents the unfolding and spiraling out of form from source. It is closely related to the Golden Ratio and is a mathematical sequence found throughout nature. Wherever it is found, it is the base sacred geometry of a form that is extremely beautiful to look at.

The Fibonacci Sequence is usually considered to begin with 1 and each subsequent Fibonacci number is formed by the addition of the preceding two numbers. Books have been written on this entrancing pattern and how it is found in everything from a sunflower to a beautiful woman's face. 

I find it interesting that when this beautifully balanced number is doubled and facing itself (as here on the right), it becomes the shape of a heart. I feel this tells a lot about how true love can be seen in all its beauty. It is a balanced partnership between two equal forms. When the lightfields behind the form of love are equal, the relationship is in balance and can continue to grow together, each proceeding proportionate to its own form, and each continually counterpointing the other.

Fibonacci Spiral - Classic ZenFibonacci Spiral - Classic ZenThe Fibonacci Spiral is found throughout nature as a system of growth found everywhere from the bracts of a pine cone to the growth of a sunflower and the unfurling of a fern frond. Called Nature’s numbering system, this design is soothing to the senses, especially of sensitive people. CLICK HERE to read how the spiral is important in ancient energy sites. When the relationship does not start out in this equality of inherent form....well, eventually the two forms begin evolving in different ways, and end up either with a splitting apart as each side continues to pursue their own evolution or with one side dominating the other. Kind of like what causes so many divorces and unhappy relationships nowadays... any healthy relationship - between people, governments, society - a respectful balanced equality is the only form that can last....

Above is a Double Fibonacci Spiral. To the left is the graphing of this sequence.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Fibonacci Sequence Fibonacci Spiral Golden Mean Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography sacred geometry Sat, 03 Jul 2021 11:27:40 GMT
Council Tree of St Charles, Illinois Council Tree Members - View 2Council Tree Members - View 2Portraits of judges. Notice large face can be seen looking in two directions - impartiality in looking at the facts. This Council Tree lives on property that for many decades has hosted a native plants garden center. The tree is the left one in the long view of this area.

Council Tree Members - View 3Council Tree Members - View 3More judges can be seen up higher in the tree. A Council Tree is a judicial site where the nature spirits bring complaints and issues they need arbitrated and adjudicated. The Council is formed of wise beings of many different species and their rulings are law. They function something like our human courts and have various levels of responsibility. This tree houses a regional court for cases brought from the local region. The Council meets at specific times, just like with humans, and attendees would gather in the open space in front of the tree. While the court exists in a different dimension from our human one, it would probably meet during times when the Garden Center is not open. Council Tree Members - View 1Council Tree Members - View 1Markers of some of the judges of the Council Tree.

Shown here are some of the images of various of the judges who have sat on the court over the years. The images are like human photos of presiding judges in a human court. They signify who is hearing the cases. 

Like our human courts, different levels of Councils have different energies. This is a very down-to-earth, grounded, pragmatic Council that that deals with land issues and is far different in energy to the Council seen in the New Hampshire Council located on land occupied by a patrician founding family of their area. I photographed and wrote about that tree in my blog What is a Council Tree?

Council Tree EnclaveCouncil Tree EnclaveThe Council Tree is the left one of the three trees shown here.












What is similar is that each has a Native American spirit present and an animal representative. Look closely and you will see figures inside of figures, figures representing Native American energies, frogs, and various other life forms. One of the photos shows a Janus-type image of a being who can see both sides of the issue and hence has a face looking front and another looking back.

This tree is located in St. Charles, Illinois at what is now a prominent highly respected wholesale garden center.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Council Tree everything is energy Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography St Charles tree spirit Thu, 01 Jul 2021 11:42:53 GMT
Human+Nature Exhibit at Morton Arboretum Sentient by Daniel PopperSentient by Daniel PopperThe all-pervasive knowing of nature in all the senses... Exhibit at Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. The sentient reality of nature is the theme of this 5-statue exhibit by Daniel Popper, currently on display at the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois.

Hallow by Daniel PopperHallow by Daniel PopperMother Nature opening up her heart in support of the living beings in her realm...Exhibit at Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Most of the statues are inter-active, inviting the viewer to walk through or linger inside and feel the nurturing, protecting energies of nature - personified.

What impresses me personally is how true and real is his connection with the spirit of nature. In the Ladies of the Realm gallery on this website, you can see these same life forms as crafted by the ladies themselves into their signature home base trees. 

Heartwood by Daniel PopperHeartwood by Daniel PopperThis large walk-through statue is overlaid with tropical leaves. Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image.
Umi by Danie PopperUmi by Danie PopperYou can walk into this giant statue and emerge, birthed forth by Nature herself. Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image.














You can see more of Daniel Popper's work at and visit this installation at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois - the exhibit runs indefinitely from May 2021 on.

Below left is a nurturing female nature spirit birthing forth a baby bird - carved into her anchoring tree by the Lady herself. This nature-created sculpture is also at Morton Arboretum. Basilica by Daniel PopperBasilica by Daniel PopperEmerging from intertwined vines, Nature reaches out its arms to embrace humanity. Exhibit at Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image. Mother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature - The Lady of the Forest -with her heart-shaped face, part in this world and part in spirit, is birthing forth a baby bird. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Daniel Popper everything is energy Human+Nature Lisle Illinois Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 29 Jun 2021 10:53:36 GMT
Long Head at Good Templar Park Long HeadLong Head Here is an image of a being with either a very tall headdress (as in the French Courts of the 18th century Rococo era) - or a being of another dimension with a tall head (remember the Conehead movies?) - or a dowager Swedish woman from the Chicago area. The nature spirits didn't provide information on this image!

Whatever the case - this is a situation where an interdimensional artist constructed a portrait by contouring the bark as we humans might pull a palette knife through paint. Matter works differently for this artist in their dimension!

Tree with Image of Long HeadTree with Image of Long HeadThis is the tree the Long Head is carved into. Good Templar Park, Geneva, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image.














To the left is a longer view of the tree. It rests above a very subtle tree door, or portal. This tree lives at Good Templar Park in Geneva, Illinois.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Illinois . Atala Toy everything is energy Geneva Good Templar Park Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Thu, 24 Jun 2021 10:50:16 GMT
Lady of the Good Templar Park Lady of Templar ParkLady of Templar Park A graceful, demure, traditionally-dressed Swedish lady is being protected by an earthy nature spirit. Together, they are the Lady of the Realm energy, overseeing the nature domains at the Swedish-founded Good Templar Park, Geneva, Illinois

The Swedish lady is entirely inside the white wood of the trunk - a portal or gateway to the Scandinavian spirit of the area's early European settlers. She is wearing a long gown, has flowing hair and her face is at the very top of the wood portal area.

She has a very strong familiar - spirit protector - supporting her, seen side view at the right, with the familiar's arms a cloak or wings surrounding and protecting the Swedish Lady. The familiar has earthy features and is solidly grounded, in counterpoint to the ethereal qualities of the demure lady.

Together, they encompass the qualities of the Swedish founders of this park that was for a long time a popular gathering area for Swedish peoples in the Chicago area.

Below is a closeup of the twosome's faces.

Lady of the Forest Good Templar Close UpLady of the Forest Good Templar Close UpClose up of the Lady of the Forest twosome

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) . Atala Toy everything is energy Geneva Good Templar Park Illinois Lady of the Forest Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 22 Jun 2021 11:46:05 GMT
Summer Days Summer DaysSummer Days Long, gently-flowing summer days and the graceful scent of a rose..


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Botanic Chicago everything is energy Gardens" Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography pink rose tree spirit Sat, 19 Jun 2021 12:06:38 GMT
Rambling Rose  

Rambling RoseRambling Rose This graceful white rambling rose greets the morning sun and invites us to "come hither" and enjoy the scent. Fragrant from an early morning shower and part of a rose vine climbing high over a white arbor, this rose is sheltered in the dappled sunlight of a warm summer day.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit rambling rose white rose Thu, 17 Jun 2021 10:38:52 GMT
Art Deco at Marquette Park Art Deco YouthArt Deco YouthThis handsome Art Deco style youth is sculpted into a tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes This handsome Art Deco youth is sculpted into a tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes.

There are two prevalent styles for Art Deco figures. They are often androgynous and are either strongly architectural with defined almost angular profiles, or soft and a bit of the pudgy side (by our modern standards) with curly hair. This burl shows both styles. (There are also a number of secondary images.) Art Deco ProfileArt Deco ProfileProfile of an Art Deco style youth, sculpted into a tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes

Marquette Park was very popular in the 1920s - Art Deco's stylistic era - and there must have been a number of artists frequenting this scenic stretch of Lake Michigan beach. The nature spirits in trees which would then have been young themselves sculpted a number of Art Deco style images.

I had been entranced by a Willow Tree by a park lagoon that had strong Art Deco images (see my blog Lagoon Gateway to the Nature Realms) and when I finished photographing there, I checked in with the nature spirits as to whether there was anything else they especially wished me to see and photograph. They pointed me to a solitary tree in the field across the street. Marquette Park, Indiana DunesMarquette Park, Indiana DunesLong view of Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes

Handsome Young Man in WillowHandsome Young Man in WillowThe handsome young man is the consort for the Lady, seen higher in the tree. He works on the general health of the land spirits in this area. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. I started out photographing in bright sunlight, and finished as a storm was rolling in. Due to the lighting, I did not see these beautiful images on site; I just dutifully photographed where requested. These images were revealed once I was back home and processing. Below is the Art Deco youth in the willow tree by the lagoon - my major point of focus - for you to see the consistency in style of these nature spirit art pieces.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Art Deco Atala Toy everything is energy Indiana Dunes Marquette Park Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 14 Jun 2021 11:17:36 GMT
Serpent Power Serpent PowerSerpent Power Serpent energy is often present around Native American sacred sites. In the standing stone on the right you see a serpent head and on top of that an image of a Native American - the long ago occupants of this area of Rim Rock National Recreational Trail, Shawnee Forest, Illinois.

This is a preparatory alcove to the right of a Vision Quest Trail (as the nature spirits call it) that I have written about before in Vision Question Canyon. It is where a person would gather their thoughts before beginning the journey through the quest site.

In the photo below showing the Quest start, you can see this entry stone.

I was identifying with the spiritual power of this location and when I took this photo, I was connecting to the serpent energy. If you look closely, you will see that this stone is clear and focused. But the rest of the objects, before around and behind it, are slightly blurred. They are vibrating in a different frequency from what I was energetically focusing on.

Below are the three stages of the Vision Quest, which starts when one turns left at the entry to this area of Rim Rock.







Vision Quest I - In the BeginningVision Quest I - In the BeginningIn the beginning, you birth the vision for your own life. This is the first image in the Vision Quest series. In the beginning, you birth the vision for your own life. Here is the start of your journey, and you must enter into the earth mother if you wish to transform your vision from spirit into matter. Rim Rock Nature Trail, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Vision Quest II - Walk Your TalkVision Quest II - Walk Your TalkWalk Your Talk – keep going – birth that new vision for your own life! It may seem your path leads to a dead-end wall and you are going nowhere – but keep hope for there is actually a hidden path turning left, and you will continue on and up through gradually widening paths, arriving finally at the end of your journey, the scenic top of the canyon. Rim Rock Nature Trail, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Vision Quest III - The GuardianVision Quest III - The GuardianThis powerful 100 foot tall rock being watches over the vision quest process going on in the twisting paths that make up his/her body. Facing him at the end of your climb, you discover you were never alone on your personal journey; Guardians were always present, protecting and overseeing the process. Together you and your Guardians peacefully survey the world below, for you have now traversed the journey from womb to mastery of your own personal energy. Rim Rock Nature Trail, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rimrock serpent power tree spirit Vision Quest Thu, 10 Jun 2021 11:43:29 GMT
When Did You Know You Could Talk with Nature Spirits? When did you know you could communicate with nature, and that your experiences were real? Have there been particularly memorable experiences for you? 

It would be very helpful to others for you to share your own story. It would help us all get used to the idea that these life forms are real and intelligent and able to converse with us. You can do so on our Facebook Group, Nature Spirits Around the World.
  Self Portraits, Youth & OlderSelf Portraits, Youth & OlderTwo self portraits by the Guardian of Place, seen when young (right) and when olders (left). CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images.

"Older" Self Portrait"Older" Self PortraitNorth facing cliff with portrait of older guardian. CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images. We now have well over a thousand members of our closed Facebook group. In applying to join, so many have said they've been communicating with nature spirits for a long time and want to know more, or want to get together with like-minded folks.

It's time for you to speak up!

What was your reaction when you first understood you were actually communicating with...something? What are some memorable experiences you've had since? 

I'll start the dialogue with my story.

Guardian Over Time

It has really helped me adjust to the reality of nature spirits by focusing on taking their photos. Hard to deny something that is occurring so clearly and frequently!

My photography has enabled me to study and explore this topic. First in the field - and then back home, when I pull up the image on the computer. Here are some comparative photos that have helped me understand time and matter from the perspective of this other dimension.

I have visited the Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois some four times, over the years. I've made friends during that time with the Guardian of Place of a very beautiful, intimate canyon. It is through my conversations with him, and the photographic records he has guided me to take, that I have learned a bit more about the intelligences working with nature. Just a bit - there's a whole world there to learn about. 

He explained to me his story, which I have described in Guardian of Place Tells His Story and produced a video about - A Love Story Told in Stone.

It intrigues me how personal and individual this Guardian is. He is a passionate artist and a wise protector of the life forms in his small domain. He showed me an image he had carved depicting himself when he was young - all warm reds, oranges. He is smiling, optimistic, and has been enjoying young love. Until his thirst for spiritual knowledge took him on a quest.

"Younger" Self Portrait"Younger" Self PortraitFull story mural of Guardian of Place when young, and the woman who loved him over the years, from youth to old age. CLICK HERE to read the story behind these images. In his youth, he has broad cheeks, a curly tuft of hair peaking out under a simple artist's cap, and a dream of self-mastery seen in the cobra-shaped image (as in Far East Indian sculptures of realized souls) that he wears as a garnish to his hat.

Much later in life, having succeeded in his quest, he appears in a north-facing cliff in blue grey stone, overseeing his domain. His cheeks are still broad but his eyes have the sadness that comes with being a leader who has faced trials and continued on. Instead of a cap he now wears a crown with a bushy tree replacing the cobra, indicating his mastery of nature.

I frequently return to my photos of this canyon to contemplate its complexity, and my conversations with its guardian. My visits are profoundly a part of my understanding of this other dimension that lives parallel to and intersects with our own.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods guardian of place Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Tue, 08 Jun 2021 11:08:45 GMT
Dancing Azalea This colorful, ornate azalea blossom is dancing in the warm sun! Dancing AzaleaDancing AzaleaThis ornate azalea blossom is dancing in the sun!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy azalea everything is energy flower spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sat, 05 Jun 2021 10:09:44 GMT
Lagoon Gateway to the Spirit Realms Willow Tree Close UpWillow Tree Close UpClose up of willow tree. This willow tree is a gateway between the nature spirit and the physical realms. It serves as the entry point through which a whole community of life forms come and go to do their assigned tasks for this area of the Indiana Dunes.

The nature realm has chosen to develop natural technologies while humans have focused on machines. So think of this tree as the nature realm's version of a human door operated by sophisticated computer coding. In our world, it might be a fingerprint or eye scan. In the nature realm, each authorized individual has registered their specific frequency, with the many users represented visually on the tree's bark. These images are layered, much like computer codes residing inside a small keypad.

This beautiful old willow tree lives next to the lagoon at Marquette Beach. Should anything happen to the tree, the spirit beings would simply set up and relocate to another doorway. The Dunes border Lake Michigan and are very popular with people for renewing their health and relaxing. Humans and nature put in a lot of effort to keep the Dunes healthy and beautiful!

Willow Tree at Marquette ParkWillow Tree at Marquette ParkWillow tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes.

You see here many different beings with different responsibilities who use this willow tree as their door. Or as we humans sometimes call it, as their "portal between dimensions." The beings match their frequency to that of the portal, and pass through. I requested entrance, to see where it is they come from, and they very kindly allowed me to adjust my frequency and psychically walk through.

Willow Tree imagesWillow Tree imagesSignature images in willow tree.

Maiden in Willow TreeMaiden in Willow TreeThis lovely maiden oversees the plants in this area of Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes. These spirits live in a lovely, busy nature spirit village where a lot of different nature beings are hard at work maintaining the vibrant energy of the Dunes. There is the outline of a nature spirit city with tall buildings in the distance.

Handsome Young Man in WillowHandsome Young Man in WillowThe handsome young man is the consort for the Lady, seen higher in the tree. He works on the general health of the land spirits in this area. I've subsequently had several conversations with these life forms, asking them to explain their responsibilities. I'll share the essence of some of these conversations here.

Nature Spirits on Backside of the WillowNature Spirits on Backside of the WillowThese nature spirits are in charge of clearing out the energetic debris of this area. Sharing is possible because I took many photographs of the area and, back home, adjusted them on my computer to even out the very bright midday shadows/sun, then sat with the images and moved into a frequency identification. A way of working familiar to most energy workers, and something everyone can learn with a little practice.

Willow trees are flowy, gentle, ornate, delicate and known passageways between worlds. Humans see this as between life and death and willow trees often figure on human funereal art. Willows also offer gentle access to the nature spirit realms and the images here follow that template. The images here are very 1920s art deco in style, which was a popular time when the Dunes were being explored by city folk and the willow tree was young and setting up shop. To assist, I include very rough diagrams at the bottom of this article. If you click on an image, it will enlarge for your closer examination.

Description of the Signature Images

There are many many images in this tree - e.g. many signatures to open the doors. Many times when looking at these photos, I will see different profiles in the same area, as though I am looking at a different frequency level/entry code. Try it yourself! Here are some of the major beings:

Diagram of Figures on Front of the WillowDiagram of Figures on Front of the WillowThis diagram shows some of the many signature images on this willow tree. They are overlaid here. The figures morph one into another, like the layering of computer codes to enter on a small entry door keypad. Large Horned Elves. They are the nature beings in overall charge of this area of the park. There are several of them, visible in the right side trunk, looking in various directions.  

Gnome in Tall Hat. He emerges from the ground just left of the handsome young man. He showed me himself hard at work caring for the earth of that area, moving along and making sure all the little grubs, ants, earthworms and such were keeping the lawns well aerated.

Romantic Art Deco Couple, seen in chiseled side profiles. The lady is high on a limb and the man is at root level. They are covering the range of frequencies in this area. The female is focused more on the water area and the male on the land. They help to gentle the energies of both the land and the humans who come to visit. They offer a combined, detached love to all.

Diagram of Figures on Backside of WillowDiagram of Figures on Backside of WillowThis is a rough diagram of some of the figures on the backside of the willow tree. The Garbage Collectors. On the opposite side of the trunk are two beings whose job is to suck in and remove negative energies from the area. They are like vacuum cleaners of that frequency. The other life forms are loosening up and enriching the energy. These two beings are the garbage collectors - they suck in the negative energies that are being released; this is their food, it keeps them healthy and it keeps the area clean. They are part of the reason why people will come here, relax, and feel their stress and worries gently disappear.  

This interaction between the nature beings, nature and humans happens everywhere. It is why it is always so important to incorporate nature into every architectural setting. Doing so allows the opportunity for nature to freely perform its tasks in maintaining the health of our planet.

Again, I want to emphasize that the nature realm is every bit as evolved and sophisticated as our human realm. The difference is that they have been working to develop the fine points of nature energy where humans have chosen to develop the abilities of artificial intelligence and machines.

Posting Changes for 2021

I had set myself the goal, from mid-May 2020 to mid-May 2021, to do a photo posting about nature spirits every day (with a few breaks). Mission accomplished. There is now a data base of over 600 photos on this site, showing the reality of the nature spirit realm and the wide variety of beings who live there.

This year, I will be focusing on fewer postings per week and will be expanding the types of information I will be providing about nature spirits. 

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy gateway Indiana Dunes Marquette Park Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography portal tree spirit willow tree Thu, 03 Jun 2021 11:52:57 GMT
Twelve Tips on How to Photograph Nature Spirits Happy Dog!Happy Dog! Do you want to go out and photograph the nature spirits? Here's a fact sheet to help you get started.

These are tips I'll help you understand in detail, at my upcoming Zoom lecture and workshop at the American Society of Dowsers' 61st Annual Convention, June 9-13.

It's on Zoom. That means wherever you are in the world - you can participate!

Head over to to sign up. A conference pass gives you access to an entire weekend of fascinating lectures on various dowsing/energy work topics, including my lecture on dowsing and nature spirits. The workshops - 3 hours long - are a separate fee on a separate day.

Twelve Tips

  1. Be clear why you want to do this. It should be for a positive purpose; the nature spirits can see intent and that determines whether they will cooperate with you

  2. Make friends with your camera and cell phone, and ask them to assist you in getting that shot.

  3. Salute the nature spirits at the start of your outing, let them know what you are looking to do, and that you would like to take photos of any spirits willing to participate.

  4. Keep your energy relaxed and be willing to follow wherever you feel you are receiving an invitation. It might be along a path, it might be across a field.

  5. Sometimes you will want to just start right there. Other times you may feel the need to first survey the area and then be guided to a location that might be a distance from your start.

  6. When you arrive at the spot you have been led to, take time to adjust to what it is they want you to see. It might be in another frequency, and you have to shift to find it. Sometimes you may not see anything, but take the photos anyway; you may discover the reason once you look at the image on your computer.

  7. Once a tree or rock starts to manifest images, it will proceed to develop this craft. Look all around the tree/rock to see what else has been manifested. Sometimes you will find that trees/rocks have images crafted by beings external to that object.

  8. Take the time to work your subject. You are doing an energetic study and you want to get to know your subject. You are also working with your camera to get the best lighting, focus, stability, angle. Remember – the images are only pixels and you are looking for the best, discarding the rest!

  9. Be sure to take a scene setting image and then close ups. As a rule, don’t get too close a shot as people need to see the life form in its setting. Unless you are doing a closeup portrait. Be sure to catalog your images as to where you shot them and the date. All this becomes proof of your success.

  10. Photographing trees is best on a cloudy day. Photographing rocks is best c noon on a sunny day.

  11. Download and study the images. It is best to do this on a large computer screen as some images can be very small. Use a photo program to adjust clarity and contrast, so your subject is seen to its best, and as you saw it in person. Honor it like you would a photographic study of a person

  12. Avoid pareidolia. This is the tendency of newbies to see a form in a random pattern. Especially an issue on a sunny day with lots of foliage around.

Once you've taken your nature spirit photographs - Join us and share, on our closed Facebook group – Nature Spirits Around the World. 



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy dowsers everything is energy interdimensional Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sat, 29 May 2021 21:10:15 GMT
Prairie Storm An on-coming storm is sweeping over the Indiana prairie, the awesome play of light and dark dominating the small manifestations of humanity that rest so delicately on earth’s surface. Prairie StormPrairie Storm

The Human Aura

As a transplanted East Coast city dweller, I originally felt uncomfortable with the vast open views the prairie states provide. There is often nothing in the way of unobstructed views of grass and sky that can go on for fifty miles and more. East Coasters are used to hills and valleys, vales and groves where you can hide or others be hidden. We keep our auras pulled in as shells of protection while passing hundreds of people on the sidewalks of canyoned city streets.

I wasn't consciously aware of this difference until one day, sometime after moving to the Midwest, I was driving along Rte 90 through fields of summer crops. Suddenly I felt this vibrating in my body and then a small explosion of energy. My auric field had burst its city shell and expanded from one edge of the prairie horizon to the other. Such an amazing feeling of freedom to just grow and be!

Large fields of varied-colored crops are punctuated by - perspective wise - tiny buildings housing the land's stewards. Nature rules here and people are in service to its whims. 

Awesome cloud formations and rapidly shifting cloud shadows signal on-coming storms. It is Nature the Artist on display!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Indiana Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography prairie storm Fri, 28 May 2021 11:25:08 GMT
Happiness in Just Being Here are some nature spirits who are happy just...being! They are life forms who have chosen to live in joy.

Happy Prairie DogHappy Prairie DogThis is a tree spirit shaped like a happy prairie dog. Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

These folks are not the obvious leaders of the nature world, who like our human leaders have more than enough worries.

But they are leaders in their own way, showing us how to have joy in life itself.

Enjoy submerging into their happy vibes…then click here on  “Can’t Stop That Feeling.” to head over to YouTube and hear Justin Timberlake take us on a troll-inspired journey about the happiness of just being!

Crepe Myrtle ClownCrepe Myrtle Clown Cypress SmileCypress Smile




Three FriendsThree Friends Magnolia Smile Close Up | Atala ToyMagnolia Smile Close Up





(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy happiness Justin Timberlake Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 26 May 2021 11:56:19 GMT
Brit in Hyacinths Brit in HyacinthsBrit in Hyacinths A very distinguished British looking nature spirit, with elaborate mustache, beard and sideburns, makes his home in the roots of this white birch. He is enjoying the beauty of grape hyacinths on a warm Spring day. This small area is very powerful in energy. I wonder what types of beings, and why, gather in the well-worn earthen areas on either side of his presence...Chicago Botanic Garden.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chicago Botanic Garden everything is energy hyacinths Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit white birch trees Mon, 24 May 2021 11:25:42 GMT
Tree Spirits at Sunset Park Tree Spirits at Sunset WoodsTree Spirits at Sunset Woods The trees at Sunset Woods have marvelous above ground root systems - most likely due to compacted clay soil. But this also gives the trees and nature spirits an active canvas for play. Here's a pronounced root system- is it somebody sticking out their tongue...or a floating ghost with short stubby arms? Notice the face in the trunk above.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sunset Woods Park tree spirit Sat, 22 May 2021 10:40:08 GMT
Faces in the Falls There is a nature spirit ready to say hello, wherever in these waterfall stones you pause. This favorite stop of mine - and thousands of others - is the lovely waterfall near the Zen Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden. Waterfall by the Zen GardenWaterfall by the Zen GardenThis waterfall pleases people all year round, at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It lives near the Zen Garden. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

This waterfall was constructed by humans for the sole purpose of delighting all with sound, smell, color, flow. It has achieved its purpose so well that the rocks of the waterfall have evolved into distinct and unique personalities. Over the years, many kinds of nature spirits have manifested their energies here. It is a stellar opportunity for nature and humans to happily interact. Faces in the FallsFaces in the FallsThere are so many nature spirits shown here, it's a delight anywhere you look! Chicago Botanic Garden. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

Chiseled Face in the WaterfallChiseled Face in the WaterfallThis handsome rock spirit lives at the Zen Garden waterfall, Chicago Botanic Garden. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image These are three of the photos I've taken of this site over the years. There are so many nature spirits visible that instead of graphing them for you, I just suggest you pause and look. 

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chicago Botanic Garden everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit waterfalls Fri, 21 May 2021 11:01:25 GMT
Woodpecker in Spring Phlox It's Spring Phlox time in the prairie states with cascades tumbling down woodland hillsides. Here's a fallen log shaped like a woodpecker, enjoying the sun, the scent and the sheer beauty of being.

One of my delights about retiring from "official work" is that I now get to "work" with Lightroom and Photoshop every day. I'm revisiting raw photos I've taken over the years....and honoring my long-time focus on accurate nature spirit photography with more refined presentations. This is one of my favorite photos from an outing my Mayslake Nature Study and Photography Club took to Black Partridge Woods Nature Preserve, several years back. Such a content fellow!

Woodpecker in Spring Phlox | Atala Toy Nature Spirit PhotographyWoodpecker in Spring PhloxThis woodpecker is happily playing in a field of wild spring phlox. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Black Partridge Woods everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography phlox tree spirit woodpecker Wed, 19 May 2021 11:53:35 GMT
Deva of the Frogs deva of frogsDeva of the Frogs I am told by the nature spirits that we are honored to be looking at the local Deva of the Frogs. This is her marker tree; it is situated at the edge of undeveloped woods that house a swampy area with a stream. 

This lady is the nature spirit charged with the protection of the small animals of this area - the frogs, salamanders and other small beings.

As this is quite complex, I have graphed the figure for you (below). She is wearing a tall headdress and is winged. She is quite buxom but demure, with a high lace collar, a cinched waist. She is mostly emerged from spirit to manifest in this world right now. But she is at a 3/4 angle, her sleeved right arm and leg showing. She is one of the three fingered/toed beings. She is riding her steed, a frog. 

Both these beings are smiling. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the world of newts, frogs, salamanders and the like, this deva is beautiful.

This is her marker tree. It is where she has anchored her consciousness, from which her energetic net of responsibility builds out. Anything occurring anywhere in this net notifies her consciousness, no matter where she is at the time, and she will manifest instantly at the needed location.

This deva works at the Morton Arboretum.

The Photography Aspect of the Scene

Deva of the Frogs - GraphedDeva of the Frogs - Graphed On a side note: this is a situation where it is wonderful to be working with a photo program (Adobe) on a large screen, and spend time photographing from many angles. While there, I saw only the heads of the deva and the frog, and this shot was part of my scene recording of the site. It was only while I was sitting with the image on screen - taken by my trusty Nikon D850 - that the more subtle aspects began to come forward. 

Identifying with the world of the small forest beings is a new frequency for me. I am delighted to have been granted access to photograph this deva.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 18 May 2021 11:09:15 GMT
Two Day Workshop in Nature Spirit Photography Indian HeadIndian HeadAn Indian head at the base of a tree in a local park in the Midwest. This week end - Sat May 22 - I'm offering my "Sayonara" nature spirit photography workshop in the Midwest. I am doing it up royally for all those interested in learning how to pursue this type of photography for themselves. It will be a two-day event. The workshop is sponsored by Infinity Foundation, Highland Park, Illinois.

Two Days of Learning!

The first day - Saturday - I'll take you out "in the field" and show you how to find and photograph nature spirits. You have the option to stay on after the official end of the workshop and continue your explorations. I promise you will run out of energy before you run out of photo opportunities!

I suggest you bring a picnic lunch and treat yourself to a full day of photography experimentation. There are numerous picnic tables at the site and very clean, open restrooms.

The second session - Saturday, June 5 - we'll meet by Zoom and discuss the photos you took. I'll provide you with a Zoom link, and you can send 3 to 5 photos for us to review.

Head over to Infinity Foundation and sign up for Nature Spirit Field Trip & Photo Review  We'll meet at Infinity then head out. Bring a camera or cell phone, wear good walking shoes, bring water.

A Successful Nature Spirit Photograph

Content SpiritContent SpiritA content nature spirit peers out from a tree burl.

Guardians of a Tree PortalGuardians of a Tree PortalThis portal is very large and must lead into someplace very interesting. Thus there are multiple portal guardians, some figures inside other figures. This July, I move East - to Pennsylvania - and eventually will be teaching from that area. It's been wonderful meeting so many folks, in my Midwest classes. I greatly value the friendships I've made here.

Successful nature spirit photographs rely on a number of factors, ranging from the ability to shift your consciousness to other frequencies, listening, and doing a patient photographic study of your subject. Like all energy work, it is easiest to transfer these abilities in person. So we'll review and practice all these factors and I'll teach you my own photographic processes.

We will be visiting a special site that a colleague, Maggie Calder, took me to many many years ago, feeling I would enjoy its very strong earth energy. She was right! I have been visiting this site occasionally ever since our visit long ago. Many of you in this area will remember Maggie. She now travels the world as a spiritual teacher, based sometimes in the Far East and sometimes in Victoria, BC.

I was at this workshop site this past Sunday, in an area I had not yet explored, and was so impressed by the sheer number of trees with distinct personalities. Shown here are a few I made friends with. Fat CatFat CatImage of a content fat cat, in the root of a tree.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 17 May 2021 10:03:20 GMT
Kindness of Community KindnessKindness White Birch trees are gentle beings, kind and nurturing with a love of community.

I always enjoy visiting with this stand of birch, admiring how they surround and embrace the one "odd man out" of the group - a distinctly singular dark-colored white birch.

The other trees surround him with love, gentleness and acceptance.

Uniqueness is Respected

The rest of the birch live in clusters - communities where each is distinct yet unique. He stands in grey aloneness and yet is part of the same species and takes part in the same curving dance. He is just more unique than the rest, and that is alright with the group!

This stand is just outside the Regenstein Center, Chicago Botanic Garden.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chicago Botanic Garden everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Regenstein Center tree spirit white birch trees Sat, 15 May 2021 11:59:55 GMT
Spirit Tree with Masked Elves Many of us feel our spirit guides protecting and helping us. Some of us can see and commune with them. Sometimes, no matter how strongly we feel the connection, we question the validity of our inner feelings. Me, too.  Close up of Nature Spirit ImagesClose up of Nature Spirit ImagesClose up of the nature spirit images in the honey locust tree. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

That's why, when some of my guides requested I photograph and study the beautiful honey locust that lives in my front yard, I was curious as to the reason. What an eye opener this exercise was.

There were images of some of the life forms who have conversed with me over the years. It was good to meet them "in person." This experience has taught me that trees are indeed residents of the three worlds - upper, earth and inner earth. They therefore can be translators and pathways between these worlds. The images in their trunks can be signatures of the beings who utilize that tree as their road between dimensions.

A tree species qualities can also be a determining factor in what is occurring. This is a honey locust - its species energy is that of beauty, tolerance and protection. It is well suited to contain and ground these cooperative energies who are a part of my world. 

I've roughly graphed out the images present in this tree. To me, they are a wonderful gift enabling me to see in physical form some of the beings in my world, and a reassurance that these communications are valid and not imagination. A useful confirmation for the tough times when this is needed.

Masked Wood Elves

The masked wood elves are wise warrior leaders. I have photographed them in many locations. They are very tall, have pointed elf ears, wear hoods that are feather-like in construction, and have curved masks that partially cover their faces.

Nature Spirits GraphedNature Spirits GraphedHere are most of the nature spirit images in the tree. They overlap and intertwine; images are graphed in different colors, for clarity. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image The two shown here are unusual in that their masks extend down to just above their mouths. Most of the other masked elves I've photographed have masks just over their eyes.

Masked ElfMasked ElfA very large masked elf predominates energetically. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image There are two masked elves here. One is very large (white pencil) and serious; his energy field merges with that of several of the other beings. One is much smaller (green pencil), is older and a very happy person.


There is a sweet feminine angel here (blue pencil) with very very large wings encompassing all the other beings. She has a very lovely, kind, smiling face.

There are specific and different energy qualities in each of her wings. On the left ifs a hooded monk or hermit (lavender). On the right is a buffalo spirit (lavender) guarding a portal/gateway. Buffalo spirit is sacred to the Native Americans, a very strong element in my incarnational history; the monk hermit energy is my personal orientation in this life. The angel is protecting and working with these energies. Angel in honey locustAngel in honey locustAn angel, with very large wings. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Nature spirits in honey locustNature spirits in honey locustEach angel wing has an energy; on the left, a long-haired hermit; on the right, a buffalo spirit. In the middle, a small happy old masked elf. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

ScanningScanningThis is a happy masked wood elf half in the nature spirit world and half in ours, his arm and shoulder coming forward. He is perpetually scanning what is going on; there are four positions of his face, far left to far right, one merging into the other and graphed here in different colors. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Protector

There is, below these beings, a strong protector energy. (pinks, reds, oranges and yellows). This is a smiling being who lives half in the spirit world and half in our physical world; one of his arms and shoulder are emerging from the nature spirit realm, the rest is still there. He is perpetually scanning the front of my house, and all the energies there; there are four faces that merge one into the other, going from far left (pink), front (orange), right (yellow) and far right (red).

And here is a long view of the tree.

Spirit TreeSpirit TreeView of honey locust. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) angels Atala Toy buffalo spirit everything is energy honey locust masked elf Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 14 May 2021 10:25:31 GMT
Mona Lisa Poppy Anemone Mona Lisa Poppy AnemoneMona Lisa Poppy AnemoneThis lovely flower measures 4" diameter. It has a long name - the Mona Lisa White Wine Bicolor Poppy Anemone! She is, indeed, as mysteriously beautiful as the Mona Lisa! She lives at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image This lovely flower measures 4" diameter. She has a long name - the Mona Lisa White Wine Bicolor Poppy Anemone! She is, indeed, as mysteriously beautiful as the Mona Lisa! She lives at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chcago Botanic Gardens everything is energy flower spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography poppy anemone Wed, 12 May 2021 11:23:32 GMT
Ent of Hoh Rainforest Ent of Hoh RainforestEnt of Hoh RainforestThis huge Ent (wood being) lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image This huge tree spirit could be one of the Ents in Tolkien's writings! He lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest, Forks, Washington State.

The Ents are tree beings who protect the trees of an area. These beings resemble the trees they protect. They are talked about in folk traditions around the world.

I was thrilled to meet one!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Ent everything is energy Hoh Rainforest Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Washington State Tue, 11 May 2021 11:27:46 GMT
Forest Spirit - Hoh Rainforest Bearded Forest SpiritBearded Forest SpiritClose up of a Hoh Rainforest spirit. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image This forest spirit lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.

He kinda reminds me of Cat in the Hat, with the series of moss-covered branches rising up into the forest canopy. Forest SpiritForest SpiritThis forest spirit lives in the magical Hoh Rainforest, Washington State. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Hoh Rainforest Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 10 May 2021 11:19:49 GMT
St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock St Catherine's Chapel on the Rock is a scenic beauty located near Estes Park, Colorado. This active-use Catholic chapel is situated at a powerfully energetic location. Across the street, interdimensional sculptors have honored the Catholic tradition. 

 Late days at the chapel are highlighted by the sunset light streaming through the church windows. St Catherine's Chapel on the RockSt Catherine's Chapel on the RockCLICK HERE to read a story about this image

An honoring by interdimensional beings

Across the street is a large hill, featuring a statue of Christ look out over the desert in a blessing.

Monument HillMonument HillA Statue of the Christ looks out over the desert. Below are many rock spirits. They include a cloaked priest (left) and a woman saying prayers (right). CLICK HERE to read a story about this image The hill itself is filled with rock sculptures, some created by interdimensional artists specifically to honor the Christian tradition.

The two main Christian figures are in the center alcove area. They are: left, a cloaked priest holding the top of an incense psalter for purification. Right: an ordinary parishioner - a woman - head and hands raised in devotional prayer.

Elf ElderElf ElderCLICK HERE to read a story about this image At the front point of the hill, facing into the forest, is an elfin elder.

The glories of Photoshop

Thanks to the technical wonders of Photoshop, I was able to clone out the multiple electrical wires that pass so close to the hill that I couldn't shoot around them. The necessities of life in the country dictate their own needs! Just for accuracy, I am showing the original unedited raw images below.

Monument hill, uneditedMonument hill, uneditedCLICK HERE to read a story about this image Elf Elder, uneditedElf Elder, uneditedCLICK HERE to read a story about this image

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit St Catherine Chapel on the Rocks Sun, 09 May 2021 16:13:29 GMT
Weeping Mulberry Tree Mulberry SpiritMulberry SpiritCLICK HERE to read a story about this image Weeping Mulberry TreeWeeping Mulberry TreeCLICK HERE to read a story about this image Weeping mulberry trees have creative branch contortions that become more and more distinct with age.

This elder lives in happy protection at the well-tended Lilacia Park in Lombard, Illinois.

Every part of this tree is a delight in design, movement, and spirit. Here are some views in a study I did of this tree.

AdaptingAdaptingThis super long branch has twisted and turned in many ways. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Journey to the SunJourney to the SunMulberry limbs reaching up into the sky Snake and FriendsSnake and FriendsTree spirits in a weeping mulberry tree include a snake and friends. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Four EyesFour EyesFeel like you're being watched? CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Guppy EnergyGuppy EnergyThe energy of an enthusiastic guppy pervades this area of an elder weeping mulberry tree. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Lilacia Park Lombard Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit weeping mulberry Sat, 08 May 2021 10:23:56 GMT
Spring in the Heartland Spring in the HeartlandSpring in the HeartlandChurch spire in a landscape of tulips and trees. Lilacia Park, Lombard, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image It's been an amazing year for tulips - perfect conditions all around the Midwest. The lilacs are out, the tulips are still strong and the trees are budding open with the promise of new life, in this view of a white church spire. Lilacia Park, Lombard, Illinois

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) atala toy church spire everything is energy lilacia park lombard nature spirit nature spirit photography tree spirit tulips Thu, 06 May 2021 11:45:11 GMT
Self-Important Self-ImportantSelf-Important This tree always amuses me. He lives next to the intimate, beautiful Glen Ellis Falls, NH. He is a very non-descript tree and has a railing nailed into him, next to a stone stairway that ascends to a lookout. He clearly feels he is verrrryyyy important!

One eye is closed as though he doesn't care, but the other is wide open and watching the path. I suspect that long ago, before the rail was put in, he was a landing post for people descending the stairs and needing a stabile landing point. It appears he is actually concerned for these visitors, although he pretends otherwise.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Glen Ellis Falls NH Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 04 May 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Root Beast Guardian Log BeastLog BeastThis log beast protects the path leading from Clingman's Dome, Tennessee, to the trails below. He is friendly but watchful. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image Everyone needs to pass by this watchful root beast guardian when they take the forest trail down the mountain from the Clingman's Dome summit.

Like the Chinese dogs at a temple entrance, he is a protector energy. He alerts the many families of nature spirits below of who and what energy is entering their domain. Tennessee.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Clingman's Dome everything is energy log beast Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Tennessee tree spirit Mon, 03 May 2021 12:00:24 GMT
Enjoying the Sun Enjoying the SunEnjoying the SunIt's a good life at Garden of the Gods and this rock spirit is enjoying the sun. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image It's a good life at Garden of the Gods, Colorado. Lots of sun, lots of friends, lots of admiring visitors. This rock spirit and companion are enjoying just being!

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is an immense complex of majestic structures and hundreds of HooDoos. HooDoos are stone structures that have images in them. Pioneers named them that as they seemed so eerily alive and seemed almost VooDoo in nature.

Below is a front view of this HooDoo's home. She and her companion horse live on the back side of the rock island, facing the grand plaza. Camel RockCamel RockA long view of Camel Rock, from the entrance to Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. To me, this rock island also looks like a savoir faire world turtle, wearing a French beret, looking up eager to explore, with many different beings held inside his back/shell. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Colorado everything is energy Garden of the Gods Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sun, 02 May 2021 11:07:32 GMT
Tree on a Hill Tree on HillTree on HillTree on hill. CLICK HERE to read the full story This tree lives on a sloping hillside that leads down to the intimate Lake Marmo at Morton Arboretum. He has chosen to manifest, as images on his trunk, a number of the energies that have passed through his part of the world. 

These snapshots were taken at twilight - a time when the nature spirit frequency is closely aligned with our human one.

Friendly SpiritsFriendly SpiritsFriendly spirit face with loving heart above. CLICK HERE to read the full story Images include a watchful face with a heart above. (right)

He is expressing his love for all the many nature-oriented folks who stop for visits at the lake.

Portal Guardians

French ColonialFrench ColonialThe energy of an elegant French Colonial gentleman, with fancy headress and curled mustache. CLICK HERE to read the full story Close Up of French ColonialClose Up of French ColonialClose up of the elegant French colonial. CLICK HERE to read the full story There are a number of images around the base of his trunk. They are clustered around a portal opening. This opening is formed from a cut off limb; the cut created a tear in the tree's energetic integrity.

These life forms protect the portal opening. They remind me of energy of the beast in Beauty and the Beast and I have found this pairing in other trees on this property. They show two aspects of humans - their evolved gentleness and their beast-like nature.

Here one image is of a French Colonial gentleman, with a fancy headdress and a mustache. (Shown full figure and close up.)

Beast SpiritBeast SpiritAn elegant beast spirit. CLICK HERE to read the full story The other is of an elegant beast. (left)

On the backside of the tree is a magnificent large bird spirit, with a wonderful beak and ear-like plumes. Bird SpiritBird SpiritThis bird spirit has a fine pointed beak, head tuft and ear tufts. CLICK HERE to read the full story

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Sat, 01 May 2021 11:02:48 GMT
Contemplating Your Options Beings Not to Meet on a Dark Night....Beings Not to Meet on a Dark Night....Two very eery dark beings who are energetically counterpointed against an aspirational and dreamy Greenman. Must have been some interesting energetic exchanges in this part of the woods...CLICK HERE to read the full story This is a story of - what you focus on is what you experience.

These two dark ominous beings, right, overlook a path through a Preserve. I took the liberty to photographically enhance the eery energy I feel when focusing on them.

In this tree trunk, they are counterpointed against a very handsome Greenman - lower right in the photo and at the bottom of this blog. The Greenman is in a contemplative but open-eyed consciousness, looking up and over a nearby stream. I presented him in the natural light of the scene.

It's Your Personal Choice

Greenman of RyersonGreenman of RyersonThis Greenman lives in Ryerson Woods, Illinois. His throat chakra is wide open, as he speaks to the nature spirits – and humans! – in his area of the creek. His familiar animal watches from below. CLICK HERE for the image story. This old tree is near an isolated pioneer-era cottage. I can see its occupants standing by this tree, long ago, contemplating good times and bad, and pondering what actions are needed to survive and thrive. The universe was offering him/her various energetic options. Those energetic options became embedded in the tree and are still living there.

Today, if a visitor chooses to focus on the higher energies of a space - you will be visiting with the Greenman in this tree tableau. If you are feeling morose and disheartened - the darker energies will come forward.

The energetic story is - It is your free will choice as to what energies you associate with.  Consciousness is what makes the difference in what you relate to. Shift your own consciousness, and everything changes - the light, the options, the inspiration. You relate to different forces that co-habitate the same space.

Here is the old pioneer home, in its setting (with solar panels installed by the Park District). On the right center, by the stream and next to a modern day path, is this tree.

cottage in woodscottage in woods


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Thu, 29 Apr 2021 12:21:44 GMT
Redbud Time Sunset - Spring - a quiet lake - a mallard peacefully gliding - and a mirrored display of Redbuds in bloom. Life is Good!

Redbuds in SpringRedbuds in SpringA mallard glides gracefully through the waters of Lake Marmot, Illinois in early spring, when the Redbuds are in bloom. CLICK HERE for a story of this photo.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy mallard Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography redbuds Sunset on lake tree spirit Wed, 28 Apr 2021 10:54:46 GMT
Nature Spirits Log in Bluebells This compassionate log graces the woods at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL. Cascading down the hill around it is a carpet of bluebells.

Seeing with LoveSeeing with LoveThis nature spirit has a heart for an eye. All around are flowers but just below him, on a steep hill, is an earthen cubby - just right to protect a forest creature during winter. CLICK HERE for a story of this photo. Protection for Small Animals

In the middle of the fallen tree - its skeleton now the home for a variety of species - rests a somber but compassionate protective spirit. One eye is a well-defined heart.

Below him, on the downside of the hill, is the only bare spot around. Just perfect for a small forest animal to burrow in during winter storms. This is a protective spirit, offering love to the small animals of the area.


A Masked Wood Elf

Up the hill, the root of this tree is now shaped as a wood elf with a sharp nose, worthy of any of the fairy artist Freund's detailed drawings of the elf kingdom. He is also quite happy on this sunny day!

Long view of nature spirit logLong view of nature spirit logCLICK HERE for a story of this photo. Wood Elf in BluebellsWood Elf in BluebellsThis fine wood elf is enjoying the warm spring day and the bountiful bluebells! CLICK HERE for a story of this photo.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bluebells elves everything is energy hearts in trees LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 27 Apr 2021 16:44:20 GMT
Easy-Going Friends Easy-Going FriendsEasy-Going FriendsThese easy-going friends hang out near a popular stop at Morton Arboretum. They greet the cars as they pass by and walkers when they get out of the car. They are part of the reason why this stop is so relaxing. The lower fellow has a familiar parked over his right eye, who keeps an eye out for what coming from the path below. These easy-going friends hang out near a popular stop at Morton Arboretum. They greet the cars as they pass by and walkers when they get out of their cars. They are part of the reason why this stop is so relaxing - they radiate this relaxed energy out in all directions. The lower fellow has a familiar parked over his right eye, who keeps an eye out for what is approaching from the path below.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 26 Apr 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Willow Tree Spirits Willow Tree SpiritWillow Tree SpiritClose up of the trunk spirits of the willow tree, Japanese Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden Willow trees are an emotional species and very compassionate towards all. They are strong with the power that comes from gentleness. 

This tree is a featured landscape piece in the Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. People stop to admire it, photograph it, and absorb its gentle compassion.

There are a number of images here of its own tree spirit. That is - these are images of its own very powerful, gentle caring spirit.  (As versus the situation sometimes found where other nature beings are inhabiting the tree or have created art in the tree.)

In the Heart

The most powerful energy I felt when approaching this tree was a very strong caring heart. In the close up photo to the right, you can see the willow face. In the middle of the face is a smaller face. It is here that the heart energy so strongly resides. In the small face and in the small mouth of the larger face, just below it.

The tree as a whole shows a nature spirit with arms open wide, embracing all. This tree is clearly loved by the caretakers at the garden. It is very old and has seen its share of fallen limbs and remedial surgeries. But it still goes on, with dignity and love. 

Willow Tree SpiritWillow Tree SpiritA powerful willow tree in the Japanese Garden, Chicago Botanic Gardens.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Sun, 25 Apr 2021 12:14:53 GMT
Old Log, Nature Spirits and Bluebells It was a quiet reflective day for me yesterday. I felt called to sit with an old log who lives in a field of bluebells over at Morton Arboretum.

Bluebells and Love from the Spirit WorldBluebells and Love from the Spirit World This particular log root is a powerful statement piece and a much photographed motif for nature photographers, especially at bluebell time. 

I've always loved the images carved into it by nature spirits and it was time for me to simply sit and visit with them.

Here are three images from the series I took. On a nature spirit sculpture critique level it is very interesting. From a nature spirit manifestation level it also excels. (You can click on an image to see it full size.)

The Old Log and the PixieThe Old Log and the Pixie The Old Log and the DragonThe Old Log and the Dragon A Limited Canvas

Nature spirit artists are working with a limited canvas. They make the most of this space and many of their solutions have been explored by human artists as well.

It is very interesting to slowly walk around tableaus like this one. The images shift, morphing into other images on many levels - vertically, horizontally and dimensionally. That is, you can stand in the same spot and shift your inner dimensional focus - and a different spirit form will emerge and others will recede. You can also move about the object and see the images shift. 

Very often interdimensional artists will work with tree roots of fallen trees. This offers them a broad canvas free of necessary functions of the tree itself to survive. 

Love is Always the Story

In these three images, a predominant theme is love for all beings in all dimensions. A central image is a spirit specter with wide open eyes and whose mouth is a heart. Up and down around the trunk you can find a large mischievous pixie head and a very large dragon head.

In the physical realm, these are three extremes of realm, density, energy and size. But they are shown here as similar in size. This is a statement that their importance in nature is equally significant.

All are important and necessary.

There are numerous other spirit forms as well - explore for yourself!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bluebells everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Sat, 24 Apr 2021 12:08:35 GMT
Crazy Old Crone Here's a "crazy old crone" - kinda cranky looking - facing us directly - with her crazy familiar above her head. Familiars are the animus or energy supporting a being. So this being is old and cranky on the outside and crazy happy on the inside.

Crazy Old CroneCrazy Old CroneHere's a cranky old crone with her crazy familiar on top of her head.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Photography tree spirits Fri, 23 Apr 2021 11:38:36 GMT
Happy Earth Day from the Trees Sometimes it's good to look up! Here's a blessing for all who walk the path. From a grove of cypress surrounding a path through the woods.

Cypress trees signify the immortality of the soul. They are symbols of growth and resurrection. These trees are part of a powerful grove that meanders through the woods at Morton Arboretum.

On this special day - Earth Day - a heart full of good wishes from the trees.

Spruce HeartSpruce HeartSometimes it's good to look up. Here's a spirit heart blessing those who walk below on the path through a grove of giant spruce. CLICK HERE to read a story about this image.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy cypress trees Earth Day everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Thu, 22 Apr 2021 11:38:50 GMT
The Sophisticated Canvas of the London Plane Tree London Plane Tree FacesLondon Plane Tree FacesThis London Plane Tree has crafted a multitude of different faces on its tree bark canvas. He lives in Central Park, New York.City. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

It's Spring and life is in a playful mood - including this squirrel, who has been scampering about this dignified London Plane Tree in Central Park, NYC.

The dignified, bearded spirit facing right looks like an old grandpa who is just barely tolerating all that squirrel's youthful energy!

There are many spirit images in this London Plane Tree. This is a city tree species and they are quite good at creating multiple images on their personal canvas (their bark). These “canvases” can become complex, as seen here in this mature tree.

The sculpted, living-energy elder is facing right. Protecting his back is his familiar - a bird-energy spirit being with a pointed beak. Between these two stern protectors rest, facing us, two gentler energies. A pensive face, formed of parts of each of the stern beings, faces us. Below this trio rests a gentle image of a lady with long hair.

This tree has a very supple consciousness and while it is working with solid bark, it is still fluid enough to be giving a real-time eye to the squirrel who has been scrambling about him for some time! 

I've diagrammed these images for you, at the bottom of this blog.

A limited canvas

I very much enjoy photographing London Plane Trees, for they are trees of great character. The walkways in New York City’s Central Park are lined with them. They are good-natured, social trees with a good sense of humor that often has a city-dweller's sharp edge. It’s fun to visit with these trees – to come into resonance with them and to gradually merge into their own individual worlds. 

Having a limited canvas, as the London Plane Trees develop their personalities they grow very subtle images that have merged parts. The resulting complexity becomes highly artistic. The closest similarity in our human world might be the works of Picasso, during the period in which he was breaking with perspective and showed faces in profile and full frontal in the same space. 

Below are two diagrams of this tree, with the various images the tree spirit has drawn graphed out for you.

Central Park Gentleman - FrontCentral Park Gentleman - Front This tree lives is at the bottom of a hilly sweep of lawn where private school youth do daily sports. Showing you how personal each London Plane Tree is - look right at a tree who lives at the top of the sweep of lawn. This is a tough handsome New Yorker (can't you just see a cigar and a cryptic comment psychically emerging from the corner of his mouth!). I've written about him in my blog "Most Popular Nature Spirit Photos." An interesting sweep of the types of people who have populated this area of Manhattan over the years!

London Plane Tree History

London Plane Trees are a hybrid maple that was first popularized, in England, in the 1660s. They are excellent city trees, able to withstand drought, heavy pruning to configure to city demands – and yet offering back excellent pollution control. They have beautiful mottled bark on a thick trunk and they provide wonderful shade in the summer. Some large cities in Europe and the U.S.A. have stands or alleys of these trees. New York City has thousands lining its older streets and parks. Many have very visible personalities, as these friendly trees enjoy identifying with the life forms around them.
London Plane Tree Diagram 1London Plane Tree Diagram 1Here are some of the faces in this tree, which I've diagrammed.

London Plane Tree Diagram 2London Plane Tree Diagram 2Here is an overlapping face in the London Plane Tree, diagrammed.




(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Central Park everything is energy London Plane Tree Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 21 Apr 2021 10:30:00 GMT
Nipping at Your Heels Nipping at Your Heels - EvergreensNipping at Your Heels - Evergreens It doesn't matter what life form you are...some energies are universal. Like the energy of someone constantly nipping at your heels... 

Three Variations

This nipping might be from admiration tinged with jealousy (right), a long-running war between forces (bottom left) or a "Kiss my a.." sycophant (bottom tulips)

Battleground MemorialBattleground MemorialAt one time in our land's past, Native American tribes joined to fight off the Giants, who were cannibals. These trees are on one such site, and seem to memorialize the battle that took place there. Burlington, Wisconsin. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Nipping at Your Heels - TulipsNipping at Your Heels - Tulips

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Tue, 20 Apr 2021 10:17:14 GMT
Tulips in Profusion! Each spring this beautiful display of tulips, bluebells and grape hyacinth draw Geneva, Illinois locals to casually admire a local  homeowner's years of loving gardening. I love how the flowers intermix! Here are some of the sights we locals enjoy...

Tulips in GenevaTulips in GenevaTulips in private garden, Geneva, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the story Red TulipsRed TulipsRed tulips with bluebells. CLICK HERE to read the story Tulips and BluebellsTulips and BluebellsBluebells and tulips intermingle. CLICK HERE to read the story

Tulips by the FenceTulips by the FenceTulips by old fencepost. CLICK HERE to read the story And One EscapedAnd One EscapedTulips enclosed by a fence - and one escaped! CLICK HERE to read the story

Tulips in a FieldTulips in a FieldMiniature tulips and hyacinths intermingle. CLICK HERE to read the story Tulips and Grape HyacinthsTulips and Grape Hyacinths

Tulip BouquetTulip BouquetA living bouquet of spring flowers. CLICK HERE to read the story







(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bluebells everything is energy Geneva IL grape hyacinths Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit tulips Mon, 19 Apr 2021 10:45:49 GMT
A Prayer and a Scream Some aspects of a being's personality are there from the start. Take these two Bloodroots. They are growing within a few inches of each other - and yet their attitude to their lives are totally different. 

A Prayer and a ScreamA Prayer and a Scream

The budding Bloodroot on the left is all in the heart and is taking the blossoming of his life in a prayerful manner. He is at peace.

The budding Bloodroot on the right in all in the head and is freaking out at all the problems he is certain to be facing in his life!

I discovered these two ephemerals along a path through the Morton Arboretum woods. Their emotions - especially the little fellow all in a tither - were so strong that they drew my attention. Even the colors of the developing leaves are different on each, the prayerful fellow a nice solid green and the frightened fellow a pale yellow green.

I spent some time photographing these two then continued on my walk. When I returned later, I found the heart-centered lad was blossoming confidently while the all-in-the-head lad was still hiding away inside his leafy home.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bloodroot everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Sun, 18 Apr 2021 10:42:49 GMT
Storm Clouds at the Indiana Dunes Storm clouds may fill the sky high above but all is peaceful on the Lake - at the Indiana Dunes.

Early Spring at the Indiana DunesEarly Spring at the Indiana DunesStorm clouds highlight a tree at the Indiana Dunes. CLICK HERE to read the story

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Indiana Dunes Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirits Fri, 16 Apr 2021 11:04:09 GMT
Bluebells in the Forest Bluebells and the Tree SpiritBluebells and the Tree SpiritWoods filled with carpets of bluebells herald the arrival of warm weather. This old tree spirit is enjoying their gentle energy! Bluebells embody the energies of humility and gratitude They appear every Spring, spreading gently and steadily; they thus represent constancy and everlasting love. CLICK HERE to read the story If you're lucky, you come upon one of the Spring blankets of bluebells that spread through the woods of the Midwest. 

I especially enjoy the gentleness of this scene to the right. A somber old tree spirit gently relaxes in the innocent joy of the young flower spirits who surround him.

Here are some other favorite bluebell scenes.

Bluebells in the ForestBluebells in the ForestCarpets of bluebells fill the Illinois Spring woods. Bluebells embody the energies of humility and gratitude They appear every Spring, spreading gently and steadily; they thus represent constancy and everlasting love. CLICK HERE to read the story

Bluebells in the SunBluebells in the SunLate afternoon sun shines on a woodland blanket of bluebells. CLICK HERE to read the story Bluebells by a FenceBluebells by a FenceBluebells thrive in country settings, carpeting the woods with soft blues and heralding the start of the warm Summer months. Here they grow by an old country fence. Bluebells embody the energies of humility and gratitude They appear every Spring, spreading gently and steadily; they thus represent constancy and everlasting love. CLICK HERE to read the story Bluebells Up CloseBluebells Up CloseBluebells embody the energies of humility and gratitude. They appear every Spring, spreading gently and steadily; they thus represent constancy and everlasting love. CLICK HERE to read the story

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bluebells everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Thu, 15 Apr 2021 12:10:33 GMT
Greeting the Morning Sun Greeting the Morning SunGreeting the Morning SunPink Magnolia, greeting the morning sun. Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read the story Pink Magnolia, greeting the morning sun. Morton Arboretum.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography pink magnolia plant spirit Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Magnolia Trio Pink Magnolia Blossoms. Morton Arboretum.

Magnolia TrioMagnolia TrioPink Magnolia trio, Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read the story

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography pink magnolia plant spirit Tue, 13 Apr 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Pink Magnolia Dancing in the Spring breeze, the early magnolias are in full flower.

Pink MagnoliaPink MagnoliaThe heart of a pink magnolia blossom. CLICK HERE to read the story

This graceful magnolia blossom is at Morton Arboretum.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography pink magnolia plant spirit Mon, 12 Apr 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Blue Poppies Himalayan Blue Poppies.

Blue Poppy TrioBlue Poppy TrioHimalayan Blue Poppies. The essence of spiritual lineage. To fulfil our potential in this lifetime, we need to build on strengths gained in the past. Furthers insight and psychic skills.

These gorgeous, rare flowers originated in the Himalayas and have been on exhibit in the greenhouses at Longwood Gardens, PA. Metaphysically they are very Eastern, representing "The essence of spiritual lineage. To fulfil our potential in this lifetime, we need to build on strengths gained in the past...This is the essence for the spiritual warrior, the person dedicated to being "valiant for Truth". The more we can understand about this wonderful universe and about our own purpose in life, the more fulfilled we will become and the more we will be able to help others." (Courtesy of Yorkshire Flower Essences)

To me, this trio is exceptionally significant. We all have our passages through life and mine right now is designing my own active retirement world. This world took on a significant energetic twist when I decided to join the Quaker-based retirement community where my college roommate and her husband are enthusiastically living.

I was down checking out my soon-to-be home and Diana and Paul wanted to show me the blue poppy exhibit at the 5-minutes-away exquisite Longwood Gardens - every nature photographer's dream location for great photos!

This Blue Poppy trio especially attracted my attention. It seemed to represent the energy of our little group - one poppy leading the way, one poppy following along and a third poppy on high alert, protecting our backs.

And I must say, I do believe each of our little trio has fulfilled the essence of the blue poppy. From our Quaker college roots at Swarthmore, Diana went on to a career championing human rights and inter-religious concerns, Paul went on to achieve renown with DuPont in engineering, and I went on to a career in the metaphysical.

Here's to all the Blue Poppies in our world, spiritual warriors who have dedicated their lives to service in one way or another....

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Himalayan Blue Pooppy Longwood Gardens Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Sun, 11 Apr 2021 10:35:11 GMT
A Face of Many Moods Come PlayCome Play In that magical separating line between worlds - that place where two energies come together - in that line between prairie and forest - I found this spirit living in an old tree stump.

The Scream - or An Invitation?

He has many moods inside him...Is this Munch's The Scream in tree form, crying against his own existence? Is it a friendly tree spirit asking some birds to come nest? Is it a spirit cat, looking for a tasty, if psychic, meal of an unwary bird?

Is it all these emotions - just like humans have, mixed together inside themselves? Or is this just an old tree stump with a few holes in it?

What do you see?

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 09 Apr 2021 09:46:26 GMT
Find the Happy Smile... Find the Happy SmileFind the Happy SmileCan you find the tiny flower with the happy smile? Or maybe even two happy smilers? Can you find the little "dried flower" smiling happily amongst his friends? Or maybe even two of them... How long did it take you to find him/them?

Pretty Dead Things

I guess this counts as one of those Pretty Dead Things folks have been photographing this year! Although this little fellow is definitely still alive, and enjoying the Spring sun with the rest of his community!

I discovered him on a lazy photo saunter through the divide of prairie and woods that prevail in my area of the Midwest. Last year's flowers had by now weathered to their essentials. The freezing blue greys of winter were transforming into the warm grey browns brought on by Spring's dampness and warmth.

I was attracted to this flower collective, with its dozens of starry petals framing little textured globes. They looked so happy, blowing gently in the breeze. Then, up close, my eyes were drawn to one very happy flower spirit, tiny as can be, enjoying being surrounded by friends and sun. 

Happiness comes in many sizes...

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant pretty dead things spirit Wed, 07 Apr 2021 10:15:29 GMT
Adapting to the Thorns AdaptingAdaptingThis miniscule tendril grew nicely by wending its way around the sharp spikes of its environment - and became an object of graceful beauty. We've all been constantly adapting this past year. Our adjustments have often been complex...

...but they have produced their own kind of unexpected beauty...

A Thorny World this miniscule tendril who adapted over and over, adjusting to where the universe placed it by moving about the sharp thorns of a woodland plant. The result is a woodland sculpture of ornate beauty. 

When we slow down - a situation this past year forced on many of us - and really, really look - then it is a marvel at how the will to survive brings its own style of beauty.

In order to survive, this small vine had to grow by winding its way around multiple obstacles. The beauty inherent in the journey itself are solidified for us all to admire.

Beauty comes in all sizes. Lovely to see the life's journey of this small plant solidified in this 1" wood sculpture, counterpointed against its environment's new Spring green.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Tue, 06 Apr 2021 10:34:32 GMT
It's Spring on the Prairie! DaffodilsDaffodilsDaffodils are a symbol of rebirth and the emergence of new life. A perennial spring flower, daffodil asks you to work on your inner beauty and to find outlets for your creative energy. Yeah! The daffodils are dancing in profusion. It's really Spring in the Prairie States! Here's our celebration of the joy we are all feeling to get outside in the warm spring sun!


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy daffodils everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Mon, 05 Apr 2021 10:05:07 GMT
I Know a Place Where the Wild Thyme Blows Two of my favorite nature spirits - the Greenman of Geneva, IL and the Wood Elf Beauty of Conway, NH. I thought they'd make a nice couple, so I arranged for them to meet, if only in my art photography...

Greenman and the Wood ElfGreenman and the Wood ElfTwo of my favorite nature spirits...I felt they should meet, so I brought them together...

Which do you like?

Dear readers - which of these three images of the wood elf beauty (below) do you like best?

I wanted to highlight her natural, wise beauty and worked with the background of my portrait study in three ways - natural, with sunlight and with feminine pink.

She is one of the leaders of the wood elves but when I tried to call her a princess, she objected. The wood elves don't work that way, she explained. She is simply a member of a leading family in her community.

This wise wood elf beauty lives in an old maple tree and she faces an elegant 19th century white wood farm house. She intrigues me for her gentle beauty and soft demeanor.

Wood Elf Beauty in PinkWood Elf Beauty in PinkThis lovely wood elf beauty is dressed in the pink dawn light of the forest. She lives in an ancient tree located on an historic Colonial farmstead in Conway, NH. She is one of many elementals who keep the energy of the countryside healthy and prosperous. The elf’s elegant features and waved hairdo bespeak her royal standing in the local hierarchy. Wood Elf Beauty in YellowWood Elf Beauty in YellowThis Wood Elf Beauty in Yellow lives in an ancient tree located on an historic Colonial farmstead in Conway, NH. She is one of many elementals who keep the energy of the countryside healthy and prosperous. The elf’s elegant features and waved hairdo bespeak her royal standing in the local hierarchy. Wood Elf BeautyWood Elf BeautyThis Wood Elf Beauty lives in an ancient tree located on an historic Colonial farmstead in Conway, NH. She is one of many elementals who keep the energy of the countryside healthy and prosperous. The elf’s elegant features and waved hairdo bespeak her royal standing in the local hierarchy.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy greenman Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit wood elf Fri, 02 Apr 2021 11:52:35 GMT
The Old Prospector This old coot is some 50 feet tall. He is one of the more well-known of the HooDoos on Mt Lemmon, Arizona. He is wearing a classic woodsman's hat with ear flaps and has a very distinct profile.

Prospector at Midday

This seems to be a memorial portrait study of some resident hermit the nature spirits were quite fond of. I like his gentle peaceful smile.

Old ProspectorOld Prospector



His View at Sunset

He overlooks what was once his earthly world - a magnificent mountain view of descending valleys and distant mountains. (below)

Mt Lemmon VistaMt Lemmon Vista


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy HooDoo Mt Lemmon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Thu, 01 Apr 2021 08:44:12 GMT
Holding Energy | Earth Grids AslanAslanAslan, the noble lion of Narnia, is on guard, along the shore of the Olympic National Forest, Rialto Beach, Forks, Washington. Inside him are some of the many beings who make up his world. CLICK HERE to read more about this image. CLICK HERE to read about the Rialto Beach tree spirits. Over the years I have taken photographs of lions, apes and elephants in locales where the nature spirits have never seen such beings. Recently I have shown you photographs of Mayan cultural spirit in places where few, if any, ancient Mayans ever ventured. 

Mayan Altar at AcadiaMayan Altar at AcadiaThis Mayan official stands over an altar with a sacrificial offering on it. Monument Cover, Acadia National Park, Maine A Facebook viewer asked how this was possible.

So here is a short trip into the understandings of energy workers such as myself. This understanding opens the way for me to connect to life frequencies other the human ones.

We Can Change the World

The hippie generation (that's me - how's that for dating myself!) set out to change the world by recognizing that spirit is present everywhere. We were told that if only 10% of the population would focus on ...... (Place your favorite topic here), we could bring about a global change in that area. That would be sufficient mass.

Metatron's Cube - ClassicMetatron's Cube - ClassicThis stabilizing, harmonizing geometric is an excellent form to use when you are seeking to call forth and stabilize the core essence of an object. Metatron’s Cube is a holy glyph, often drawn around a person or a place to ward off and protect the area from harm. My way of breaking down this statement is to realize that at its source all existence is a series of miniscule merkabas (points of energy) that join together in collective action for a purpose. Their joining together can take many forms including lines of energy, grids of energy, and increasingly larger merkabas that can take an infinite variety of form, such as plants and people - and collective society. 

Each merkaba, no matter how tiny, contains the infinite free will potentials of the original infinite eternal One. By free will choice, merkabas choose to tailor their infinite potential to meet the needs of the collective to which they belong (I will become the liver, the cat, the Mayan, the meditater). With this choice, they seek out their own community for like action.

This is a very core statement of how our universe formed and there are many "yes, but, how does this work...." inside this statement. What I want to share here is how this concept underlies the presence of world-wide energy grids that contain specific types of consciousness.

Earth is a Juxtaposition of Grids

Flower of Life - MasculineFlower of Life - MasculineThis diagram is one of the most ancient sacred geometry images in existence, found on the walls of temples dating back 40,000 years. This geometric is also called a merkabah. It represents the flowering forth of life from source. It diagrams how energy expands from one central point of unified spirit to become every object in existence, and the universe itself. This is the masculine energy version of the flower of life. Our earth looks solid but it is actually a layering of an uncountable number of energy grids. Each grid is a field of like-minded merkabas who have joined together for community and for action. When a new type of action is formed, it will start out small and local. As more people adopt the action, this grid grows larger. It spreads out through space and, eventually, if enough energy is fed into it, can circle the globe. 

Over the centuries, enough people have admired the lion, ape and elephant for their inherent qualities, and enough of these animals have lived and contributed their own energy to their specific collective, that their grid has spread around the world.

So have many other energies, "good" and "bad." Once an energy grows and takes hold in the earth atmosphere, it becomes available to all who seek it out or have an affinity or weakness for it, no matter where they live. This could be prejudice against "others" or an affinity for the Greek gods or a love of opera. Each of us has affinities for specific energies and it is up to each of us to decide what to do about that. Each of us has to learn to understand and master or discard frequencies that we encounter.

Each grid has its own intelligence, shape and frequency. It seeks to stabilize itself in a variety of ways, one of which is anchoring itself in the physical earth. When it finds a compatible vessel - a rock, plant, tree, life form - it will connect and gradually grow stronger. This may mean a vision of itself manifesting in a tree or rock. Or a person becoming known as a "lion of a man".

Grand ExperimentGrand ExperimentThis is a close up of a significant nodal tree who lives in Central Park, NYC. It is "operated" by the devas to foster cooperation among the species of various dimensions. CLICK HERE to learn more about this story. The intelligences of these grids work with the receptive vessel to manifest the energy in some specific physical manner. Thus images form in rocks and trees and people embody a specific quality. Indigenous peoples understand this interaction and will invoke a desired energy, dressing as the form they wish to embody and calling in the energy.

Anchored in a 3D World

Currently, our earth is just coming out of the Kali Yuga - the age of darkness - and beginning its return to the light. This is a 13,000 year or so climb back up - one half of a 26,000 year cycle that earth has experienced many times over.

Life forms solidly resting in gross physical form do not see the many energies at play around them. This has been the mass of our human global society. But we are changing this consciousness, slowly or rapidly, in one area after another. We are waking up. 

In society, this means awakening to the realization that all humans have equal validity in the eyes of the creator. In nature it means realizing that rocks, plants and animals are also conscious beings with their own highly evolved collective merkabas and worldwide grids. 

Elephant Stack | Second Beach, Forks, WAElephant Stack | Second Beach, Forks, WAThis is the famous Elephant Stack. It is one of many rock stacks that stretch along the wild beaches of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. There are a wide variety of life forms co-existing on our ancient earth, each with its own evolved, complex and highly intelligent society.

My recent photographs of the Mayan consciousness appearing in places far from their ancient centers of influence is an example of this process. There is much to be explored in this phenomena of an entire culture being depicted. There are many unanswered questions surrounding this ancient culture that once predominated in the Americas and large portions of which suddenly and mysteriously disappeared.

Visual Proof

Cosmic Mayan FamilyCosmic Mayan Family I have been working in the field of consciousness my entire life. So I've made mistakes, learned lessons, evolved in my understandings. With the advance in technology, it has been my good fortune to learn to work with camera and computer to provide visual proof of the presence of active, intelligent grid energies at work.

I have photos of lions, apes, elephants, beings of other realms and manifestations of societal consciousness. I have photographed many beautiful works of interdimensional art.

Now, in my retirement from my metaphysical business, I have the time to go back over my fifteen years of photographs to provide you, the public, with these visual proofs of our world's complexities.

I hope you enjoy these photographs. I hope you learn a bit from them, share them, and decide to join our Facebook group Nature Spirits Around the World. This is a common area where you can share your own viewings and interactions.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy interdimensional Mayan spirit merkabas Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Wed, 31 Mar 2021 11:15:15 GMT
Mayan Family Setting A tall seated figure presides over Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona. He has a Mayan profile and a large ear ring. He is wearing a beret. Whether this was once a tall hat that some time in centuries past blew over in the strong winds leaving only the brim, indicates a lower in the hierarchy individual or is from a different point in the Mayans' cosmic presence, I don't know.  Windy Point PanoWindy Point Pano

Watching - Mt LemmonWatching - Mt LemmonThis seated seer is scanning the countryside below. He lives on the road up Mt. Lemmon in Arizona along with thousands of other HooDoos – natural stone formations that look like animals or people! Windy Point Vista

This cosmic Mayan "HooDoo" oversees the road up the mountain as well as the parking plaza that was probably at one time a natural flat table suitable for ceremony, a cascading mountainside of cliffs and a vast vista. 

I've spent several visits to Arizona exploring this particular area. It has many beautiful paths with interesting shaped trees and rocks just out of sight on the lower right.

It is the scene just below the Mayan, on the other side of the roadway, that most intrigues me.

Cosmic Mayans

Here we see several stone formations that are, on close examination, a well detailed sculptural tableau of a Mayan family of three, sleeping peacefully.

I believe this is an interdimensional memorial to some specific cosmic Mayan who visited earth and stayed to oversee cultural development. I believe this entire tableau was sculpted by an interdimensional artist.

The large seated figure at the top of the hill is the cosmic Mayan's formal memorial as a wise, seated leader. The sculpted tableau below is a memorial to him as a family man. It also memorializes the cosmic Mayans' successful mating with humans, and the result of this union.

I believe the Mayan presence on earth is a colonization and evolutionary experiment by a very advanced cosmic civilization called by some The Mayans. When in these blogs I call an image a cosmic Mayan - that means a depiction of one of these beings on their interactions with earth. When I say Mayan or human Mayan, I am referring to the evolved human species with Mayan genetics.

An Intergalactic Family

Cosmic Mayan FamilyCosmic Mayan Family Worldwide, throughout earth's history, there are cultural tales of matings between humans and the "gods." These unions bring forth children who have expanded human capacities and introduce an elevated genetic strain into that culture. There are such tales in Greek, Roman and Biblical stories, such as Hercules and Samson. Ancient Egypt believed their pharaohs were descended from the gods and saw the introduction of a genetic lineage with elongated heads with the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Central American culture has its own stories and images, the most famous being the so-called astronaut bas relief on the ruler Pakal's sarcophagus. 

But here - up on this mountainside - we have a "simple" memorial commemorating the intergalactic family.

The cosmic Mayan is shown the far right, with his ceremonial top hat (like the Maine Acadia cliff bas relief I showed you yesterday). He is shown naked and his penis is extremely prominent. This indicates his role as a fertility energy is very strong.

On the left is a large female form. She wears a typical Mayan long dress with a decorative fringe around the top overlay piece.

It is said that the female who carries the inter-galactic child must be very strong, to handle the elevated energies growing inside her. You can see here, in the far larger size of the woman, the value that is placed on her role in this story. She is the one who guarantees the success of this "experiment."

Between the man and the woman, and protected by them, is a small child. Thus this tableau honors the success of this inter-galactic genetic upgrade, the genuine love of the union, and the promise of protection to the human offspring.

Behind the three figures is a protective animal spirit of some kind.

I've diagrammed these figures for you: family diagram-3family diagram-3

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Mayan grid Mt Lemmon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Tue, 30 Mar 2021 10:55:04 GMT
Mayan Figures in Maine and Colorado Rock Spirits in AcadiaRock Spirits in AcadiaSeveral Rock spirits have manifested head portraits. Seen at sunrise, Acadia National Park. Here are two Mayan nodal points I've written blogs about. I wanted to show them here, in my coverage of some of the Mayan grid images I've recorded.

The cosmic Mayan images I've come across so far show a life form with Mayan features wearing a hat. They are points on a worldwide Mayan energy grid that anchors this stellar consciousness into our earth.

Earth is composed of multiple grids that overlap each other, providing the energetic qualities needed for various life forms to develop and adapt. At various points, for stability, these grids anchor themselves. I call these points nodes. They are places where complex lines of energy intersect and stabilize each other.

Sometimes a node pertains only to a specific grid and a crossing of its grid lines. Sometimes one node aligns with the node of one or more other grids and the anchoring line becomes a very strong energy vortex field on earth. These nodes are, for the earth, like chakra points are for a human. They are vortexes of energy.

On occasion the intelligences that work with nature create a visual manifestation of an energy. The Mayan images I am showing here are representative of this visual manifestation of an energy. They represent various aspects of the cosmic Mayan consciousness. 

Sunrise in AcadiaSunrise in AcadiaSunrise on the cliffs at Acadia. A Mayan spirit being watches over the small alcove. Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole is a well-known site along the Atlantic Coast in Acadia National Park, Maine. Heading south along the cliffs from this point, you come to a cliff-framed inlet that captures the morning sun in all its golden warmth. If you look down from the cliff, you are treated to this view of a cosmic Mayan elder in hat. To the right in the photo you see a human Mayan warrior in decorative headdress. This is a serious lookout point - you can tell by the grim expression on the cosmic Mayan's face. It honors the valor of the warriors who protect their community. 

I wrote about this cliff area in my blog "Rock Stability in Times of Stress."

Continue your drive along the Park road and you will soon come to Monument Cove and its Mayan sacrificial scene, which I wrote about two days ago in my blog "Mayan Altar in Acadia."

There are quite a number of Mayan references along the ocean coastline here. It seems to be a strong point for this consciousness, which blossomed and thrived for many centuries in Mexico and Central America. There is historical evidence of considerable Mayan travel for trade and settlement. And, as shown here, a serious effort by the advanced cosmic Mayan culture to anchor its energetic vision on earth.  Mayan ProfileMayan Profile

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rainbow Point, a stop on the road through Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, is an example of a vortex point formed from the grounding of multiple grids whose nodal points cross in one place. 

One of the grids that ground here carries the Mayan energy. This energy is keyed into a small stone island (shown right). Among the many images in this stone island is a prominent cosmic Mayan profile (with hat) facing right.

You can see the life forms of others of the grids that have grounded here in my blog "Nature Spirits of Rainbow Point - A Love Story."

Below is the spectacular mountain vista the energies of this location are connected to. The multiple grids overlap in the collection of cliffs to the back left.

View up to Rainbow PointView up to Rainbow Point

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Mayan grid Mt Lemmon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Mon, 29 Mar 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Mayan Spirit at Castle Rock Castle Rock is situated just off busy Rte 94 in Wisconsin, between Mauston and Tomah and on the way from Chicago to Minneapolis. This site has a long history of use by various peoples, primarily as a military staging area in a fairly flat landscape. It originated as an island in a once-inland glacial lake.

Castle RockCastle Rock A Chacmool

What I was captivated by - in my fast drive through on this busy interstate highway - was its strong Mayan character.

The figure on the left is another of the cosmic Mayan profiles with hat. It ends with a lingam - a phallic symbol indicating fertility and divine protection. There is a long empty midriff section in-between.

The figure on the right is a Mayan chacmool - the reclining human figure seen in ancient Mexican temples, where sacrificial offerings were made to appease the gods. (See the chacmool at the Chichen Itza temple, below right.)

There is an offering in the Castle Rock chacmool's midriff vessel. E.g. - the human is offering something to fill the god's empty midriff area.

chacmool chichen itzaChacmool, Chichen Itza Divine Protection

Like yesterday's post about the Monument Cove Mayan site, this scene memorializes the protection and prosperity promised by the gods to humans. It indicates the religious protocol required for this to occur.

This is a nodal point on the Mayan earth grid. In this sculptural statement, the cosmic Mayan official and the human Mayan chacmool are protecting each other's back. 

The site's use as a successful military staging and training area affirms this nodal point's underlying energy. This site is currently part of Camp Williams and Wisconsin military train here. According to the site's official information, these military provided "dogged persistence and valor" in World Wars I and II.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Castle Rock chacmool Chichen Itza). Mayan Grid Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Wisconsin Sun, 28 Mar 2021 11:36:08 GMT
Mayan Altar in Acadia Mayan Altar at AcadiaMayan Altar at AcadiaThis Mayan official stands over an altar with a sacrificial offering on it. Monument Cover, Acadia National Park, Maine This Mayan column is located at Monument Cove, Acadia National Park, Maine. It is a totem pole like column. I am seeing a Mayan official in a top hat and below him the head of a priest, both presiding over an altar on which a sacrificial figure is shown in a prone position.

The figure in the top hat is an official - the being overseeing the priest's actions. But larger than the official is the Mayan cosmic consciousness, seen right in profile on the cliff.

The sculptural display connects in to the global Mayan grid and links to the temple altar at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Cosmic Mayan Consciousness

Sacrificial offeringSacrificial offering I've found nodal sculptures connecting to the cosmic Mayan consciousness at various points in my journeys and will show some of these in tomorrow's blog.

Perhaps it's because this Mayan frequency resonates so strongly with me that I notice its presence. I have yet to figure out why these Mayan officials are usually depicted wearing a tall rectangular hat. The hat is reminiscent of drawings of ancient Chinese scholars where a tall hat was a sign of respect and status.

How Ancient is Ancient?

Monument Cove, Acadia National ParkMonument Cove, Acadia National Park It is interesting that the figure in the top hat is always clearly an official of the culture, not the high spirit behind the culture. Sometimes, as here, the spirit behind the figure is shown. At other times, also as here, the official is shown overseeing earthly duties carried out by human priests

It is my impression that the figures in top hats are officials of an off-earth culture that was a part of earth's evolution at a very early point in human development - about the same age as the ancient Chinese interactions.

I would love to hear from anyone who has information on this topic.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Acadia National Park Atala Toy Chichen Itza everything is energy Maine Mayan Grid Monument Cove Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sat, 27 Mar 2021 13:06:10 GMT
Stone Spirit at the Art Institute Among my respected spirit friends at Chicago's Art Institute is this three-part basalt sculpture called Islands. It is by Izumi Masatoshi, the Japanese artist and stone cutter. He did all of Isamu Noguchi's stone cuttings from the mid 1960s until Noguchi's death in 1988. This is one of Masatoshi's own pieces. Island sculpture in its settingIsland sculpture in its settingThis three-part basalt sculpture in its architectural setting at the Chicago Art Institute. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

The Japanese culture has great reverence for nature and large segments of their art is based on their resonance with various natural elements. 

The Artists

In some of their work, Masatoshi and the American-born Noguchi focus on the natural beauty of stone.

Islands by Izumi MasatoshiIslands by Izumi MasatoshiClose up of the sculpture. Note the large eye and face on the front stone piece. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Their striking abstract pieces are profoundly delicate yet powerfully respectful of the spirit inside the stone.

Noguchi was strongly influenced by the Italian sculptor Constantin Brancusi and that artistic sensibility is also strongly present in both Noguchi and Masatoshi's works.

The Art Work

This three-part stone statement has been in the Art Institute's collection since 2000. It resides beneath a gracefully curved staircase that links two floors and several exhibit areas.

Stone Face in Islands sculptureStone Face in Islands sculptureHere is a wonderful cultured stone face, in the side of the front basalt sculpture. CLICK HERE to read the full story. I have been visiting with my friends here since the art work went on display. I have enjoyed how the various architectural and stone energies, which I found at one time incongruous and uncertain in their sharing of this space, have gradually blended. The artistic statement is now totally unified.

Nature Spirits

This is an abstract piece that has emerged from natural basalt. Its own inherent rock spirit, still strongly present, has grown over time. The front section now has several manifested images. You can see a face on the front, with a long slanted eye. The second is a smaller face, peaceful and detached, that has formed on the left side of the front stone.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Art Institute Atala Toy Chicago everything is energy Izumi Masatoshi Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Fri, 26 Mar 2021 10:50:25 GMT
The Bean This is for my Chicago area friends...our iconic Bean sculpture in Millennium Park, Chicago reflects both the buildings around it and the park behind it. I discovered one of the benefits of our current lockdown is that this family-friendly plaza is closed to the public - and hence the only time one is able to get a clear photo of this sky sculpture. Ahh...look for the good in all situations, eh?

The BeanThe BeanChicago's iconic sculpture The Bean reflects both city buildings and the park trees behind. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chicago everything is energy Millennium Park Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography The Bean tree spirit Thu, 25 Mar 2021 12:59:06 GMT
Charleston Azaleas Cypress Alcove | Magnolia Plantation, SCCypress Alcove | Magnolia Plantation, SCSpring at the Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina is a breath-taking array of azaleas and new green...Here is a cypress alcove on one of the lakes. CLICK HERE for the image story. It's Spring and we all are sooo ready to head outdoors in the properly socially distanced manner!

As a born East Coaster, Spring means azaleas - huge banks of them on display in woods and gardens.

A prime East Coast area for magnificent azalea displays is Charleston, South Carolina and their season begins in early April

The famed Magnolia Plantation combines the profuse beauty of azaleas with regal Spanish moss-draped Live Oaks and water cypress trees.

Here are two tastes of the colors soon to be with us...

Water Cypress

To the right is a view into one of the the plantation's many water areas, filled with nooks and crannies and nature's display of colors

Live Oaks

Leading up to the plantation's main house are alleys of live oak with colorful azalea beneath them. (below)
Live Oaks with AzaleasLive Oaks with AzaleasThe Live Oaks at Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina. CLICK HERE to read the full story.




(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy azaleas everything is energy live oaks Magnolia Plantation SC Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 24 Mar 2021 12:10:16 GMT
Maestro of Tanglewood The MaestroThe MaestroThe Maestro of Tanglewood shows the aquiline features of a great conductor, as this evergreen tree experienced him. The tree lives next to the Great Lawn of the famous outdoor music festival. CLICK HERE to read the story. Trees, like  humans, are deeply affected by their environments - some more than others. This highly intelligent tree is part of the behind the scenes story of the evolution of the Tanglewood property in Massachusetts.

Tanglewood is one of the country's premier outdoor music festivals and began in the 1930s through the vision of conductor Henry Kimball Hadley and the support of benefactor Gertrude Robinson Smith.

To the right you can see the tree's image of the maestro Henry Hadley, his profile seen lower left.

Tanglewood SpiritsTanglewood SpiritsThis grand tree overlooks the Great Lawn at the Tanglewood Music Festival, MA. and has carved in its bark images of the two founders – conductor Henry Kimball Hadley and benefactor Gertrude Robinson Smith. As you can see from the super-imposing of profiles, the tree spirit has done a remarkable job of faithfully reproducing its human honorees. CLICK HERE to read the story. Grounder of Dreams

The festival was moved to its current site in 1937, the same year Hadley died of cancer.

It is located on what was originally an estate that had been in use for centuries, including housing American author Nathaniel Hawthorne while he wrote House of the Seven Gables.

So there are a lot of very strong emotions and elevated dreams here. 

This tree was inspired by the dreams of Hadley and Smith and manifested and grounded in its own body their aspirational energy. The tree was a partner in the grounding of the dream. You can see, in my collage to left, how accurately the tree manifested the energies of the two founders.

I can imagine Hadley visiting this site, near the end of his life, and inspiring the very determined Gertrude Smith in her development of the festival. 

I can imagine Gertrude sitting on the low lying branch with Hadley on the ground beside her, looking out over what was to become the great lawn of the festival grounds. Below are long views of the tree.

Tree Profile TanglewoodTree Profile Tanglewood Tree Branch with Maestro ImageTree Branch with Maestro Image












Fir Trees and the Human Electrical System

Fir trees have much kinship with the human bodily electric system and a lot of energy workers will connect to firs to soothe their own energy. I can imagine the tree identifying with and supporting these founders' dreams.

Trees will often manifest on their trunks and branches the stories in their environment that especially affect them. In this case, this exquisite fir tree manifested, in its solid trunk, an image of Gertrude and in one of its high branches, pointing towards the stage, a jutting aspirational profile of the conductor himself. 

Working with the trees on your own property or in a significant place such as a park benefits all parties. You are grounding an aspirational energy into earth's energy field and it will benefit all who come to the area, and the energy of earth herself.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Gertrude Robinson Smith HenryKimballHadley Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography TanglewoodMusicFestival tree spirit Tue, 23 Mar 2021 12:47:57 GMT
Bear Mound Spirits, Baraboo, Wisconsin Here's a photo I often refer folks to who are interested in obs. It contains the entire repertoire of phenomena of what can occur in such a photo.

I took this photo at Bear Mound in Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin. It contains light flares, dust specks, orbs, and a spirit revealed in the altered light all these phenomena created for the camera. Let's look at it.
Bear Mound SpiritsBear Mound SpiritsSpirits, Orbs and faeries surround the bear effigy mound (his head is the bulge behind the tree). Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, WI. CLICK HERE to read the story. The State Park protects a number of effigy mounds. Mounds are often difficult to see from the ground, but are often clear to see from the air especially in winter and in a light snow. There are a lot of energies in the park, from spirit to people having fun.

You can see some of the mounds in the map below. The bear mound in my photo is located lower right, near the lake. Photo courtesy of the Bear Mound website.

The park was established in the late 1800s and respect for the ancient mounds was sometimes less than favorable. In the area, where there are other mounds, farmers often destroyed them for crop use. Here the mounds were preserved. But at this location, a large tree has been allowed to remain in the middle of the 50 foot long bear effigy and picnic tables and a grill have been placed along the bear's back. In this photo, you are looking towards the head of the bear, which is behind the tree.

Experts are still seeking to understand the society of the mound builders and many theories have been put forth. But here we are looking at an energetic situation that camera has recorded.

Devil's Lake State Parkphoto courtesy of Sauk County, WI
Light Flares

The light was shining very bright on this late summer day and I was intentionally seeking to intensify the light flare that my Nikon D7100 could produce at certain angles. The flares would end in a green burst which I found attractive. So that long line of colors comes from light hitting the computer sensors of the camera. It is not spirit. You may well experience similar situations with your camera. If you do, keep experimenting and learn to discern a light flare from a spirit manifestation

Dust Rainbows

Another phenomena in this photo are the beautiful dust rainbows. These are the white round dots upper left. These are not orbs. Dust rainbows and camera lens smudges can look like forms and I frequently get photos sent in by newbies who are excited to have photographed an orb. When you are doing this work - make sure you have a clean lens. Also, note if the "orb" has hexagonal line circling it - these come from the photo capturing the opening of the camera lens - or the "orb" is oval - this comes from the curvature of the lens itself.

For example, you can look at my photo Playing Ball in which some large HooDoos seem to be tossing a pink love ball between themselves. This is a spot of red dust the blew onto my lens on a windy day at Bryce Canyon.

If you want to prove you have photographed a real orb - look for a geometric form or a complex color spectrum or an actual form inside the light circle. For example, you can look at my photo of The Buddha Orb to see an authentic orb with a figure inside.

What's Real Here?

This photo did capture some interesting phenomena and let's look at those and how they happened.

Cameras are life forms capable of evolving just like everything else in creation. They adapt to the intent of their partner (the photographer) and over time this symbiotic relationship affects the result. My interest is in recording nature spirit phenomena and I was at the Park exploring this topic. So while I was focused on creating a lovely rainbow of color, the camera was picking up what else was present at the scene just out of my visual range.

I could sense the presence of spirits, but I could not see them. I get photos sent to me where folks tell me they felt the presence of spirit and look what they got. They show me all these false but artistic phenomena above. And sometimes very very blurry photos they have grossly enlarged and find a pareidolia phenomena of something looking like a form. Fake out!

But...this situation, of all these lights striking the camera sensor, has altered the range the camera picks up. So among the phenomena recorded is a happy face orb (center of the tree)...and a ghostly specter of an 1880s gentleman in mustache (lower middle right). These are authentic. I didn't see these until I processed the photograph on the computer. A good computer program like Photoshop and a photo raw file are also beneficial for this type of work. It was also fortunate that I was photographing against the dark side of the tree, which served as an excellent backdrop.

So...the park was established in the late 1800s when large hair and mustaches were popular with men (the specter here looks a lot like Mark Twain to me). These 1880s men were the first protectors of the mounds and their connection and determination was intense. The dormant spirit of the mounds responded, waking up and like a baby duckling bonding with its "momma". The mound spirit assumed the appearance of its modern parents. Spirit is malleable and can manifest in various subtle physical forms. It has chosen this form. Between my focusing on connecting to the mound spirit, the mound spirit responding, and the camera recording - this is the result. Enjoy your visit with some of the spirits of Bear Mound!

Real and unreal...options exist everywhere we look...

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Baraboo Wisconsin Bear Mound Devils Lake State Park Nature Spirit nature spirit photography nature spirits tree spirits Mon, 22 Mar 2021 11:21:40 GMT
Nature Spirits of Rainbow Point - A Love Story A large community of nature spirits lives at the scenic Rainbow Point in Rocky Mountain National Park. Their presence is strong and varied, and a love story connects them all.

But which came first? The nature spirit presence - recognized subliminally by humans, who put a rest point there - or humans put a rest stop at a sharp turn point on the road and the nature spirits rallied round? 

View up to Rainbow PointView up to Rainbow Point Side View of CliffSide View of Cliff Panorama

As you approach Rainbow Point from the west Granby entry side, you see this panorama (above). This point is the tallest in the area and requires travelers to pass through it on their journey. Being so critical to navigation, a lot of energies are on hand and close to our dimension.


You start seeing these spirits as you move closer to the area. You can see its series of sentries watching the valley below. (right).

Fierce Protectors

At the pass itself, visitors park their cars and walk about. There are a number of nature spirit sentries on guard as well as numerous services and protections from the Park's human protectors. These objects are here to protect both humans and nature, as this is a very sharp turning point in the road.

I like to park here and walk up to the cliff formation, which currently is behind a lot of construction gear as the Park's human protectors work to stabilize the steep roadway.

As you come closer to the cliff formation, you see these fierce spirits. (below left) Cliff SpiritsCliff Spirits

Road Guardians

Up high looking down over the road is a strong figure who looks like an old-fashioned human aviator, his goggle pushed up on his forehead. (left below)

On the right is a large boulder with a Mayan profile with its recurring square hat - still haven't learned why that appears in these grid images I've encountered numerous times throughout North America. There is a Mayan-style dragon head below it. This beacon indicates a nodal lockpoint on the Mayan grid.

Mayan ProfileMayan Profile Mountain Spirit with Aviator GlassesMountain Spirit with Aviator Glasses



















Scenic Draw

There is a spectacularly rich array of nature spirits in the rocks cascading down to the right of the road, featuring a very steep passageway through the middle.  View from Rainbow PointView from Rainbow Point

Love Story

What intrigued me first about this location, and still does, is the love story of the elfin chief on the left and the Lady of the Rocks on the right. They have been protecting this pass for centuries. The elfin chief is accompanied by his military chieftain (below him) and the Lady is accompanied by a sharp-nosed crone (below her). The elf chieftain is in service to the Lady of the Rocks, while the Lady is concerned with the welfare of the valley below, and of all the comings and goings of nature in the area. Lady of the RocksLady of the RocksFeminine Spirit of Cliffs at Rainbow Point, Rocky Mountain National Park/ CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. Faery ElderFaery ElderThis Faery Elder, and beneath him a young crew cut faery guard, look out over a valley in Rocky Mountain Park, Estes Park, CO. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image.






















Here they are, permanently protecting the draw between them - the elf connecting all of his kingdom's forces to the Lady energetically and the Lady sending her energy out to the nature of the area. A love story on many levels! Their success, for the area, is memorialized by the winged victory symbols seen top left and right. Mountain View with Nature SpiritsMountain View with Nature SpiritsSome of the Nature Spirits at Rainbow Point, Rocky Mountain National Park. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Colorado everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rainbow Point rock spirit Rocky Mountain National Park Fri, 19 Mar 2021 13:19:45 GMT
A Happy Day with Good Friends! Rock Friends in YosemiteRock Friends in YosemiteThis happy group of rock beings lives in a stream in Yosemite. They look upstream to a spectacular view of meadows and mountain peaks. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. It's the Good Life!

What more can one want...a beautiful mountain setting with cool, pure mountain water and good friends to hang out with!

These four rock buddies are clearly happy with each other and their surroundings.

It's a warm and lazy summer day and they are looking upstream at a spectacular mountain setting in Yosemite National Park.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Yosemite National Park Thu, 18 Mar 2021 10:59:42 GMT
Speaking of Trolls... Trolls often get a bad rap in American culture. They are actually wonderful friendly thoughtful a bit somber and wise in the ways of the inner earth. They don't brook well with fools and rednecks who feel humans are the greatest thing going in this universe. Hence their reputation among some as grouchy and territorial. Troll Wise WomanTroll Wise Woman”Be sure to get my nose. I’m very proud of it,” the troll elder said. Her very prominent nose is a resonant device by which she travels and transforms matter for her inner earth community. “You look sad,” I said. “Not at all,” she replied, “Our troll existence is underground where it is dark, and this is what I am like – darkly quiet and thoughtful.” CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image.

In Touch with the Feminine

It's been my joy to have met a number of communicative trolls who have taught me a bit about their world and let me peak in. Shown above is one of my favorites. She lives at Morton Arboretum, by the side of an auto road through the nature preserve. The two of us enjoy greeting each other and occasionally having a longer talk. It is she who explained to me how trolls use their large noses as sonic devices to travel through solid earth.

Troll ElderTroll ElderThis is a closeup of the troll Wisewoman. She is also a powerful portal guardian. The portal is where her third eye is. Her long nose is the "door knocker" whose resonance you need to connect to, to enter the portal. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. To the left is a mystic portrait study of my friend.

Boulder TrollBoulder TrollThis large-eyed troll lives in Boulder's town square. Note the large feet, hairy body, long nose (it beats the Morton Troll by quite a length!) and flame of wisdom, bent to the troll's right. <a href="" target="_self"><strong><span style="color:blue;">CLICK HERE</span></strong></a> to read more. Boulder Troll

To the right is a gentle, large-eyed lady troll I met in a town park in Boulder, Colorado. Notice her similarity to the Morton Troll - luxuriously hairy body and large nose. She has wonderful large feet and soulful eyes. Her "wisdom flame" rising in her third eye area is angled to her right, indicating her interest in communicating with the grounded energies of the right side of our bodies (in her case, the human world).

Troll of Sieur de MontsTroll of Sieur de MontsThis troll is very happy with his bright head of autumn hair! He lives next to a gentle stream at Sieur de Monts Nature Center, Acadia National Park, Maine. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. Troll of Sieur du Monts Garden

To the left is a male troll. Much like the lions, this male has a large luxurious head of hair spread full around his face. He is a happy fellow who would show well in one of the Disney Pixar films about trolls! This troll lives at the edge of a stream in Sieur de Monts Nature Center, Acadia National Park, Maine. His fern hair is in all its autumn color glory.

Unlike the two woman trolls, who are more somber and are wisdom keepers for their community, this fellow is a happy-go-lucky pudgy fellow. His energy reminds me of Sam in the Lord of the Rings trilogy - a happy community guy who enjoys the local pub.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit trolls Wed, 17 Mar 2021 11:50:44 GMT
Husbands and Wives Gnome Husband & WifeGnome Husband & Wife This gnome husband and wife live in one of the mottled-bark London Plane Trees found throughout Central Park, New York City.

He has a wonderful tall hat, his wife has a lovely bun hairdo.

What is that he's holding in his right fist? A crystal ball or something good to eat...

Or maybe he is getting ready to throw a thought form to the human couple walking by in the background...

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Central Park everything is energy gnome Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:51:11 GMT
Protectors of the Forest Glen Kind ProtectorKind ProtectorSide view of a male nature spirit, about 9" tall. He lives in a Northern Japanese Maple and watches over the petite flowers near a simple woodland stream. in the center of his forehead you can just see a heart portal and its guardian. Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. A kindly protector looks down at the small snowdrops that bloom at the base of this Northern Japanese Magnolia. (left)

Seen full face, his third eye is a heart-shaped portal. (right)
Protect with Heart PortalProtect with Heart Portal



















He lives in a small forest glen area next to a stream and the exit route from Morton Arboretum. magnolia treemagnolia tree  


Also at the base is a birdwoman. You can see her bulging eyes, pointed beak and long hair. (below right)


















Moss-Covered Back Side

Around the back - the North side of the tree - you find a larger moss covered feminine face, watching the exiting cars.

North side of TreeNorth side of Tree Protector Outpost

And up high, facing East into the woods,  is a very tiny outpost for the protector. He absolutely insisted I photograph him and I obliged although not understanding why. But here, looking closely, is the reason; it is a mini-version of the protector, seen both side face and full face with a small version of his third eye portal.

Mini OutpostMini Outpost

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 15 Mar 2021 12:27:50 GMT
West Wind of Spring West WindWest Wind 3083The West Wind, known as the harbinger of Spring. Called a Zephyr in Greek mythology The West Wind is called Zephyrus in Greek and Western European mythology. He is considered the gentlest of the four winds and the energy of the spring and early summer breezes.

Mid-March Visit

This image of Zephyrus (right) appeared in the Western sky when I was taking sky photographs at Morton Arboretum in mid-March. He is graceful in appearance, as is befitting of a zephyr.

I actually did not see this wind spirit until I was processing the images on my computer. I don't usually photograph the sky for itself, but this was my focus at this time - big, beautiful sky images with delicate, spiraling clouds. I was especially admiring these classic Spring clouds and very much enjoying photographing them. Below is one of the sky images with curls, taken shooting West shortly after Zephyrus' appearance. He was putting on a very graceful display for us.

Spring Clouds 3104Spring Clouds 3104

Your Camera is Your Good Friend

These images are one reason why it is so helpful to have a good relationship with your camera. The camera will frequently capture a subtle energy you yourself have not yet become familiar with. Studying the image can help the photographer - and those viewing the image - become familiar with the frequency of the being visually captured by the camera. The camera is not hindered by the strong vital energies that stand in the way of humans easily seeing the subtler worlds.

The Wind God Zephyrus

Zephyrus has given his name to the whole family of light breezes, known commonly as zephyrs or a zephyr.

Zephyrus appeared in the photographs shown below, all shot looking west from the large field in which I was standing. You can see how the image became stronger over the sequence, as the energy manifested itself physically. The photographs were taken over 3 1/2 minutes of time. The number on the photo refers to its place in the sequence. 

So pleased to now have photographed the North Wind and the West Wind!

West Wind 3078West Wind 3078 West Wind 3077West Wind 3077



West Wind 3085West Wind 3085 West Wind 3084West Wind 3084

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography spirit of the wind west wind Zephyr Sun, 14 Mar 2021 12:00:00 GMT
Snowdrop SnowdropSnowdrop One of my favorite flowers. The snowdrop is the harbinger of Spring. 

Such a humble, gentle flower. So unassuming and yet how reassuring to all that life has once again sprung up renewed from its winter starkness.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit snowdrop Sat, 13 Mar 2021 23:58:06 GMT
Entry Trees Guard a Path Wolfman GuardianWolfman GuardianThis Wolfman image shows he rests half in spirit and half in this dimension. He is one of the guardian energies for this section of a woodland path. He clearly wants to make sure walkers respect the area! CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. Often the nature spirits will place specific energies inside an entry tree to an area, such as on a path through the forest. That is the situation here.

An Alert System

The entry tree is an alert system. It notifies the wooded area that outsiders are coming in. It seeks to establish the energy visitors should feel on their journey along the path. These energies vary according to circumstances - where the path is located, the kinds of people who frequent the path, and so on...

Entry TreeEntry TreeThe entry tree to an area sets the energy for the section of forest.
















This entry tree is at the start of a wooded section around a meandering walk that takes folks through woods and fields that surround a bog. The tree has a variety of energies in it.

Contented CatContented CatEnjoying the morning sun! Contentment

There is a content cat sunning itself in the morning sun - just like the relaxed folk walking the path.

Peaceful DeerPeaceful Deer Peace

There is a gentle deer, revealed in a skeletal branch. He is looking down peacefully.

Be Respectful!

And, at the base, a somewhat ominous Wolfman. (See top left photo)

The Wolfman is emerging from the tree, signifying he exists half in spirit and half in this dimension.

This is a serious energy that is frightening to many folks. His intent is to make people behave when they walk through this area. He is an energy that says - if you have business here, enter. Otherwise, stay out.

He has set in place a thin wall of energy. If you decide to enter the area and move past him, the path is very pleasant. My feeling when approaching this area of Morton Arboretum - there a large dark bog in the middle - has always been very somber. This Wolfman embodies that energy.

This Wolfman is a guardian spirit who has chosen to anchor his energy in this tree. Should this tree be removed, he would simply move to another tree; he is not anchored to the tree, it is a marker that serves as his antenna. The cat and the deer are energies inherent to this particular tree. They are the gentle energies the Wolfman is protecting.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 12 Mar 2021 13:09:38 GMT
Cottonwood Spirits, Capitol Reef, Utah Fremont CottonwoodFremont CottonwoodThis ancient Fremont Cottonwood stands at the entrance to a now-deserted Utah prairie homestead. The spirit images of numerous animals are housed inside its trunk. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The nature surrounding the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah is spectacular, from towering red canyon walls to richly varied nature spirit images in centuries-old trees. The entryway to the Homestead has been modernized but the old trees are still there.

Gifford Homestead, UtahGifford Homestead, UtahView of the entry to the Gifford Homestead, Capitol Reef, Utah Gentle Tree Images

Some sections of the Mormon religion are polygamous, which means multiple wives per husband. Thus there were usually more women and children on the Homestead then adult men. So it is not hard to understand why the feminine energy is found in many of the tree images.

The Mormon tradition is also a gentle one and that softness of human interaction with animal and nature energies is prevalent.

Above left is one of my favorite tree studies. It shows a large gentle deer in a Freeman Cottonwood Tree. This is the center tree in the landscape image above right.

Close Up of Images

In this close up of this trunk, which I've diagrammed, you can see several feminine images and also a number of smaller gentle animals.

Cottonwood Spirits, UtahCottonwood Spirits, UtahNature spirits in a cottonwood tree, Gifford Homestead, Utah Diagram of Cottonwood TreeDiagram of Cottonwood Tree Other Spirits

In the three large cottonwoods I explored during my visit, I found numerous spirit sculptures. These are forms created by the tree or local nature spirits. They describe various situations or beings. While these are energies the tree or an external nature spirit is exploring, these energies are not the tree spirit. (As, for instance, the dryad we posted about yesterday, which is the spirit of the tree itself.) This sculptor has a liking for ornate line and all the images are exceptionally "frilly" in their details.

Dog Profile in Cottonwood TreeDog Profile in Cottonwood TreeLooked at one way, this is a large dog. Looked at another way, inside the placid dog is a barking man's head. A statement about some person who once lived there? Man, Dog and Crowned WomanMan, Dog and Crowned WomanThree spirits in a cottonwood tree, Utah

Billboard size Pixie

In the cottonwood with the thick wooden heart, which I showed you a few days ago (see below right), the burl on the left holds the image of a very very large Pixie. Pixie are fun loving beings who love a gentle joke. That atmosphere of happy play is seen throughout this area.

Cottonwood HeartCottonwood HeartBeautiful old cottonwood tree at the historic Gifford Mormon farm in Utah. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Pixie BillboardPixie BillboardThis looks like an advertising billboard for pixie spirit! It is certainly wayyy larger than a pixie is in &quot;real life.&quot; This pixie lives in the cottonwood tree with heart - he lives in the large burl you see in that photo facing left. He is holding something in his mouth - a whistle or a stick - and winking mischievously.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy cottonwood everything is energy Gifford Farmhouse Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography pixie tree spirit Utah Thu, 11 Mar 2021 11:39:28 GMT
Dryad of the Red Maple Dryad of the ForestDryad of the Forest This elegant Dryad is the living spirit of this red maple tree.  She has a lovely heart-shaped portal headdress. Below her is her familiar, or protector.

The Living Spirit

The dryads are the living spirit of the tree itself and can also emerge from the physical tree in the form of a young maiden.

Dryads work with the life force energy of their specific tree and area. Some folks call them tree nymphs.

This Dryad lives at the Morton Arboretum.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy dryad everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography red maple spirit tree spirit Wed, 10 Mar 2021 12:39:13 GMT
Cottonwood Heart Cottonwood HeartCottonwood HeartBeautiful old cottonwood tree at the historic Gifford Mormon farm in Utah. CLICK HERE to read the full story. In honor of the one year anniversary of my beloved brother Chet Perry's crossing over, here is a beautiful, solid cottonwood heart.

Chet loved trees and nature and throughout his life surrounded himself with the love of family and nature.

Cottonwoods are said to be spirit messengers, their heart-shaped leaves blowing in the slightest breeze and carrying our prayers to spirit. May they carry his family's prayers that Chet live in peace and beauty in the spirit world.

This large cottonwood lives at the Gifford Farm, an historic Mormon farm in Utah.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy cottonwood heart everything is energy Farm Gifford hearts in trees Mormons Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Utah Tue, 09 Mar 2021 12:40:52 GMT
Dwarf in Tall Hat Dwarf in HatDwarf in HatThis dwarf looks a bit like Grumpy, with his down-turned mouth! He is wear a tall hat and has a full beard. Morton Arboretum. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story. Classic dwarf features! Tall hat, large nose, whiskers and beard. 

This elderly dwarf lives in the Scots Pines area of Morton Arboretum. This area is centered around a large dark marshy circle of land. The energy of this area is both light and serious. You can see that energy in the dwarf's visage. His wide open eyes are inspecting the area and his downturned mouth shows his somber determination. This is his Marker Tree.

Ley Lines

This area is located between several large bodies of water. Because Scots Pines grow tall and straight, you can clearly see how earth energy can be so strong that is affects the growth of the life forms in its line of travel. Many of the trees along a strong ley line will curve around the strong invisible energy and others grow around vortexes of energy rising up from the water areas below the earth. 

Such strong earth energies are one of the things dowsers are on a look out for when assessing and addressing the energies of a piece of land.

In the photos below, you can see how some of the trees have curved around a specific line of strong energy.

Scots PinesScots Pines Scots Pines GroveScots Pines Grove


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy dwarf everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 08 Mar 2021 12:25:01 GMT
Study of a Vine in March The warm summer ramblings of this 2" long vine frond have become a winter sculpture.

Study of a Vine in MarchStudy of a Vine in MarchThe warm summer rambles of this small 2" vine are captured in a winter sculpture. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit vine Sun, 07 Mar 2021 12:42:26 GMT
Bull Pine Protector The ProtectorThe ProtectorThis powerful protector spirit also has a sense of humor and a natural elegance. This noble protector stands at the entry point to the residential area of my family's vacation property in North Conway, New Hampshire. 

He watches over the comings and going of life forms who wander through the property. The main stabilizing energy at the base is a noble, smiling princely figure. Next to him is his familiar. I've never been able to exactly specify the energy of this companion figure. Sometimes I see a space man in space helmet other times a skier on skis or a cuddly big animal!

Bull Pine Close UpBull Pine Close Up Friendly Lion

The men in my family are big guys, leonine in bearing, kind hearted, noble and natural leaders. I'd say I was prejudiced, but you can see the nature spirits have captured that energy in this powerful Bull Pine sentry tree!  Lion HeadLion Head

In the mid-distance photo to the right, above the Protector, you can see a friendly lion. 

In this close up, left, you can see the lion energy - friendly, not threatening. But is this a human in lion headdress or a lion himself?

Bull Pine Long ViewBull Pine Long View






Bull Pine family

In the long view of this bull pine, you can see other life forms and lower right the path leading down the hill from the enclosure.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy bull pine everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography New Hampshire North Conway tree spirit Sat, 06 Mar 2021 13:53:07 GMT
Orb at Warrior Rock Orb at Warrior RockOrb at Warrior RockI could hear but in the darkness of the cave could not see this being, who asked me to take a photo of it. CLICK HERE to read more. I could hear but in the darkness of the cave could not see this orb being, who asked me to take a photo of him/her and the scene. The life form was quite insistent, so I obliged and took a photo. I only saw the orb in post-processing.

Notice the face inside the orb. You can see some sort of headdress, eyes, nose and open mouth. Notice the reflection of the orb on the wall to the left just behind it, verification that this life form has substance.

When looking at the difference between a spot on your lens and a genuine orb life form, you need to see if there is detail of some kind inside the image, as there is here. There is also a strong spirit presence in this orb. Exactly what the camera captured is open to interpretation. It is a life form, but from where and exactly what is it? Any orb experts among our readers who care to offer comments?

A Tuberculosis Retreat

I took this photo on a tour through Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  The cave has an interesting history. At some point in the late 1800s - early 1900s, it was a medical living area for tuberculosis patients. The belief was that the cave's atmosphere was conducive to a better quality of life for these people.

The caves themselves are beautiful. They also have a strong spirit presence. This includes but is not limited to the spirits of some who passed away inside the caves. 

Native American Battles 

The caves were also used by Native Americans, long ago, and artifacts of that occupation have been found. The large stone on the right is called Warrior Rock. The tour guide explained that there was a battle among tribes that had occurred by the rock, hence its name. There are also Indian spirits in the area.

What Are Orbs?

I myself cannot say definitively exactly what the orb phenomena is that digital cameras are able to capture. A provable orb (v dust or rain drops) is one that has some density and some internal form, either of light, geometry or body part. I believe the orbs to be the auric field of life forms existing in other dimensions who have entered into ours enough to be seen by the camera. If we could see even more clearly, we would see the form of the being and not just its auric field. I also believe that some orbs we humans see are plasma vehicles permitting life forms from other parts of the galaxy to travel about.

Various photo captures help us understand the reality of other realms co-existing with ours and validate a person feeling, seeing or hearing the presence of beings others cannot see. Some people are simply more sensitive to other frequencies.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Mammoth Cave KY Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography orbs rock spirit Fri, 05 Mar 2021 12:24:31 GMT
Black Walnut Nature Spirit Enjoying the Winter SunEnjoying the Winter SunThis tree spirit face is 1 inch tall. He opened up the doors to his home to enjoy the warm winter sun. CLICK HERE to read more. Everyone is enjoying the warm March days we are experiencing in Northern Illinois. Including this tiny nature spirit, sunning himself in his Black Walnut tree home. His head is all of 1" tall. He opened his eyes long enough to acknowledge me, then went back to his sunny half-sleep.

Why don't you see if you can find some of the little folk enjoying the weather as well? You can head out with a macro lens and a decision to look small!

I set out that day armed with only my Lensbaby Velvet 56 - a neat specialty lens that gets great close ups that are sharp yet velvety smooth at the same time. It performed well for me in the outdoor world of trees and bark that I was exploring.

The bark of the Black Walnut tree loves to lift off the trunk in graceful curves. 

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Geneva Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wheeler Park Thu, 04 Mar 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Grandmothers Oversee the Canyon Many of you will never make it to Southern Illinois, so here is a view of this charming canyon area and the kindly Grandmothers who oversee the scene. We've been exploring this area in a number of recent blogs. If you were simply hiking through, not on the look out for Nature Spirit art, this is what you would see and feel

Entry from the leftEntry from the left


Left Entry

Should you enter from the left, you'd be traveling up and down beautiful stone paths built by the US Park Service. There are a lot of thin rock passages you'd have fun traveling through. Overseeing your final descent into the small canyon, you'd have the sense of a strong protective presence. That would be the Guardian of Place who has placed his energy there in this profile marker. Note his broad cheeks, long "ski jump" nose and artist's cap. He is bearded. 

Steps up to the PlatformSteps up to the Platform A Viewing Platform

The canyon trail is set down from the ridge line and the very active US Park Service has installed a broad viewing area cantilevered out from the sheer wall face. You can see the Love Story tableau on the left entry wall and some of the Grandmothers who are happily welcoming you to the area. Chatting GrandmothersChatting GrandmothersThese Grandmothers oversee the energies of the Love Story alcove.






Close Ups of the Grandmothers

Overseeing this area is a gathering of Grandmothers. They are a very tall, strong, welcoming presence. Children hiking through the area love to climb up into them and their many little alcoves, having great fun playing hide and seek.

The Grandmothers are all in good spirits, and are quite chatty. They want everyone passing through here to be a happy part of the family.


Peaceful ValleyPeaceful Valley A Peaceful Valley View

The Grandmothers look out into a peaceful valley still forested with trees for miles into the distance. On a calm summer day, the local birds can be seen circling or riding the air streams.








Leaving This Little World

Right side entryRight side entry When you exit from the right, head uphill on the trail and look back, you see this view. Overseeing the entry from this side is a very large turtle - you can see his head stretching out over the trail. The turtle represents the world, in Native American traditions. So this marks the others side of this very special little canyon world of nature beings.

Continuing Your Hike

And then you are on your way to the rest of your awe-inspiring hike through the magnificent nature spirit art museum we humans have named the Garden of the Gods....


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of Gods Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest tree spirit Wed, 03 Mar 2021 12:46:53 GMT
Love Symbols in Trees | Garden of the Gods To the right of the Love Story Mural we have been exploring is a little alcove dedicated to the enduring love that weaves through our roots no matter what the externals look like.

This story takes place inside one of the canyons at Garden of the Gods, Illinois.

The KissThe KissA young man and woman in a permanent rock kiss. Between them rises the symbol of their love - two tall pine trees, their roots interconnected and tied together in a heart. You see the core of this artistic story to the right. A young man and woman are permanently locked in a rock kiss. Between them grows the expression of their love - two pine trees, roots intertwined and forming a heart knot.

Soul Mates

In our human terms, we would say this scene explores a love story about two soul mates.

Love AlcoveLove AlcoveYou can see the edge of the Love Story mural mid left. People often talk about wanting to meet their soul mate - they know that person is somewhere, they just don't know where.

Soul mates are connected at their very roots of existence. The two are a couple from the point of creation and they always inwardly work together no matter what the outer circumstances appear to say. They are working on self-perfection as a team.

This is the underlying theme of the mural itself. The story is of the sacrifices made by the couple for the sake of spiritual growth. The Guardian is acknowledging, in the mural, the everlasting love of the woman for him, and the love experiences offered and sacrifices made in their journey.

In this situation, the male (the Guardian of Place) withdrew from inter-personal contact to pursue spiritual knowledge. This is a classic esoteric choice many have made, in the pursuit of the alluring knowledge that exists in other realms of existence. Having achieved his goal, the Guardian returned to tell their story in the images along this cliff.

A Gem of an Art Collection

Intertwined RootsIntertwined RootsThe roots of the two pines are intertwined. Root HeartRoot HeartTwo trees joined together to form a knotted heart We are almost finished exploring the remarkable living art collection in this gem of a rock canyon. These explorations remind me of the difference between exploring the exquisite, personally-assembled Frick Collection in NYC and exploring the collection of the Metropolitan Art Museum. 

In this canyon, one being's art sensibilities have predominated throughout. It is the same style, in rock and tree. The guardian, in his artist's cap, acknowledges his interest in art and he has explored it extensively. You can explore his works in the blogs listed below. Our final blog on this canyon will be tomorrow.

Previous blogs include: 

Mountain Spirits at the Garden of the Gods, Guardian of Place Tells His Story, Meet the Guardian of Place, and Sophistication in Rock Art.

You can also view a video I made of the Love Story several years ago.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of Gods Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest tree spirit Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:20:29 GMT
Sophistication in Rock Art Like all cultures, Nature Spirit Artists have their own symbols, methodologies and styles. These artists are working with a limited canvas such as a tree or a rock or a specific geographical area. They may wish to express a number of story lines in this one location. Their solution is a highly sophisticated blending of perspectives, images and energies. Like much professional art, the more you study a scene, the more levels and meanings are understood.

Spirit ProtectorSpirit ProtectorThe Tableau rests inside a spirit protector Diagram of the Spirit ProtectorDiagram of the Spirit ProtectorDiagram showing the spirit protector of the mural Did Picasso Learn From Them?

Some of these other-dimension artists will explore and show a single energy from multiple viewpoints. They've been doing this for thousands of years.

The human artist Picasso developed a similar artistic technique in the twentieth century. He would sometimes merge multiple perspectives of a subject, creating a multi-aspect description on a flat surface.

At times, the interdimensional rock and tree artists link images - one large subject containing many smaller subjects. They may do this for lack of space. They may be stating that one larger energy contains many smaller independent aspects. They may be combining separate parts to create a story. 

In this canyon we are exploring, at Garden of the Gods, Illinois, the Guardian of Place has by now covered most of the surfaces with images and images inside of images. Sometimes he is expressing his own message. Sometimes he is encouraging and helping evolve the consciousness of a specific section of rock or tree. As in all life, there are multiple reasons for situations to occur.

The Philosopher Taller Cliff Being Encompassing MuralTaller Cliff Being Encompassing MuralA view of the taller cliff being who encompasses many energies inside himself, including the mural and the mural protector

While the masterpiece of this canyon is the Guardian's Love Story mural, there are many minor subtle, sophisticated aspects also present.

The mural can also be looked at as taking place inside the head of a large aristocratic rock being philosopher - a deep thinker. You can see this aspect of the story above. The rock spirit's profile is very distinct. He has a beautiful, fine-featured nose. He is looking down, with a half-open eye as in Eastern meditation practice. This eye is also the Guardian's smiling face.

The Grandmother

But wait - that's not all, as one of my photography professors used to say. The entire cliff area is full of living energies. There are multiple Grandmother rocks who overlook all else, from the very top of the cliffs. You can see one of these grandmothers to the left. She is wearing a headwrap as the Native Americans would do on a cold winter day. She is looking straight out and her very full lips are pursed in a kiss.

If you follow Grandmother's gaze, you see it is focused directly at the opening slot in the rocks that visitors must pass through to reach this part of the trail. Grandmother is watching, and offering visitors her love. She is also overseeing in a grandmotherly way the energies that are playing out in the Love Story mural. These energies begin just below the clear horizontal line below her chin, which also marks the top of the philosopher's head.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest Mon, 01 Mar 2021 11:47:14 GMT
Meet the Guardian of Place | Garden of the Gods Here are self-portrait comparisons of the Guardian of Place, Garden of the Gods. He created one in the warm oranges of youth, the other in the cool blues of later years. Self-Portraits of Artist | Garden of the GodsSelf-Portraits of Artist | Garden of the Gods In each of these, the artist has portrayed himself in a robust manner. This is not one of the elegant, fine featured elves. This is a down and gritty earthy fellow. He has basic "common folk" features - round cheeks, rough features and in each case a symbol of his craft - an artist's cap.

The visual technique in each is the same - a broad face surrounded by symbols of his energetic state. Note how he has changed over the years. The dominant colors themselves show the change in energy between youth and adulthood. In youth, the image is based in curving cloud-like dreams. In adulthood - it is straighter and more grounded. In youth, the dream of spiritual realization is foremost - emerging top right from his mind as the cobra hood, a classic symbol for spiritual knowledge. In adulthood, a tree emerges - his area of specialty - working with the life force energy of the rocks and trees of his area.

In youth, he has a fine shock of curly hair emerging from his cap. In adulthood, his hair is slicked down and his cap is transformed into a solid base with a soft top reminiscent of a crown - e.g. he has achieved his goal. In youth, he was smiling with the innocent unknowing of that age. In adulthood, his eyes are sad with the knowledge that comes from experience, his cheek bones more angular. In youth, far below him, the figure of a woman curves down while in adulthood, it is a tree emerging from his ear and curving down - he listens now to the rocks and trees of his world.

Love Story in StoneLove Story in StoneThis love story told in stone – drawn by the nature spirits – depicts a young woman dreaming of her lost love – a handsome lad with a magnificent physique who eventually left her to pursue the spiritual life (seen in the image of the cobra rising from his head – a Far East icon signifying the conquering of the kundalini). You see her full face as a young woman and side face as a crone who now holds her cat in her heart. This saga resides inside a glen with other parts to the story. The mural is carved by the nature spirits of liesegang bands (sandstone and iron) and resides in the Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Park, Illinois. The portrait of him as a youth is part of the rock mural he created detailing his love story with a beloved of long ago - see my previous blog, Guardian of Place Tells His Story

Cliff opposite the muralCliff opposite the muralThis is the cliff opposite the mural, which includes the energetic home of the Guardian of Place, seen upper left. His self-portrait in adulthood has been created, large size, on a cliff that is facing the mural and the other parts of the canyon for which the artist is Guardian of Place. His portrait is located at the upper left part of the cliff. Surrounding him are many other stories, which we are exploring in a series of blogs. Buddha and 7-Headed CobraBuddha and 7-Headed Cobrabuddha sculpture and seven headed cobra in the temple

It is notable that, having attained spiritual knowledge, he is now aging at a much slower rate than is normal for his species, and as is evidenced in his Love Story mural where the woman has aged significantly.

As some of you may not be familiar with Far East sculptural iconography, I'm including the photo of a sculpture of Buddha with the seven-headed cobra. This is the Far East symbol of spiritual attainment, which the Guardian adopted to show his aspiration.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:05:29 GMT
Stepping Out | The World of Nature Spirit Art As a trained art historian, it has always been my interest, when studying interdimensional art works, to understand the techniques being used, the cultural environment surrounding the artwork, what the artist was seeking to present, and the mastery level of the artist.

My Friend the GnomeMy Friend the GnomeThis is the gnome who introduced me to interdimensional photography. He lives on my family's property in New Hampshire. This was his address marker for many years. He has since married and he, his wife and children now live elsewhere on the property. I am also an inter-dimensional communicator. There are all levels of this craft as well. My skills are pretty basic in this vast subject area. I have chosen as my specialty a study of the images placed in trees and rocks by artists of other realms.

What do these images tell us about the societies that produced them? Just as with human art – are there many mediums, styles, artists seeking to convey different messages?

As an interdimensional communicator and energy worker of many decades, I also ask – how many different dimensions are at work here? Do the methods differ? What does the gross physical reality of these art works tell us about the complexity of our planet’s existence?

And, lastly – how can I meet these artists, converse with them, and understand more deeply exactly what I am looking at?

How did this all start for me? Can you do this as well?

We humans live in a multi-dimensional world without classifying it as such. We talk to our pets, our deceased loved ones, the angels, the plants in our yards. This is acceptable so long as we state to others that we are “imagining” that we are conversing. Like so many of us, I lived like this for many years, until a friendly gnome made his presence so clearly known that I had to accept and step over into another way of understanding.

I still, for many years after, was very careful how I framed my communications, for fear of the wrath of the unseeing. The cellular memory of persecutions runs deep in our human consciousness.

Moss FaeryMoss FaeryThis is my very first nature spirit photograph. It is of a moss fairy's home. You can see the shy moss fairy (in pink shirt, upper mid area). The gnome took me to this hidden location and instructed me how to photograph the scene. Thanks to the scientific advances that have brought us digital cameras and digital photographic post-processing tools, I have assembled some twelve years of photographic studies of nature spirits. Through this reportorial activity, I have been able to bridge – somewhat – the separations that exist between our human realm and that of beings of other dimensions. Enough so that I can communicate at a basic level with beings portrayed and artists involved in the images I have been gifted to record.

There are many far more gifted than myself in each of these areas. I do so hope that my base, entry level work will inspire them to also come forward, and share.

This website is a riddle and an on-going conversation about our human existence, and potential participation, in a rich earth environment. The riddle: how many dimensions do we humans co-exist with? The conversation: Are the natural rules that govern their existence different from our human ones? The proof: visual records that we humans can see and grow to understand.

I have authored three books on interdimensional subjects: We Are Not Alone – A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation; Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts – How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms; and Nature Spirits in American Trees.

You can join in my on-going nature spirit conversations on Instagram and on my private Facebook group.


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Guardian of Place Tells His Story This is the story of love sacrificed and honored told by the extraordinary interdimensional artist and Guardian of Place who has shaped the many forms found in a scenic canyon at Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest, Illinois. Below the mural is an explanation of its parts.

Love Story in StoneLove Story in StoneThis love story told in stone – drawn by the nature spirits – depicts a young woman dreaming of her lost love – a handsome lad with a magnificent physique who eventually left her to pursue the spiritual life (seen in the image of the cobra rising from his head – a Far East icon signifying the conquering of the kundalini). You see her full face as a young woman and side face as a crone who now holds her cat in her heart. This saga resides inside a glen with other parts to the story. The mural is carved by the nature spirits of liesegang bands (sandstone and iron) and resides in the Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Park, Illinois.

Diagram of Love Story TableauDiagram of Love Story TableauDiagram of the parts of the the Love Story

Artwork of this Guardian

A Guardian of Place is a being who oversees the well-being of an area of nature.

Each Guardian has his/her own personality and ways of managing the energy. They are real beings with real life stories that are taking place in a parallel dimension that shares earth with humans. Sometimes, as here, their handiwork is so grounded into the core physicality of earth that it is also visible to humans.

This is a series of blogs about the art works of this Guardian of Place. I began it yesterday, with an exploration of this site looking out into the Canyon and valley beyond, called Mountain Spirits at Garden of the Gods.

In this blog, we are studying the mural itself. It is a commemorative study and honoring of the woman loved, then rejected as a conscious act because the youth chose to focus instead on the acquiring of spiritual knowledge. The woman stayed faithful to him all her life and in this mural, he is honoring her steadfast love.

Heads of the Two LoversHeads of the Two LoversClose up of the heads of the two lovers You see the boy's face, rosy-cheeked and smiling with a tuft of curly hair peeking out of a cap that has a star on it (representing his aspirations). Above him you see a dream-cloud indicating his choice - the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. This symbol is a spread cobra head, a standard iconographic symbol seen in many Asian Indian images showing the mastery of spirit by beings like Buddha and Vishnu. 

Below him is the woman he loved. She is now bent over, as an old crone. But her face is the dual perspective seen in Picasso-style studies. Here one view is as a crone and another as a young woman (when she and the boy were lovers). Beneath her, in her heart section, is the head of her companion in old age, her cat. Above her you see a cartoon funnel up to her remembered dream of her true love. From her hand another cartoon funnel heads right to her remembered dream of the youth, his bare legs, buttocks and broad shoulders on display.  Sophisticated Perspective ChangesSophisticated Perspective ChangesDiagram of two views of the woman here - young and old -

This mural also explains why the youth left. His need to pursue spiritual goals outweighed that other course his life could have taken. The mural gives a personal dimension to the achievements the Guardian eventually grew into, and which I'll describe in future blogs.

You can see the story in a short video I made of the mural, called A Love Story Told in Stone.

You Need to Shift Your Focus 

I want to emphasize that if you went to this location, you could walk through it and see none of this. If you are hiking through, grounded in the normal perceptual range of our human dimension, you might simply feel happy and inspired by the scenery.

These are images I coaxed forward and photographed, taken over some fifteen years and several visits. This is an energetic merging of dimensions that I have practiced achieving, asking the energies, if they wish, to please come forward more strongly, and working with my trusty Nikon camera to capture what exists in this realm. Sometimes the camera captures the presence of life forms I may not see, because of current limitations of my own consciousness. When I do see them, in post-processing, it enables me to readily see it myself on my next visit to the site.

On each visit, my ability to see and photograph has grown and I am able to explore more aspects of this extraordinary living energy stone art gallery and the artist who created this work.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest Fri, 26 Feb 2021 13:24:10 GMT
Mountain Spirits at Garden of the Gods On our final day of lion images, I chose a mountain-size tableau of a lion's head. This handsome fellow presides over the back of a canyon in Garden of the Gods, Illinois. He is the proud protective spirit under a tableau I call A Love Story in Stone.

Mountain Lion at Garden of the GodsMountain Lion at Garden of the GodsThis mountain lion tableau sits at the back of a scenic canyon at Garden of the Gods, Illinois It's hard to get a full on view of the lion, as he looks out at the valley beyond - no viewing spots. But you can see how large he is from the size of the fallen full grown pine trees to the right of this photograph. We are talking hugeeee....

This lion lives in a pulsatingly alive canyon filled with intelligent, evolved spirits from many realms who have their own interdimensional United Nations of energies.

They are presided over by a very responsible Guardian of Place. The Guardian has worked in his canyon with all these many different beings, over the years helping them to actualize their unique personalities.

Below is the view looking out from the cliffside lion. Notice the nature spirits of all sizes. Top left is a lady of the rocks and to her right a handsome beast with two faces, one under the other. Nature performing its Picasso style!

Under them, best seen in an enlarged view of the photograph, are many smaller rock spirits (only in relation to the large cliff portraits - they are very large themselves) heading down into the canyon. Mountain Spirit VistaMountain Spirit VistaNumerous mountain spirts, giant and small, occupy this area of Garden of the Gods, Illinois

The left side entry to the canyon passes through a very narrow passage between boulders. Presiding over the entry is a tall rock being trying his best to look fierce and imposing. (See bottom left.) He stands above skeletal tree bones. But, really, folks - doesn't he look like a kindly tough guy? Coming Over the MountainsComing Over the MountainsThis large mountain spirit looks like he means serous business! He lives at the top of one of the ridges at Garden of the Gods, Illinois

When you emerge from the boulder squeeze area you come to the walkway you see in the photo below. The Love Story mural is to the immediate left of the walkway.

This path leads you over the narrow rocky terrain that is just above the lion. Beneath the walkway the canyon descends hundreds of feet. Looking out from the walkway you can see a hundred miles of forest. Entry Stairs to Scenic OverlookEntry Stairs to Scenic OverlookGarden of the Gods, Illinois Atala Showing the Love Story MuralAtala Showing the Love Story MuralGarden of the Gods, IL

You can see how large the Love Story mural is in the photo below of me showing off the mural. The Guardian of Place created this mural. It shows him in his youth, upper right.

There are so many sections of stories in this area that I will, in the next few months, start sharing them a story at a time. For now - you can watch a video of the Love Story at the Crystal Life YouTube channel.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods Illinois lion spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Shawnee National Forest Thu, 25 Feb 2021 12:38:35 GMT
Peace Treaty This Nature Spirit Tableau is the visual signature denoting the Peace Treaty between two groups who had fought over control of a piece of land. You see a lion being on the left and a horse being on the right.

The TreatyThe TreatyThis is a formal portrait of leaders from two different realms who have made a peace treaty for their peoples. The portrait study represents the agreement. Left is a lion being and right is a horse being. The horse being's group now rules while the lion being's group is accorded rights of use.

The Two Leaders

The personalities and feelings of the two leaders are quite clear. The horse leader is an older, darker, sinister looking energy - one wouldn't want to cross him! He wears the king's crown and is grounded in the reality of his group being in charge.

The lion is younger and has a lighter energy. He and his group were the former "owners" of the area. They fought off the incursion, with many losses, and would have kept going but they were offered an acceptable treaty by the other group.

The lion is trying very hard to match the authority of the horse but doesn't feel that bold inside himself. He looks noble, a good leader, but with some fear and insecurity beneath it all. A good leader who lost the battle and worked hard to get an acceptable (and hopefully accountable) treaty with the invaders.

There is a lot more that could be explored here. Such as the lion carved into living bark and the horse residing in the stripped bare trunk. And the other nature being faces and their emotions, also visible if one looks closely.

A Living Treaty

The energies of these two leaders have to live together in this tree. In the nature realm, the life forms will sometimes place their visual signatures in trees. In doing so, they place a portion of their own energy in that tree. It becomes a living energy of its own, connected to the pictured being. It doesn't look like the lion being is too happy about this bonding!

This was a territorial issue that the two groups have resolved. It is also a marker tree denoting the start of the victor's territory. The tree is located in a dark section of an Illinois Preserve. It is an area where I always shudder a bit when I pass through it on a walk.

All around this area the Midwest woodland is peaceful and content. But not in this one area. In this area, the energy is darker - like that of the horse being. There are a lot of twisted and fallen trees - not from weather issues - as though it was a battlefield in another dimension. There is an alternate current of sunlight and joy as in the rest of the area. But it has been overwhelmed.

A Piece of Reportorial Observation

On the day I took this photograph, I had decided to pay attention to the energy of this area, and why I was always so uncomfortable when passing through. The devas responded, directing me to take a photo of this portion of this tree.

It was a bright mid-day with the sun shining in mottled patterns through the summer leaves when I took this photo. The nature guides instructed me to take one photo, then told me no more. Looking at it now, it would seem this is because it was a piece of reportorial reporting of exposed emotions that would have been corrected if I lingered. Frankly, I didn't really want to linger in this area anyway so I took the photo and walked on. To enable you to see the details of this peace treaty plaque more clearly, I have lightened it and darkened the rest of the tree.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy horse spirit lion lion spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 24 Feb 2021 12:19:58 GMT
Desert Peace for a Watchful Lion This peaceful mountain lion watches over his desert home in Utah. He is the only stone stack for miles around and humans have placed a rest spot at his base, along a country road.

Desert Lion - Mid ViewDesert Lion - Mid ViewMid view of a desert lion, Utah I was traveling from Bryce Canyon back to Colorado, enjoying the beautiful, cloudless desert ride with its spectacular scenery when I came upon this lion at rest. 

I stop to enjoy his peaceful energy, which pervades the entire rest stop.

Here are other views of this lion. Note the fine detailing of the head of this beautiful interdimensional sculpture. 

Close up of Desert LionClose up of Desert LionClose up of the Utah Desert Lion. Note the fine detailing of the head and his relaxed posture, front legs outstretched. Lion Overseeing HIs HomeLion Overseeing HIs HomeThis majestic lion is the only stone stack for miles around, on the Utah desert land. He sits in serenity, in a small oasis along a country road.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy lion lion spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Utah Tue, 23 Feb 2021 13:36:38 GMT
Partnership of Lions This story I have pondered long about sharing but decided it was time to tell others what this lioness told me. It's important nowadays when there is a growing awareness about the need to honor and respect all life.

This is a sad story in many ways, but inspiring in the intense loyalty and devotion this lioness had for her partner. Since this is the week of stories about lions - here's one about two real ones.

LionessLionessThe lioness teaches her young how to fend for themselves, without vulnerability, and with honor, dignity, wisdom and courage. I am an interdimensional communicator. It's a skill set I have learned to keep turned off most of the time, to cut the chatter coming in from a very full universe. I will communicate with other dimensions if the situation calls for it, or some life form becomes aware I can understand them, and they have a message to transmit or share. I prefer communicating with the fae folk but animal communication also falls in my skill set. This is a conversation I had with a lioness.

The Lion Exhibit

One cold winter morning I was visiting the Brookfield Zoo as my photo club was there on an outing. I wandered up to the lion exhibit, which is behind fences and, in one area, a tall plastic window. There were a lot of shouting pushing having fun young school children.

I waited them out and finally got up close to the window, setting myself up to take some photos. I was scanning the enclosure and admiring the male lion - Zenda - who was standing regally on a stone cliff, deep inside the enclosure. (See below)

The female - Isis - had been close to the fence but had moved away. I wanted to photograph her and so called to her inwardly (thinking it was only in my imagination) to please come close.

To my surprise, Isis seemed to hear my thoughts and came right up to the window, stopped, and looked me in the eyes. She did not move. She clearly wanted to capture my attention and communicate something to me. Frankly, it was cold and I wasn't in the mood to talk so I tried to ignore her overture but she was steadily persistent in her mission and so I readjusted, and listened. 

You can see her steady, intelligent, intense, focused energy in this photo I took of her, above right.

My Conversation with a Lioness

LionLionThe lion is a symbol of strength, wisdom and balance. He is a symbol of balance and authority over the subconscious. The lion is very often the heraldic animal for leaders. I listened. Translating her conversation into human words, here is what she communicated.

She wanted me to understand and to share with others that she and Zenda were intelligent, aware beings. It was not right for us to keep them caged like this. They wanted their freedom just like I wanted mine. Look at how they were being treated - the shouting, gawking crowds staring at them as things. Constant garble of sounds all day long. 

She wanted me to understand that they were so unhappy and if it were not for each other, the situation would be unbearable.

I was confused by all this information. It was a download of facts I had not previously considered about zoos. And there are certainly cases where the animals are happy and sheltered. But not here.

Her situation was so sad but there was nothing I could do, and I told her this. She understood, with great sadness. But she kept her consciousness linked to mine and would not let go. She wanted me to understand - not just listen, but to deeply understand. She was staying linked to drive  her message deep into my energy field.

Isis told me that the only thing that kept her going was knowing what a loss it would be to her partner if she died. She stayed alive to bring him comfort. But, she told me emphatically, if he ever died - she would follow soon after.

It was some five minutes later that I broke off the connection, offered her my love, and left. I didn't know what else to do.

But after that conversation, I looked at zoos differently than before. I also now noticed others of the animals who were enormously unhappy, especially the Great Apes who are surrounded on all sides by humans and their unending chatter. I haven't wanted to visit the zoo since then although I sometimes wondered how the lion and lioness were doing, as they were considered stars at the zoo.

A Promise Kept

Last year I read in the papers that on January 2, 2020 the male lion, Zenda, had been put down as he had a degenerative spine issue and could no longer stand. The article said the couple had been together since they both arrived in 2008, were each around 14 years old and had spent a good deal of their time grooming each other. I thought of Isis and her love and concern for Zenda.

I also remembered what the lioness had told me. I knew that in a long relationship the partner left behind has a hard time adjusting and often they die soon after. I was fully expecting the lioness to somehow leave as well.

Two weeks later, I read that the lioness had mysteriously fallen from the top of the lion exhibit and had been found unresponsive at the bottom of the moat. She never regained consciousness and two days later she was put down as well.

That fall was not "mysterious" to me. I knew that was an intentional act by a deeply grieving, highly intelligent being. That fall was a result of this unbearable grief, and her long-held commitment to stay while Zenda lived and to leave when her partner left.

So this is a story that I am sharing to let others know that we are not the only intelligent life form on earth. Besides being kind to each other - we should be kind to all life forms we come in contact with, from animals to plants to rocks. Each life form is intelligent in their own world.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy lion lioness Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Mon, 22 Feb 2021 11:57:55 GMT
A Visit with Aslan, the Lion of Narnia A week of stories about lions wouldn't be complete without a visit with Aslan, the powerful benevolent protector of Narnia. The close up of Aslan (lower right) is one of my most popular photographs. The full view of this root structure (directly below) is itself complex and impressive.

Aslan on WatchAslan on WatchThis is a long view of Aslan, as seen in a root structure on Rialto Beach, Washington. Sweeping back from him is a long flowing cloak. Beneath the opening is an image of Fenris Ulf, the wolf who supported Aslan in one of the Narnia wars.

AslanAslanAslan, the noble lion of Narnia, is on guard, along the shore of the Olympic National Forest, Rialto Beach, Forks, Washington. Inside him are some of the many beings who make up his world. CLICK HERE to read more about this image. CLICK HERE to read about the Rialto Beach tree spirits.

Aslan the Protector

This massive cedar root structure is one of the more prominent sculptures at what is known as the Tree Graveyard - Rialto Beach, Washington. The beach front faces a part of the Pacific shoreline historically buffeted by strong storms. Over the centuries many massive cedar trees have washed ashore and weathered into awe-inspiring sculptural tableaus of complex roots.

In the long view of the great lion, you see him standing facing the ocean, his kingly mane flowing back in the wind. From his back extends a long cloak permanently fluttering in graceful folds. Inside his great body he is harboring many other life forms, large and small. Depending on your energy of the moment, you will see various images come forward then step back.

Protection from Fenris Ulf

I especially like the depiction of a wolf - let's call him Fenris Ulf, the giant wolf who assisted Aslan in one of the Narnia wars. He is so well detailed I wanted to show you a close up. You can see his fur! He is a spirit messenger - one eye is missing, signifying that part of him lives in spirit. He rests beneath, and protects, a portal to some unseen world.  Fenris UlfFenris UlfRialto Beach, Washington

Gentle Yet Wise

Towards the back of this root structure you see some gentle beings - an animal looking left and two birds - one with a sharp beak and beneath him an owl.  Nature Spirits in Aslan Root StructureNature Spirits in Aslan Root StructureRialto Beach, Washington











Portals to Other Lands

From the back side of the root structure, I photographed two portal openings. They face the Pacific Ocean. The one on the left is the back side of the portal you see above Fenris. The one on the right is the opening that you see from the front on the lower right, still a bit brown, with a variety of artistic contributions from beach strollers. This is always the issue when using portals - they look different from the backside. As the children discovered in Narnia, you need to very carefully establish your landmarks if you wish to return to the world and time from whence you came.

Window to the OceanWindow to the OceanRialto Beach, Washington View of Stacks through Root OpeningView of Stacks through Root OpeningRoot Opening in Aslan Root. Rialto Beach











Who Has Shaped These Images?

Below is a long view of the beach itself, with the massive cedar skeletons. Aslan is the third structure from the right.

This powerful beach with its highly energized "dead" root systems gives one pause. Exactly what is life, reality, imagination? When we feel such power from these so-called skeletons - is it coming from their inherent life force energy? Is it coming from the life forms who have moved in and made these structures their homes? Is it from interdimensional artists who are following a theme? From where are these artists drawing their inspiration? Do they read our literature and get inspired? Is there a universal library - the Akashic Records perhaps - that they tap into? In this area, as in every area of earth's physical forms, there is much still hidden that is waiting for us to explore, to map, to understand.  Long View of Tree GraveyardLong View of Tree GraveyardRialto Beach, Washington




(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Aslan Atala Toy everything is energy Fenris Ulf lion Narnia Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rialto Beach tree graveyard tree spirit Sun, 21 Feb 2021 13:01:45 GMT
Lion Courage Comes in Many Sizes Pine Tree LionPine Tree LionLion energy comes in all sizes. Here it is in a 12" or so pine tree. There are many energy grids that circle earth and make up its potentials. One of them is the Lion Grid. You will find lion images anchored in trees and rocks around the world. And also anchored in the moving beings - animals, people and nature spirits. These images come in all sizes. Lion courage is not a possession of only those outwardly large and bold!

Here is an approximately 12" high lion image I found in a pine tree at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. Look at his marvelous long main and handsome profile. He shows off well in the early morning sun! 


Familiars in the Nature Spirit Realms

I moved around to take his photograph full on. This led to the discovery that the lion was actually the familiar for one of the masked wood elf warriors. In the nature realm, life forms often have a spirit companion - called a familiar - who accompanies them, protects them, and imbues them with a specific type of energy.

So here, although the head of this masked elf warrior is only a few inches high in our human world, he is cloaked in lion bravery, power and beauty.




Masked Elf and Lion FamiliarMasked Elf and Lion FamiliarThe pine tree lion seen in the nearby photo is really the signature for one of the masked elf warriors. You can see him here. He is wearing a lion headdress. For the nature spirits, these connections are their familiars - living energies who support and protect them.

Lion and Elf diagramLion and Elf diagram

Diagramming the Two Energies

I've sketched out the two images here. The elf is in white and the lion is in pink. 

This image is notable for many reasons. It is another portrait of a specific elf of the genus I call the Masked Elves. Apparently I have a strong affinity with this group for I have photographed many of them. I am very fond of them! They appear in various sizes in trees and rocks but when I visit with them in the inner worlds, they are extremely tall, leanly muscular, composed, wise, ready for action if needed but content to stand at peace if the situation permits it. True warrior spirits!

The Worldwide Lion Grid

In our world, this warrior masked elf is small. In his dimension, he is large. In our world, we would consider the lion headdress decorative. In their world, this is a living force whose energy imbues the warrior he is associated with. This duo is strongly connected with, feeds into, and thus strengthens the worldwide lion grid.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve lion Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 19 Feb 2021 14:37:16 GMT
Big Cats Both the human and the nature realms respect and admire the large cats - lions, cougar, tigers. They project peaceful, focused, regal control of their surroundings. This is a quality we all are much in need of right now, when so many issues are affecting our society. So...this is my Week of the Cat. I'll be presenting inspiring images of large cats for the next week.

The HuntThe Hunt This handsome lion overlooks the road in Red Canyon, an entry point to Bryce Canyon, Utah. Unbeknownst to him, a human hunter on his stead is eternally stalking but never quite reaching this regal presence.

May you have the same good fortune in your life - while problems may come stalking, they never quite reach you!

These HooDoos are very tall and stand on top of a red sandstone cliff. They are a powerful sculpted tableau by an interdimensional artist.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bryce Canyon hunter interdimensional lion Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Red Canyon rock spirits Utah Thu, 18 Feb 2021 13:15:15 GMT
The Welcoming Committee at Morton Arboretum This is the welcoming committee of nature spirits who have gathered in front of the Library at Morton Arboretum.

Greetings to You AllGreetings to You AllThis is a greeting tree. It is bringing many of the nature spirits together to greet the thoughtful folks who use the Sterling Morton Library that it faces. The "crowned energy" is a friend, faithful dog. Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL These nature spirits make their headquarters in this very large statement tree that grows just outside the library, at the intersection of three paths.

Hundreds of serious scholars visit the library each day, where Morton Arboretum houses its senior staff and a renown library filled with scientific studies of trees, plants and birds.

The nature spirits at the Arboretum want to offer their welcome to the many people who have dedicated themselves to the well-being of trees. 

So they gathered a welcoming committee that energetically presides over the path that leads from the library into the Arboretum walking path or parking area.

Diagram of Greeting TreeDiagram of Greeting TreeI've diagrammed many of the nature spirits who have gathered to welcome humans to the Morton Arboretum. I've diagrammed some of the spirits upper right. The crowned "king" energy is dog - faithful, friendly, protective. He is shown with crown and long body, standing up. In his arm is a serious nature spirit scholar and the dog is sheltering a shy nature spirit in his chest. Just outside the dog form is a puppy (kids are very important at the Arboretum!)

Upper right is a gnome. Next to him is a scowling grouch (always one of them around, eh?) and the crown itself is an intellectually searching spirit.

Morton Arboretum represents the best there is in the world of caring for trees. The spirits of the nature realm have expressed their appreciation in this tree.





(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sterling Morton Library tree spirit Wed, 17 Feb 2021 13:25:53 GMT
Study in White Abstract in white - gardenia closeup

Study in WhiteStudy in WhiteCloseup of a gardenia

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) abstract photography Atala Toy everything is energy gardenia Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Tue, 16 Feb 2021 16:24:38 GMT
Life is Good! Happy Plant FairyHappy Plant FairyA very content plant fairy, living in the hot house at the Chicago Botanic Gardens A very content flower fairy is enjoying the good life in one of the hot houses of the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Outside winter is blasting its howling winds...but inside, all is light, warm and happy!


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Chicago Botanic Gardens everything is energy flower fairy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Mon, 15 Feb 2021 13:07:20 GMT
Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day. May you be surrounded by love.

Loving HeartLoving HeartThis Loving Heart is an offering from tree spirit. The tree lives peacefully on the lawn of an historic Frank Lloyd Wright home, located beside the peaceful Fox River in Geneva, Illinois.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy hearts in trees Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Sun, 14 Feb 2021 12:35:02 GMT
The Dashing Officer and the Young Girl Ah, romantic love! Does it ever run smoothly? In honor of Valentine's Day - here's a story I found in a crepe myrtle tree in Destin, Florida.

These crepe myrtle beings live in a housing community heavily populated by folks from the nearby military bases. That includes a good number of handsome young soldiers and airmen.

Here a young girl (left) is doting on a charismatic military officer (center). Looking on (right), we find Mom and Dad scowling at the situation.

The dashing officer is dressed in ornate lichen ceremonial headdress and is sporting a fancy mustache. The wide-eyed young girl has curly lichen hair. On the right, you can see Mom (bottom) and Dad (top ) strongly disapproving of this situation.

We Don't ApproveWe Don't ApproveMom and Dad (center) definitely don't approve of their daughter (left) being so infatuated with the older, handsome soldier (right)! These folks live in some Crepe Myrtle trees in a housing area near a military base. Destin, Florida. CLICK HERE for the story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy crepe myrtle Destin FL everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit young love Sat, 13 Feb 2021 11:58:43 GMT
An Homage to Pan from the Central Park Spirits John Lennon as PanJohn Lennon as PanHere you see the long-haired musician John Lennon, depicted as Pan attracting life forms of many realms from the beauty of his playing of the pipes. CLICK HERE to read the story. Pan is playing his pipes, surrounded by beings of many realms.

This tableau exists at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY.  Created by interdimensional artists, it is their memorial to musician John Lennon. It depicts him in his later long-hair years as a symbolic Pan, attracting life forms of many realms through the beauty of his music.

Imagine...Imagine...Closeup of the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY. Summer mornings, an admirer cleans the memorial and set out a fresh flower. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE A few hundred feet away is a memorial mosaic created by human artists to honor this giant of a musician. Every day for forty years, hundreds of people have visited that site to pay homage to Lennon.

Nature's homage has been crafted into the base of an American Elm. It features the musician, fingers playing the pipes, while a rabbit listens on as well as a bevy of other beings, including birds, gnomes and humans.

Pan Playing the PipesPan Playing the PipesThis is an artistic depiction of what it looks like to me when I enter into the spirit realm to identify with these life forms....a mystical world of moving energy. CLICK HERE to read the story. A Cosmic View

To the right is an artistic presentation of this same scene. It represents what it is like when I go into tree world and communicate in that dimension - the outside world fades away into a world of cosmic colors and forms.

View of the Tree's Home

Below is a view of this tree as seen from the Lady of the Forest who is in charge of this area. To learn about her, read my blog Strawberry Fields Forever. The tree is far right. You can see, far left, people gathered around the John Lennon Memorial. Strawberry Fields from the LadyStrawberry Fields from the LadyThe Pan tree is back right, in this long view of the park lawn. CLICK HERE to read the story.

All are Welcome

American elms are solid, comforting trees. When you approach this tree, and look up and down and all around, you see it has comfortably welcomed a wide variety of life forms.

Including humans, who can often be found on warm summer days camped out and chatting or sleeping beneath the tree. (Below right) Humans Relaxing at Pan's TreeHumans Relaxing at Pan's TreeHumans feel the comfort of this tree as well and you will often find, on warm summer days, someone stretched out and sleeping. CLICK HERE to read the story.




Looking Around the Tree

Pan's TreePan's TreeThis long view of Pan's tree show many of the life forms who are present in spirit. CLICK HERE to read the story. To the left is what the tree looks like when you approach it from the Pan side.

When you start observing all the different energies honored in the have to admire how sophisticated the interdimensional sculptor of this art work is. There are homages to many of the life forms who regularly visit this area of Central Park. Here are some I photographed.

Preppy WhistlerPreppy WhistlerStrawberry Fields is on the well-to-do Upper West Side of Central Park. Listening to Pan is a preppy fellow with protruding belly, happily listening along... CLICK HERE to read the story. Uptown Preppy

Strawberry Fields is located in the well-to-do Upper Westside. So of course we have an image of a Preppy club hopper. With close cropped hair, bow-tie, tuxedo, ample waist line, whistling a tune. (Right)

Girl with PigtailsGirl with PigtailsOne of the "common folk" of the city - a pig-tailed girl in a knit hat - listening to Pan. CLICK HERE to read the story.


Ordinary Folk

The ordinary folk of the city are represented as well. Here is a pig-tailed girl wearing a knit hat. (Left)


Gnome SpiritGnome SpiritIt's always good to have friends among the gnomes. Here's a jolly fellow sculpted at the base of the tree, close to his underground home... CLICK HERE to read the story. Gnomes

It's always good to be friends with the gnomes. To the right is a portrait of the cheerful local gnome, depicted emerging from his underground home.





Duck EnergyDuck EnergyDucks proliferate in this area, which is near the Central Park Lake. So they come to listen as well... CLICK HERE to read the story. Ducks

Ducks like this area - it is close to the Central Park lake - so they are represented. (Left)



Dog SpiritDog SpiritEvery day locals are in the park walking their dogs. So here's an honoring of this life form.... CLICK HERE to read the story. Dogs

Humans are out walking their beloved dogs everyday so here is an homage to dog energy. Dogs can be very spiritual partners for people and this is a spirit messenger. One eye is conspicuously missing for it carries messages from humans to spirit and back again...



Lots of Spirits in the AreaLots of Spirits in the AreaHere's a view of the Pan tree from its neighbor...There's one spirit at the base and up higher faces within faces of different types of nature spirits, including a long-eared elf. This is a highly evolved area of the park, overseen by a Lady of the Forest, and most of the trees have evolved their own distinct personalities. CLICK HERE to read the story. An Area of Trees with Distinct Personalities

This park lawn is extremely well developed energetically; the Lady runs a tight ship. Most of the trees have learned to express their own unique personalities or have been utilized by interdimensional artists to tell a story. Below is the tree next to Pan. Notice the figure at the bottom. Up higher are faces within faces, the large one being an elf with gorgeous long pointy ears.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Central Park everything is energy John Lennon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Pan rock spirit Strawberry Fields tree spirit Thu, 11 Feb 2021 11:49:35 GMT
When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom'd.... A lilac mandala, paired with part of Walt Whitman's poem, "When lilacs last in the door-yard bloom’d..."

When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Grew...When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Grew...A lilac mandala celebrating its heady, pervading spring presence...

In the door-yard fronting an old farm-house, near the white-wash’d palings,
Stands the lilac bush, tall-growing, with heart-shaped leaves of rich green,

With many a pointed blossom, rising, delicate, with the perfume strong I love,

With every leaf a miracle….and from this bush in the door-yard,

With delicate-color’d blossoms, and heart-shaped leaves of rich green,

A sprig, with its flower, I break.

                                                                                  ...Walt Whitman

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy lilac Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography plant spirit Walt Whitman Tue, 09 Feb 2021 15:42:31 GMT
Strawberry Fields Forever Imagine...Imagine...Closeup of the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY. Summer mornings, an admirer cleans the memorial and set out a fresh flower. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE John Lennon was one of the most loved musicians of modern times.

Here's a story of how both humans and the life forms of the more rarefied spirit dimensions admire him and what he represents.

These are images from the John Lennon memorial site in Central Park, New York. It is located in Strawberry Fields - a favorite spot of his, just opposite his home in The Dakota apartment complex.

As a unit, the images create a compelling story of the intelligent, conscious, combined love of many beings of many dimensions for this unique musician. Let's look at some of these parts.

Mosaic Honoring John LennonMosaic Honoring John LennonAt the opposite end of the park path is the memorial to John Lennon. The memorial is the center of a power triangle formed of three paths converging. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Imagine All the People...

Above right is the memorial plaque, hand-selected by his widow Yoko Ono and the City of New York. It rests at the center of a power point where a triangle of paths come together.

It contains the title of one of his most powerful songs - "Imagine all the people...Living all as one..."

Most mornings you will find the memorial has been swept clean of mementos and a perennially present fan has placed a flower and a commemorative note.

As the day rolls on, more and more locals and visitors come to the location and leave their own notes and flowers and have their photos taken. Honoring of Lennon by HumansHonoring of Lennon by HumansOn a warm day in summer, you may find dozens of people visiting this park shrine, leaving flowers and messages and taking commemorative photos. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE

This leaving of mementos has been occurring for some forty years now, since Lennon's untimely death.

During this time the nature-created images shown here also evolved. Why did this occur? Did the spirits respond to the devotion of the fans? Or did John Lennon love the area so much because of its rich spirit presence and the nature spirits, like humans, wanted to honor this special man with their own memorials?

The Lady overlooks this siteThe Lady overlooks this siteThis is a lady of the forest - the deva in charge of the upkeep of this area. She has the wisdom flame springing from her head, a face gaunt with grief, and a base chakra bleeding in sadness. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE The Lady of the Forest

At the other end of the path, at the exit point from this area, stands a wise, solemn and sad Lady of the Forest. The ladies are in charge of the comings and goings of all the beings in their domain, in this case the Strawberry Fields area. This lady looks remarkably like the energy of Yoko Ono - John Lennon's widow - and perhaps it is a memorial to her. 

There were strong intellectual and sexual components to the relationship of John and Yoko and you can see both these qualities this memorial. The lady is sad with a long, exotic face. She has a flame of wisdom rising out of her crown chakra. This is a classic visual symbol that signifies a wise person.

The Lady also has a prominent base chakra displayed full frontal, and it is leaking the tree's life blood - its tears and energy. The base chakra is the relation of a life form to the universe, and this was severely damaged for Yoko, and for all of us, by the senseless nature of Lennon's violent death.

The Lady is in command of the entire swath of lawn between her and the Imagine memorial. In this swath of lawn there are several trees with memorial images and two memorial bas relief sculptures - one from the stone world and one from the tree world.

This is the address marker for the Lady. Her energy pervades the area and it was her tenacity that organized the nature spirits to craft their memorial. Should this tree be cut down, her energy would simply select another tree as her home base and anchor there. That is - she is not a site-specific spirit.

The Musician and the Nature Spirits

This image, lower left, is the view from the Lady out across the lawn to the memorial area, back left of the image. Strawberry Fields from the LadyStrawberry Fields from the LadyA view looking from the Lady to the memorial site. You can see the tree with the musician images - it is the farthest back, in the center of the photo. The memorial stone can be seen on the mid-right of the photo. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE

Long-Haired Music and FriendsLong-Haired Music and FriendsThis tree is populated by multiple nature spirits listening to a long-haired musician play his flute. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE At the far end of this lawn area, parallel to the memorial itself, stands a unique tree with multiple images in it (right). This includes a complex collection at its base. You can see here a long-haired musician who, like the eternal Pan, is playing a flute and through his music has entranced a wide array of life forms. The images include animals (a rabbit and a bird), nature spirits (a gnome and, up high, the face of the residing tree spirit) and humans (a whistling preppy).


The Memorial Stone Bas Relief

The memorial "natural" stone sculpture in the middle of the lawn has the face of a handsome young man of the front side and on the back side shows the full body, with extended arm. It signifies the musician's energy rests here.

Musician's HeadMusician's HeadIn the center of the field a memorial stones rests with the image of a man's head on one side and a full view of the body on the other side. It resembles a memorial statue - to John Lennon? You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Memorial Stone with Prone FigureMemorial Stone with Prone FigureThis is the back side of the memorial stone. It looks like a long torso with arm. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE









The Olympic Victory Torch

Victory TorchVictory TorchA large Victory Torch (resembling that carried into the Olympic Stadiums) marks the back side of the memorial area. You can see the torch bottom, and then the "fire" and its smoke rising up into the air. A memorial emblem for John Lennon, from the nature spirits. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Looking straight back onto this lawn area from the paved path, you can see how the field extends. On most sunny summer days you will find several people relaxing and absorbing the sun and the energy of the area, as they are doing here. City Folks RelaxingCity Folks RelaxingThis is a view from the path looking directly back into the depths of Strawberry Fields. It is a popular place for locals to come and soak up the summer sun and a bit of nature's peace. You can see the memorial torch in the tree to the far right. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE

On the back far right of the scene shown just above, you find the tree memorial that marks the back side of the Lennon area. You can see the tree close up, to the right. It features a prominent wood bas relief of an Olympic Torch. The long sconce, large flame and long smoke plume signify the strength of John Lennon's achievements. He was of Olympian proportions! From another perspective, not seen here, this image also looks like a long-beaked bird and signifies the musician's return to spirit.




(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Central Park everything is energy John Lennon Lady of the Woods Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Strawberry Fields tree spirit Yoko Ono Mon, 08 Feb 2021 12:34:18 GMT
Grandfather Honors the Many Personalities of His Rock Family Grandfather presides over his rock family, strewn down a mountain hillside in Estes Park, Colorado.

Grandfather RockGrandfather Rock I first met him twenty years ago, at a time when I needed inner support. He lovingly welcomed me into his rock family and we have been friends ever since. 

Grandfather is an 8' tall granite boulder with a bird-like beak. Each of his rock family members have their own unique personality - grandfather believes in life forms following their own personal paths in full freedom of expression. There are the collective family of smaller rocks - the stabile life forms of any community - and there are the standout stars. While each rock in the family is unique, they all blend together in harmony of community.

Below is a view from partway up the hill towards the top rocks where Grandfather and Grandmother exist.

Rock StrewRock StrewRock strew, Estes Park, Co

When I first met Grandfather, I was moving through some major life transitions and uncertain how to proceed. I sat in that dark cubby you see to the right, under his watchful eye, and entered into meditation. Grandfather invited me into his inner family home and I sat surrounded and safe among this diverse family. They invited me to return to visit, from wherever I am, and I have often taken them up on this. They are my extended "Mountain High" family. They are - home.

Grandmother RockGrandmother RockThis wise grandmother rock (right) watches over her grandchild (lower middle/left), who has a playful, porpoise energy. These stone beings are part of a boulder strewn family that sits atop a pine-covered hill in Estes Park, CO. Grandfather holds the high point on the mountain group. Just below him and to the right is Grandmother. Grandmother is very much the crone - stoic, patient and nurturing. She is babysitting a grandchild - a very playful porpoise-like youngster to the left of the image.

Children love to play among the rocks and each year I've visited, their forts have changed in design and location. One year they built over Grandmother. I was shocked at their disrespect and asked Grandmother how she felt about this. Like a true loving Grandmother with grandkids scrambling about her feet, she responded that she rather enjoyed the change and all the joyful energy the children brought. I realized then that while the children played, she was flooding their little energies with the love of nature for humans, something the children will long remember after they are grown....

Strewn below this couple are the members of their community. You can see some of them below. I have written about various members in other blogs. They are each well developed beings with their own unique perspective.

Over the centuries, this community has seen various uses. It has been a sacred gathering ground for native peoples and there is a large flat rock that served as an altar. Today it is part of the property belonging to the YMCA of the Rockies - a popular vacation and conference site.

Grandmother and the FortGrandmother and the FortGrandmother, and the children's fort. Estes Park, CO

Here are some other members of Grandfather's family.

A handsome young prince. (below right) He is hidden away inside the small community of stones in which the children build forts. The  young prince is protected in all his manly beauty, just as the children are who play in this protected alcove.

Handsome PrinceHandsome PrinceHandsome Prince, Estes Park, CO









Big EarsBig EarsThis large-eared elephant rock is part of a family complex of rocks strewn along a mountain hillside in Estes Park, CO. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world.

A happy elephant. (left). You can read more about elephant spirit in my blog on world-wide Elephant Strength

Little WarriorLittle Warrior

A stoic little warrior - brave even though small in size. (right). He reminds me of the little fellow who accompanies the large heroes of a story - a side kick, brave though small and the one who often saves the day for his larger cohorts due to his pragmatic and crafty courage.

The Bully and His WifeThe Bully and His WifeThis tableau is one of many of a hillside strewn family of rock spirits I like to visit in Estes Park, CO. It shows a dour gross consciousness bully and, behind him, his cowering wife protecting herself from his blows. CLICK HERE to read about this story.


A grumpy old man and his much-abused wife. (left) You can read about them in my blog Bully and His Wife 

GaneshGaneshGanesh, Estes Park, CO


Ganesh. (right) This elephant god of Indian culture represents good fortune and protection. He protects the rock family, presiding at the bottom of the hillside strew.

Ancient AltarAncient AltarAncient altar


The altar. (left)  This flat rock still has the energy of ancient harvest ceremonials. Today it is a gathering spot for youth. A counselor has built a fire stash in preparation for the evening's ceremony.


Several visits and many years later, I knew I would not be returning as often to physically visit with my stone family. I stood in meditation, connecting with them in love and gratitude. When I came out of meditation, I felt compelled to look down at the ground by my feet - and found their physical response to me: a lichen-covered rock heart. It is an image I treasure. 
Love from the WoodsLove from the WoodsThis lichen-covered rock rests in Rocky Mountain pine needles, quietly offering its heart’s love to all who pass by on the mountain slope. On my last visit to Estes Park, Colorado, I said a sad good-by to my adopted rock family, and when I looked down…I found their loving response!


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Estes Park CO everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sat, 06 Feb 2021 14:46:45 GMT
Wood, Water and Air Spirits Along the Pacific Coastline Tree GraveyardTree GraveyardA view down the beach, of the line of bleached tree trunks at the famous Rialto Beach tree graveyard. A visit to Rialto Beach's famous tree graveyard leaves most people awe struck by the power and majesty of the massive tree skeletons that have washed up on the rocky beach. A graveyard, yes - but also a major earth powerpoint of living energy.

This tree lined beach on the Pacific Coast is a gathering ground for wood, water and air spirits - a community where multiple energies live together. Their combined energies across their different worlds brings their presence very strongly into our human realm of feeling. 

Each of the massive roots has their own energy. Many different life forms find their home in each root.

Smelling the FlowersSmelling the FlowersThe spirit of this weather-battered tree skeleton is still cheerful ...and still smelling the flowers! CLICK HERE to read about the Rialto Beach tree spirits



Here is a sweet yet massive tree root just over the rise to the beach, smelling the flowers. To me, she is a beautiful example of the ability of spirit to rise above their circumstances and find beauty in their surroundings.



Smelling the Flowers SceneSmelling the Flowers SceneThe home of the skeleton tree smelling the flowers.









She lives in a small island of gentle beauty in an otherwise stern and desolate tree skeleton garden.

AslanAslanAslan, the noble lion of Narnia, is on guard, along the shore of the Olympic National Forest, Rialto Beach, Forks, Washington. Inside him are some of the many beings who make up his world. CLICK HERE to read more about this image. CLICK HERE to read about the Rialto Beach tree spirits.










Here is one of my favorite tree roots, who looks like the energy of Aslan, the royal lion in the Narnia books. He lives in the third root system from the right, in the first photo showing the beach itself.




Home with a ViewHome with a ViewOne of the many small "forts" constructed along Rialto Beach...for play or living in?





People like walking the beach and some have visited often enough to create "forts" (or living quarters?) along the beach - there are a number of these that are both beautiful and awe-inspiring themselves, at the strength of beachcombers to move such large logs and construct their own beach home! This one comes with its own decor and a scrawled address - "Lola's Fort"




Sea Stack in FogSea Stack in FogRialto Beach is well known for its perpetual fogs and wild oceans. A typical morning sight, near a Sea Stack.


And this is the ocean view Lola and others see most early mornings. The beach is well-known for its continual fog and turbulent waters. 

Rialto Beach is located near Forks, Washington and is part of the Olympic National Park system.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Forks Washington Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rialto Beach sea stacks tree graveyard tree spirit Fri, 05 Feb 2021 15:03:02 GMT
Hermit of Sabino Canyon Hermit of Sabino CanyonHermit of Sabino CanyonThe Hermit of Sabino Canyon is a Watcher – a tree spirit who observes hikers crossing a bridge, from under his shaded home at the base of a desert tree. The hermit told me he was very happy to live peacefully alone, and did not want any special attention paid to him. Sabino Canyon, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read his story. This Hermit lives along side the road that wends through Sabino Canyon, Arizona. He enjoys watching hikers pass by but is not interested in interacting with anyone. He is an elderly reclusive Watcher. He does have a companion - you can see him in the vertical image, a greyish specter.

When you are hiking in nature and you feel someone is watching you - they probably are! Every tree, plant and rock has its own spirit and depending upon the day may be interested or not in what is wandering through their territory.

Hermit of Sabino and His CohortHermit of Sabino and His CohortThe hermit of Sabino Canyon is shown here with a specter who hangs out with him. In general, though, the different realms - human and nature spirits - are separated into different frequencies, also called dimensions and realms. Each is absorbed in the day to day details of their own realm. Each is equally "real" and well-developed as a realm where all the components of an evolved society exist.

I enjoy hiking through nature and letting the nature spirits know that if anyone would like their photograph taken - I would be happy to oblige. This is a novelty to them. It is also a service, each to the other, to show that the universe is a much more complex place than most humans are aware of. As we humans grow and evolve, eventually we will understand how our actions affect other life forms co-existing in the same turf - and vice versa. This far distant time will hopefully bring about a great sense of community, responsibility and peace.

Sabino Canyon RoadSabino Canyon RoadA section of the road through Sabino Canyon, AZ On this walk, I was sauntering along a desert road and actively looking for life forms I might not have previously seen. This seems to have appealed to the hermit and he called me over to visit. It took a bit until I saw him in all his glory, as he had disguised himself nicely. 

We had a nice visit. He explained he was of the Viking lineage, a very old soul, and was done with the fighting and exploring and just wanted to rest and look. A specter - a ghost of the world of all those warriors who had crossed over into spirit - kept him quiet company.

Here is a section of road showing what the desert looks like in this stretch of Sabino Canyon. It is not his stretch - he asked me not to show his area, just in case anyone decided to explore from the photo.

The Hermit in His WorldThe Hermit in His WorldAn artistic depiction of what the hermit's world looks like when I enter into it. And here is an artistic rendering I did of the look and feel of his world, when I shifted my perceptions to enter his dimensions.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Arizona Atala Toy everything is energy hermit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sabino Canyon tree spirit Thu, 04 Feb 2021 14:29:47 GMT
Love from the State Street Maple Heart on Joy PathHeart on Joy PathThere is a much loved maple tree on Joy Path at the Morton Arboretum. Nature has returned the love, growing a wood heart while its happy tree spirit smiles at the hikers passing by... I love trees in all their many aspects, from their beauty to the warm nature spirits who make the trees their homes.

I've always lived places near arboretums - and even, in college, on designated arboretum land. Trees are my refuge and my joy.

Currently, I live near Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. They love trees and many of the experts there devote their entire lives to the care and propagation of trees.

This is one of their much loved State Street Maples - a hardy breed they developed themselves. In adulthood, as here, it is a gorgeous huge spreading maple and it is much admired by strollers along Joy Path.

State Street MapleState Street MapleThis is a prominent and much loved maple tree at Morton Arboretum. It is a variant them themselves developed. The tree returns that love full fold, in so many ways - its beauty, strength, shade, foliage. When you walk by the tree, it emanates the love that comes from being well-loved.

Humans and nature spirits love to play around the tree. Here are a few of the tree's resident nature spirits.

Above left: On the back side the tree has grown its own heart. A happy nature spirit looks out at Joy Path. And a very tiny timid nature spirit with its little claw is peaking out just under the loving heart.

Maple Tree SpiritsMaple Tree SpiritsA happy lovable dog is among the various nature spirits who make this stately maple tree their home. Morton Arboretum. Below left: On the front side, facing strollers along the path, are a bevy of nature spirits. One seems ready to step out and greet you while a playful dog is looking left.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Joy Path Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography State Street Maple tree spirit Tue, 02 Feb 2021 11:56:36 GMT
Mandalas and Patterns Azalea MandalaAzalea MandalaBright azaleas and green leaves crafted into a nature mandala.... In this winter season, it's sometimes nice to recall the vibrant colors of Spring....Here's a floral mandala composed of multiple images of a pink azalea and its leaves.

Greenman silhouetted against tilesGreenman silhouetted against tilesTiles with the Greenman image....and the Greenman himself. And one of my friend the Greenman, silhouetted against a background pattern formed of mandalas whose component parts are the greenman himself.

Fun and funky wintertime fun. Notice how the repeated patterns of the mandalas intensifies the energy of its subject....

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy azalea everything is energy Greenman mandala Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 01 Feb 2021 11:39:55 GMT
Anatomy of an Alpha Tree Tree Spirit CollageTree Spirit CollageThis is a tree spirit collage where I’ve lined up the root portals that surround this cottonwood tree in their body order. The root portals surround the tree and represent its grounding these energies for the park inhabitants to use. CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree This Alpha Tree is the leader of the trees at Wheeler Park, Geneva, Illinois. He commands the highest point in the park and is formed of four cottonwood trees clustered together as one unit.

Around the tree's base are earth portals formed from its root system and relating to three aspects of the humans whose activities have so affected life in the community park. There are eyes, a heart, and a base chakra form. I've overlaid them on the tree. 

Cottonwood trees have heart-shaped leaves that rustle in the wind; it is said by Native Americans that they carry our prayers to the Great Spirit.

Alpha TreeAlpha TreeView of the cottonwood alpha tree, early morning. Wheeler Park, Geneva, IL CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree Once, long ago, this was virgin forest inhabited by Native American nations and bordering the then-sacred Fox River.

The Quarry at Wheeler ParkThe Quarry at Wheeler ParkThis is an early 1900s photo of the quarry at what is now Wheeler Park, Geneva, IL. Courtesy of the Geneva History Museum. As white settlers moved into the area, various industries developed and the area became known nationally for its milk production, windmill manufacturing...and quarrying of stone for building supplies.

Wheeler Park was once a quarry stripped of all remnants of forest. Eventually the stone played out or encountered residential boundaries and by 1950 the last of its 53 acres had been deeded to the town.

The town filled in and renovated the area, setting up a scenic park and a mini-golf course, tennis courts and senior center. The town worked in tandem with nature, creating a site of natural beauty. did nature respond? I currently live in this area and for the past fifteen years have enjoyed walking here and visiting with the nature spirits. They've shown me many of their secrets, and how hard they work to cooperate with humans to evolve a more perfect union of the worlds.

Greenman of GenevaGreenman of GenevaThe Greenmen are the philosophers and teachers of the nature realms. Tall and fine-featured, they keep order in nature. They are distinguishable by their facial armor: Platelets of tree trunk, leaves, and energy that flow back from their face when they come in peace, come forward to protect themselves when danger approaches, and grow flaccid in old age. This Greenman is in the prime of his life, and while the warrior nature is foremost in his energy, he is at peace now. My favorite Greenman lives here and I've written about him often, including in my blog on Greenmen Personalities.

Bird Who Swallowed a Frog | Atala Toy Nature Spirit PhotographyBird Who Swallowed a FrogThe bird who swallowed a frog is a gentle joke and energetic correction by this cottonwood tree. The tree root has the shape of a bird but its eye is a frog! This image is part of the work of the nature spirits along the peaceful, gently-flowing Fox River Valley in Illinois. CLICK HERE to read more about this story A wonderful, loving Grandmother tree lives here - you can read about her in my blog on Harmonizing Energies | The Nature Spirits Step In

Grandmother houses many spirits including a light-heartedly profound root ensemble where a duck has as its eye one of its food delicacies - a frog. This ensemble - holding together natural competitors to create a peaceful union - is a way the nature spirits are working to bring harmony and community between competing energies. This includes humans and nature.



Cottonwood HeartsCottonwood HeartsThis heart portal is a root that formed at the base of a cottonwood tree. CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree Earth's EyesEarth's EyesEarth’s Eyes – These root eyes are part of an alpha Cottonwood tree – a tree who is the leader in an area. You can focus on these eyes and enter into the inner earth! CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree At one time, when I taught classes, I enjoyed taking esoterically-minded folks on a visit to the Alpha Tree. I'd show them how to sit in the heart portal. It is just the size of an average tush and when sitting looking out, the flower at the top of the heart fits the base of the human spine. A great rush of earth energy comes up from this heart portal and it is relatively easy to travel deep into the peace and love of the nature realms.

The eyes are a portal on the other side of the tree.

During the fifteen years I've been walking in this park, I've seen a lot of changes. When I started, the park was relatively unused and the alpha tree presided over a peaceful sweep of lawn.

Lightning StrikesLightning StrikesMultiple lightning strikes transformed the energy of this alpha tree. CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree A number of years ago, the town began installation of a frisbee (disc) golf course and placed a lunch table, a basket and a tee on this hill. This was quite a shock for the alpha tree. I personally was deeply saddened at the lack of respect the architects had shown for the tree. 

Frisbee Golf beneath the Alpha TreeFrisbee Golf beneath the Alpha TreeToday, folks enjoy a round of frisbee golf, one basket and tee located beneath this tree. CLICK HERE to read about this alpha tree But the tree itself gradually adapted. It's first change occurred when lightning struck the tree, running down several of its trunks into the ground and shattering pieces of bark all around the base.

This event changed the energy of the tree itself. In Native American traditions, a lightning struck tree is a powerful shamanic instrument. It has great value as a point of transformation and healing.

It was some time after this occurrence that I noticed a marked change in the energy of the tree. Like all of us, humans and nature - if we survive a sudden act of transformation, we grow in wisdom and knowledge.

The tree's energy has the sadness of experience but gone is its previous esoteric aloofness, replaced by an emotional understanding and compassion. He now energetically interacts and blesses those who play at this disc golf hole.

The 18-hole course takes the player throughout the park, enjoying many parts of its terrain. The entire park, presided over by this alpha tree, is changing its energy. It now hosts young people - especially guys - who are enjoying nature and having good healthy fun with friends.

The Alpha Tree adapted to its area's changes and still leads. The nature spirits are achieving one of their goals: uniting humans and nature in peaceful, cooperative ways.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) alpha tree Atala Toy everything is energy Geneva IL Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree portals tree spirit Wheeler Park Sun, 31 Jan 2021 15:40:33 GMT
Forest Mandala Roses are the highest frequency flower in the West. Here a frame of roses surrounds a common dream...that we may walk a sunlit path through a peaceful forest.
Window into the ForestWindow into the ForestA mandalic peak into the freedom of the forest path...CLICK HERE to read a related blog.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy forest path mandala Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit yellow roses Sat, 30 Jan 2021 19:40:18 GMT
Spiderwoman Spiderwoman moves stealthily through the woods of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. (Below Left) SpiderwomanSpiderwomanSpiderwoman - a complex root system in a pine, Franconia Notch, NH

SpiderwomanSpiderwomanSpiderwoman - the Native American image for creation. This Petroglyph is found at Signal Hill, Tucson, AZ

The spider occupies a central point of fascination for most of the earth's traditions. Its meaning spans the range from being the Vedic and Native American symbol for the creation of the universe (Right) to the Greek image of the three fates weaving the pattern of a human's life to Western lay culture's image of the spider as a woman weaving an ensnaring trap for a man. Metaphysically, the spider represents creativity for it spins forth form from inside its own being.

Summer DecorationsSummer DecorationsEarly morning dew decorates the spiderwebs of country fields. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image. missing spider-2Missing SpiderSometimes even the weaver of the web goes missing...CLICK HERE to read the story behind this image.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography spiderweb spiderwoman tree spirit Thu, 28 Jan 2021 21:37:35 GMT
Faces in the Forest Faces in the ForestFaces in the Forest How many faces can you find in this art piece? The original photo for this was a view of an inland stream in Destin, Florida. I sliced it in half, flipped it and pieced it together - and voila! "Hidden" nature spirits were revealed! Fun and beauty at the same time!



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Destin FL everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Thu, 28 Jan 2021 11:25:41 GMT
Greenman Mandala Here's a mandala artistically showing a Greenman surrounded by beings from his forest home. Greenman MandalaGreenman Mandala

This is good artistic Photoshop fun; I turned a portrait study of the Greenman in the center into a mandala via repetition of form. The resulting patterns make it look like he is resting in a mystical realm filled with spirits peaking out from a bevy of tree branches.

I enjoy this mandala artistically and in that realm it has its own created life  and energy. In terms of being a study of nature spirits - it is imagination, not an actual portrait study. Scientifically, this mandala has created a splendid example of pareidolia - the inclination humans have of seeing faces in random patterns. The multiple repetitions of the portrait seen in the center of the mandala created a piece of fantasy art with the illusion that numerous spirits are surrounding and protecting the Greenman.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy greenman mandala Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 27 Jan 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Ice Giants at Starved Rock Ice GiantIce GiantThis Ice Giant is accompanied by his familiar, an elephant who is protecting his back. They manifested in the winter ice at the 80’ waterfall located in St. Louis Canyon, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois. Winter snow and ice brings forth Nature Spirits who exist only for the duration of the cold. They are the winter version of summer's flower spirits who exist only for the life of their specific flower. 

This Ice Giant is over 15' tall. He came to life one winter at the 80' tall St. Louis Falls, Starved Rock, Illinois. He is somber and helmeted. He looks like a weary soldier resting on the battlefield, ice shards like swords all around. Perhaps he is the energy of the water, which has travelled a long route through many territories before ending in this sheltered canyon. 

Protecting the ice giant's back is his familiar - a helmeted elephant with a long nose and sharp tusk. 

You can see the size of this ice giant duo in comparison to the humans in the horizontal photograph below.

I find the world-wide elephant grid very rich in its variety and personalities. See my blog on Elephant Strength. One of elephant energy's qualities is it military strength and courage. Elephants were a prized, and helmeted, war vehicle in ancient India; see the helmet in this image, and in the other blog's photo of a helmeted elephant at Machu Picchu. Also in that blog, elephant energy can be more benignly protective as in the image of a Jamaican Greenman; or playful as in the image of elephant and mouse at Island Park.

St Louis Canyon WaterfallSt Louis Canyon Waterfall

This ice giant duo lives at Starved Rock State Park , an area of steep canyons and waterfalls located in Northern Illinois' otherwise flat landscape. It is a favorite hiking area for the Chicago area. I particularly enjoy the very active nature spirits of the area. It also has a rich interdimensional element to it - the veils between worlds are very thin in this region!


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy frozen waterfall Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit St Louis Canyon Starved Rock Tue, 26 Jan 2021 13:04:07 GMT
Guardian of Sheldon Church This Guardian of Place lives in an ancient live oak positioned at the entry way to Old Sheldon Church, Beaumont County, South Carolina. Guardian of Sheldon ChurchGuardian of Sheldon Church

Guardians of Place have the responsibility to keep matters energetically aligned in an area and to protect a site to the best of their ability. 

Guardians can be of the spirit world or a human who has died but remains on the earth plane to care for a special site.

This is a "place marker" image of the site's human Guardian of Place. Such an image is like the address or signature of a spirit who moves about a site. If that marker is destroyed, the spirit simply moves his signature to another location.

Sheldon ChurchSheldon ChurchSheldon Church, Charleston, SC The Guardian has a monk's hood and oversees the ruins of a famous church that dates back to 1745. (See right)

The portrait study above shows the Guardian in front of the ruins. The wash texture on the portrait study includes a segment of the white plaster interior that still remains on the brick walls.

The Guardian is accompanied by a cat companion whose image rests on the Guardian's cheek. The somber face of another spirit can be seen just above the Guardian's head.

The exquisitely constructed Sheldon Church with its massive columns stands in elegant ruins now, having been burned down first by the British in the Revolutionary War and then by the Union Army in the Civil War.

Close up of the Guardian TreeClose up of the Guardian Tree The Live Oak stands at the entry path to the church, overlooking and protecting it. The Guardian's face inclines down, at this angle, from one of the Live Oak’s massive branches.

Spirit explained to me that the Guardian had, in life, been associated with the Church. After death he had been assigned to work at cleansing, purifying and protecting both his and the property's energy.

Both the Guardian and the twice-destroyed property have gone through the required cleansing and the resulting state of redemptive peace has become part of the sacred presence now returned to this location.

Panorama of tree and churchPanorama of tree and churchSheldon Church, Charleston, SC



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Beaumont County Charleston SC everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Sheldon Church tree spirit Mon, 25 Jan 2021 12:07:38 GMT
The Warriors of Bell Rock, Sedona How many warriors do you see in the photo of Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ?

Warriors of Bell RockWarriors of Bell RockBell Rock is a famous masculine vortex in Sedona, AZ. If you look closely, you can see at least five warriors with distinctly different personalities profiled in these rocks, along with their dog. CLICK HERE to read about this vortex. Sedona is famous for its many vortexes, which generate energy from within the earth Herself. Each vortex has its own personality and energy. My favorite is the powerful Bell Rock, located just south of the main town. It is known as having masculine energy. And, indeed, this protective energy is palpable when you walk the various trails around and up this earth power point.

View from Bell RockView from Bell RockStanding on a plateau of Bell Rock, looking out into the desert surrounding Sedona, Arizona My experiences here were profound. I first visited many years ago when I felt the need for protection in my life, having just made some drastic lifestyle changes. I felt the arms of Bell Rock surround me and course down through me. The protective energies of the universe funneled through me and down deep into the core of earth. I was home. I was protected. I was accepted.

Shown here is the view I experienced, looking out from a plateau on Bell Rock into the desert.

This vortex has generated multiple images of warriors of many world civilizations. The images manifest aspects of the warrior energy. Lightening up this all-male consciousness is their playful, barking watchdog, located right in the middle of the warriors.  

Shown right is a view of Bell Rock from town. Bell Rock from TownBell Rock from TownBell Rock seen from the town of Sedona, Arizona

This deep acceptance and protection is a key energy of this power vortex. Vortexes are locations on the earth in which multiple grids of consciousness both laterally and vertically cross each other and earth's incredibly wise and incredibly ancient wisdom shoots through them to the surface. In some areas, as in Sedona, the earth's protective shields are very thin and this inherent wisdom blasts outward, tailored in many ways to specific frequencies. There are so many aspects to such locations that one could write a full book about any of these sites.

People who live in Sedona may, after several years, develop what is called a Sedona High. This is when the energies of the many vortexes have fully moved through all aspects of their personal energy field and they become spacey from the energies. They have to leave Sedona for awhile to reground, before heading back home.

Below are two mesquite trees. They demonstrate how vortex energies - which exist as fields within fields - affect biological growth. The straight tree is simply growing naturally while the other shows  how growing inside a vortex will create a circular spin to growth.

Mesquite Tree in VortexMesquite Tree in VortexThis tree grew in a spiral as it adapted to the vortex in which it was born. Sedona, Arizona Mesquite Tree growing straightMesquite Tree growing straightThis mesquite tree grew straight

Desert FlowerDesert Flower And here is a small white desert flower who has found its home along the mountain path.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bell Rock everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sedona vortex Sun, 24 Jan 2021 13:55:22 GMT
Raven or Ship's Keel? Raven or Ship Keel?Raven or Ship Keel?This is one of the named rocks at Lost River, NH. They call it the Ship Keel. However, when I look at it, I see a watchful raven. What do you see? CLICK HERE to read the story.

This is one of the named rock formations at Lost River, Woodstock, NH. It is called the Ship's Keel. 

However, I always see it as a rather dark pondering raven. He overlooks a nook along the woodland walk where there are several underground caves that children like to explore.

Let's take a vote on this - what do you see?

Lost River is an attraction in the Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire. It is a long walk along woodland paths, punctuated by steep stair ascents/descents and a number of caves that youngsters love to explore. 

When I was a child - I loved exploring the caves, where water from the "lost river" ran alongside strews of boulders. 

Now I visit and listen to generation after generation of happy exploring children. And I instead photograph the very distinct rock personalities who have evolved over time.

When rocks (and trees) exist in close proximity to people, some evolve ways to connect to these curious life forms - a reaching out into their environment. This includes altering their own physical appearance, perhaps in alignment with a significant event or actions that regularly occur around them.

If you are fortunate to have your own grounds around your home - go outside, sit in a favorite area (or find a new one) and quietly study - deeply - the nature around you. Or go to a local park and do the same. You will be surprised at what you see and learn!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Lost River NH Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography raven rock spirit ship keel Sat, 23 Jan 2021 12:22:50 GMT
Dude with Punk Haircut Dude with Punk HaircutDude with Punk HaircutLove the rocks at Lost River, NH! They have such unique personalities. Here's a happy dude with a punk haircut covering one eye....CLICK HERE to read more Love the rocks at Lost River, NH. They have such well-developed and unique personalities! Here a happy dude with a punk haircut covering one eye...

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Lost River NH Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Fri, 22 Jan 2021 13:37:02 GMT
The Red Wall Walls - they can keep out , keep in, or be a strong foundation. Walls can be constructed in many ways. But I think our Democracy is much like this strong wall. When you look closely, you see it is formed of many different sizes, shapes and colors that, over time, has developed its own patina and now gracefully stands as one harmonious whole.

Sausalito AbstractSausalito AbstractA section of stone wall, Sausalito, California. CLICK HERE to read more

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Thu, 21 Jan 2021 13:15:09 GMT
Dawn on the Spruce Burl Trail Once again dawn arrives with its promise and hope for change, growth, joy, peace...and its own set of challenges, opportunities and regrets...

Dawn on the Spruce Burl TrailDawn on the Spruce Burl TrailOnce again it's dawn...hope spring anew and we start the future in a burst of light.. CLICK HERE to read an associated blog.

Spruce Burl Trail, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Spruce Burl Trail sunrise tree spirit Wed, 20 Jan 2021 11:39:42 GMT
Venus and The Leering Dogs This happy leering dog gets to oggle the voluptuous Venus, who he gazes at all day long every day. He and Venus can be seen from the back entrance to the famously haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.

Happy Dog!Happy Dog!This dog gets to oggle the voluptuous Venus he looks at all day long... CLICK HERE to read the full story. Venus and Her DogsVenus and Her DogsThis voluptuous, "big boobs" Venus with her prominent public area is surrounded by leering dogs - like males on the scent! CLICK HERE to read the full story.

...And the hotel is haunted, I can tell you from personal experience acquired during my stay!

I took a Ghost Tour of the hotel while I was staying there and one of the stories is how the original owner in later life would occasionally bring ladies of ill repute to visit with him, traveling the back entrance to - shhhh - maintain appearances.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, COStanley Hotel, Estes Park, COThe Venus and Dogs tableau resides along the back entrance to the famous haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. This is the hotel from its scenic front entrance. CLICK HERE to read the full story. So on my explorations of this interesting locale (it featured in Stephen King's The Shining), I was very amused to find that the Nature Spirits had recreated their own tableau of the elderly man's Victorian Era shenanigans.

To the left, going down the back road from the hotel, is a large leering boulder with the image of a dog intently and a bit foppishly oggling something.

I followed his gaze and discovered across the road and up the hill a very large stone island tableau. The first thing you see when looking at it are the figure's very very large breasts. That is followed by her prominent hips and pubic area. Her face is roughly drawn in.

So... No arms. No legs. Barely any face. Just boobs and a pubic area. Yup. A Victorian misogynist's view of women! Lest there be any doubt of the energy involved - notice all the dogs roughly drawn into the rocks around Venus. It's the woman's view of all the men she has had to put up with in her career! A bunch of leering, panting dogs....

Ah the nature spirits! They have such a sense of humor about us humans!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy dog spirit Estes Park CO everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Stanley Hotel Venus Mon, 18 Jan 2021 14:27:01 GMT
On the Road to Capitol Reef It's Sunday, most of us are sequestered at home so....sharing expansive scenes from other times, driving along Utah's vibrant scenery, headed to Capitol Reef.

Capitol Reef Area SceneryCapitol Reef Area SceneryOn the road to Utah's Capitol Reef area...
CLICK HERE to read the full story.
On the Road to Capitol ReefOn the Road to Capitol ReefUtah's expansive scenery. CLICK HERE to read the full story. White Rock GuardsWhite Rock GuardsOn the way to Capitol Reef, Utah I passed by these vary large White Guards....
CLICK HERE to read the full story.





(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Capitol Reef Utah everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sun, 17 Jan 2021 11:06:20 GMT
Nature Spirits at Capitol Reef, Utah Nature Spirits at Capitol ReefNature Spirits at Capitol ReefElf spirit has the high ground here - see cliff to right - with a hooded military spirit lower right. Capitol Reef, Utah. CLICK HERE to read the full story. It's rare to find Elf energy occupying the high ground of an area.

The elfin rock sculptures I have seen in this position have been portrait studies of a specific forceful leader establishing clan rights to the area. 

See upper right - the large sculpture of an elf leader, with a prominent pointed ear.

The elfin leaders at these high points are accompanied by a military presence. 

This military presence is shown lower left. The low ground of this important pass through the mountains is being guarded by helmeted no-nonsense military nature spirits loyal to the elves. 

Capitol Reef, Utah


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Capitol Reef elves everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Utah Sat, 16 Jan 2021 13:15:22 GMT
Viking Spirit in Geneva, Illinois Swedes were among the first European settlers of Geneva, Illinois. Pride in their Nordic heritage pervades the culture even today, as it does much of the Upper Midwest. Part of that heritage includes the adventurous Vikings. I've found Viking images in a number of trees in the Northern Illinois-Wisconsin area. Below is this nature spirit energy manifested in a mature oak tree on what was once a pioneer farm and is now the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve.  Viking of LeRoy OakesViking of LeRoy Oakes

Geneva HS Viking LogoGeneva HS Viking LogoThis is the Viking logo for Geneva High School, Illinois

Viking TreeViking Tree This tree lives at a major juncture point, leading into the woods then splitting into two major woodland paths. Notice the Viking spirit's warrior-honed lean facial muscles, horned helmet and long hair.

To the left is the official Viking logo for Geneva High School. Amazing similarity...

To the right is the view of the tree as seen from the ascending path below him.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Geneva High School LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Vikings Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:55:22 GMT
Elephant Strength Getting Along with Each Other | Elephant and Mouse | Atala ToyGetting Along with Each Other - Elephant and MouseNatural energy polarities – elephant and mouse – are united within this tree. It is part of the work of the Fox River Valley nature spirits, who are seeking to create harmonious energy for all earth communities in their area by holding together opposites inside nature herself. This tree experiment lives at Island Park, Geneva, IL. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. CLICK HERE to read more about the nature spirits' work on behalf of harmony. Elephant images exist in stones and trees in many places. They are nodal points in a worldwide elephant energy grid. 

Although earth looks solid, this is the cumulative result of innumerable grids of active energy over-layering each other. Life forms, emotions and thoughts connect to like and what might start as a thin thread eventually grows into stout ropes shaped like nets. 

An extreme example of this is how Christianity started with the thoughts of one man but now is a strong presence that can be tapped into worldwide.

The same is true with energies like elephant, lion, monkey...these energies have existed for eons and have spread out across the globe, anchored in areas that may not ever have had the physical presence of the animal. But the anchoring means connection to that animal's consciousness is easily accessible. 

At various points where the web connects down into the earth, it may do so through a tree or rock. Sometimes that spirit is made visible. Shown here are elephant images I have encountered in various places.

Elephant energy is courage, endurance, steadfastness and love of family. Good qualities to identify with.

Here are some favorite elephant images I've photographed:

Right: Elephant and mouse co-exist in the same tree. Large and small – timid and strong. It’s part of the harmonizing of opponents that the Fox River Valley nature spirits are intent on securing in their area. This tree lives at Island Park, Geneva, Illinois. Jamaican GreenmanJamaican GreenmanThis Greenman lives in a Poinciana tree in Jamaica, West Indies. He has a headress/familiar that is an elephant image. CLICK HERE for the image story. And - CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world.

Left: Elephant totem hat on a Jamaican of African heritage. Jamaica, West Indies. Here the elephant strength and love of community is shown as the spiritual strength supporting the local people who work near this tree,

Warrior Elephant | Machu PicchuWarrior Elephant | Machu PicchuThis warrior elephant is wearing a protective helmet. He resides on the back side of Machu Picchu, Peru. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. Right: An elephant in military helmet is located at the back of the Machu Pichu, Peru complex. His strength forms the central part of the protective structure.

Below Left: This is the famous Elephant Stack, located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Its strength permeates the energy of this wild and rocky area. It interacts with water, the common component of all life.

Elephant Stack | Second Beach, Forks, WAElephant Stack | Second Beach, Forks, WAThis is the famous Elephant Stack. It is one of many rock stacks that stretch along the wild beaches of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. Big EarsBig EarsThis large-eared elephant rock is part of a family complex of rocks strewn along a mountain hillside in Estes Park, CO. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. Right: This is a very peaceful elephant who is part of a family community of rock beings. Estes Park, Colorado.

Elephant at Madison FallsElephant at Madison FallsThis small gemstone of a fall is located on the Elwa River, Washington state. Elephant energy is present in the wood elephant far right. CLICK HERE to read the full story about elephant spirit around the world. CLICK HERE to read the story behind this photo. Below: This elephant (a root structure) is filling itself with the pure, peaceful waterfall pond energy, as do many of the visitors to Madison Falls, Washington.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy elephant everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit tree spirit Thu, 14 Jan 2021 12:55:35 GMT
Gryphons, Trooping Fairies and a Portal European trooping fairies, their Gryphon coat of arms and protection from a human friend…yeah, sounds like another Central Park story!

Full Gryphon tree-2Close up of the Gryphon Tree This tree looks very dark and totally unassuming, should you pass by it on one of the park’s larger cross-town paths. Which I have done for many years. But on this year’s visit…my goal was to locate major interesting nature stories. When I received a magnetic pull to check out this unassuming tree…I went.

Gryphon Close UpGryphon Close UpClose up of the Gryphon. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park For quite some time I studied the tree, wondering what was so special about it that I had a call…and now literally could not leave. I was planted in place – a device my guides utilize when I am being too slow to identify with the situation.

Slowly…slowly…I kept turning the kaleidoscope of frequencies until – bam! It locked in and I was looking at a – gryphon? “Gryphon”, the nature spirits said (he himself was being very regally protective and not talking at all). “Not ‘griffin’, not ‘griffon’.”

So I knew I was encountering a European royalty situation - the folks who sometime feature standing gryphons on their family coat of arms.

Like all the stories I have been shown and told by trees and rocks and nature spirits - I share it with you as I was told. I leave it to you to decide whether you choose to believe it or not.

This tree lives on the edge of a large sweep of lawn that is not actively utilized for any sports and there is no sidewalk along its edge. It is a perfect setting for gatherings of the trooping fairies – a very European group of nature spirits who love to travel and socialize en masse. AND…this day had seen a full moon the night before – prime party time!

Do Not Enter!Do Not Enter!Some human helped secure the tree energy at a vulnerable portal point. They plugged up the portal opening with a stone and placed a series of obstructions. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park Close up of the Energy FenceClose up of the Energy FenceHere's a close up of the portal blocking devices. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park I followed the portal line of the gryphon down the tree, pausing to acknowledge the other nature spirits lined up along the way. At the bottom was a …. ? “Do Not Enter” construction. Crafted by human hands!

Do wonders ever cease! I have at times encountered such evidences of human awareness of nature spirit situations. Alas, I have not myself encountered the humans involved. I wonder who they are, and if I am missing seeing them because they look so ordinary.

Such signs of human interaction that I have encountered include a non-descript pink plastic tie on a single tree along a forest path. In the distance will be an especially significant, non-descript tree or glen where there is a strong fairy presence. Whether I see the tie before or after feeling the pull to the site depends upon my route along that path.

Sometimes I will come upon a precisely laid out circle of pebbles around a tree, or a tree with a wide clear space underneath it while leaves cover the rest of the forest floor. Sometimes a wreath, bouquet or single flower will be laid at the foot of a non-descript tree in the middle of a forest.

There are people who know but do not speak. 

In this case – a small stone has been pushed into a small hole in the trunk, sealing a portal opening. Below it lies a small twig structure like a traffic barricade, with a popsicle stick securing it in place and a small piece of tinfoil beneath it. The energy was clearly – do not go further. When I queried, the spirits explained little third dimension beings (like mice) were wandering through the portal, so they asked a friend to help build a barricade. Trooping fairies will do that – royalty asking “ordinary” humans for help.

I thought this was so interesting, I took a very amateurish video of the tree which I’m sharing here.

Bored Sophisticate - or HIdden Warrior?Bored Sophisticate - or HIdden Warrior?On the back side of this tree is another protective ensemble. At first it looks like a bored NY sophisticate. Looking further, you see a hidden warrior and a crafty fox. This energy is helping to hide this tree that is in plain site. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park Lastly. On the back side of the tree (the “back door” escape hatch) lives a protective circular tree growth.  At first look it seems to be a bored sophisticate – it’s setting that energy in place for those passing by – “Ho hum. Boring!! Nothing here.”  But on closer look, there is a wily fox on the right and hidden between the two – a mature "wily" elfin warrior. His eye is the sophisticate’s mouth (he is making sure they find the tree “boring”).

The Gryphon of Central ParkShort Video showing the Gryphon Tree.
CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park
Below I've diagrammed these figures for you, and have attached the video

Gryphon with Figure DiagrammedGryphon with Figure DiagrammedI've diagrammed the gryphon and also other of the life form energies who are connected with the tree. This includes a rabbit (lower right), similar to the rabbit in the Jamming photos. Rabbit energy - fast moving, changing frequently - is a key New York City consciousness. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park Bored SophisticateBored SophisticateI've diagrammed the bored sophisticate and the crafty fox. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park Hidden WarriorHidden WarriorA portrait of the crafty elfin warrior whose duty it is to protect this tree from public eyes. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park Here’s to interesting nature spirit stories in Central Park! Gryphon Tree | Central ParkGryphon Tree | Central ParkA tree with a European Gryphon and a portal for Trooping Fairies. Central Park, New York City. CLICK HERE to read the full story of the Gryphon of Central Park.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Central Park everything is energy gryphon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit trooping fairies Wed, 13 Jan 2021 12:17:32 GMT
Dowager and Her Dogs Dowager and Her DogsDowager and Her DogsOak tree root at Fabyan Estate, Geneva, IL. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Fabyan Estate was owned by a wealthy family and is now a well-visited park where children play and locals walk their dogs.

Trees often associate with the life forms in their environment. Here is a tree who holds deep in its roots the memory of when it was young and the elderly dowager of Fabyan Estate walked the woods with her dogs.

There is dignity and humor carved deep into the dowager's personality, and her dogs are ever-present - one above her to the right and one below her to the left.

Fabyan Estate, Geneva, Illinois.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Fabyan Estate Geneva Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 11 Jan 2021 13:26:37 GMT
Dog's Treasure Map This is a dog's treasure map to the best trails at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. What a great exploration it is! This map is overseen by its own dog guardian spirit. The map is carved into a tree that crosses one of the grass trails at the Preserve - one favored by people walking dogs....

...Just kidding. But it makes a good story!

Dog's Secret MapDog's Secret Map

Actually, this is probably the result of activity by long-horned beetles called red oak borers. They find their food in distressed trees. The end result are these interesting patterns. And that is definitely a dog spirit guarding entrance to the walking path ahead! The large tree trunk is positioned so that people need to bow down to cross under - but dogs have free access!



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Sun, 10 Jan 2021 14:10:06 GMT
Ekwabet | Watching Over Ekwabet ProfileEkwabet ProfileWatching over - the Pottawatomie term - refers to this statue of a Pottawatomie leader. They were the original inhabitants of this Fox River Valley area. “Listen, for I speak but once….As I gaze across the waters of the shimmering Fox River, I see the smoke of thousands of teepees where I once saw only gentle prairies and lush forests abundant with game. Many moons ago my people were among the first voices to be heard in this land. We came to live in peace with nature. We hunted and fished. We married, bore children and died at our appointed time. The bones of my people mingle here with the earth. We loved this Valley. It was with great sadness that we had to leave our home. We were few, and the settlers were many. The spirits of my ancestors have never left this great Valley, and occasionally, you may glimpse our shadows or feel our presence as we tread silently along the shores of our beloved Fox River. Our final prayer as we left our land was that you would love this Valley as much as we loved it. We were one with the earth, sky and water. We were the Neshnabek, the “People” of the Valley.”

Ekwabet in FallEkwabet in FallThe Pottawatomie settled along the Fox River, in Northern Illinois. This statue memorializes their love of the valley. It is titled "Ekwabet" - "Watching Over" Created by local sculptor Guy J. Bellaver. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This inscription is on this statue, located in St. Charles, Illinois. It is called Ekwabet (“Watching over”) and it is a standing figure of a Pottawatomi Indian chief who is overlooking the Fox River flowing by next to him. He is holding a peace pipe in his proper left hand. He is looking into the wind which blows his hair back. He wears an animal skin cape and long pants. The plaque, with above inscription, rests below the statue and tells the story of this peaceful people, their love of this valley and how times change. The statue was designed by Guy J. Bellaver, at the time a St. Charles resident.

This statue and its poem have so many layers of meaning for me personally. It is where I stood in reflection, some 20 years ago, and asked if the energies of the Fox River Valley would welcome my settling here, after a lifestyle change and move from New York City. The energies opened their arms. I gratefully welcomed their embrace and moved in. It's been a wonderful twenty years, filled with peace and opportunity, with growing a business, deepening my relationship with the peaceful nature spirits of the area, and mastering photographing these energies.

These same energies helped me know when my own time was coming to an end, and to peacefully move along. There is dignity in this very normal process of growth and change in a time-constrained physical realm. At this time in our country when we are struggling with societal changes, it seems appropriate to reflect on the dignity inherent in knowing when your time is over, and peacefully moving on.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Ekwabet everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Pottawatomie St Charles IL Sat, 09 Jan 2021 13:45:02 GMT
Above the Earth and in the Clouds Sometimes it's nice to rise above it all and look at earth from another angle. Here are some airplane cloud scenes from my gem-hunting trips to Tucson and Denver...

Above the StormAbove the StormBillowing clouds and a clear spot of sun break above mountains and skyline over Tucson, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Blue SkyBlue SkySunset sky over Denver, Colorado. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Pink CloudsPink CloudsMorning clouds seen from the air, over Tucson, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read the full story.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy clouds Denver Colorado everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Tucson Arizona Fri, 08 Jan 2021 12:59:51 GMT
A Desert Setting for a Great Horned Owl This studious Great Horned Owl was laser-focused on finding a yummy meal! Tucson, Arizona.

Owl in FlightOwl in FlightThis studious Great Horned Owl was laser-focused on finding a yummy meal! Tucson, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read the full story. I See You!I See You!This studious Great Horned Owl was laser-focused on finding a yummy meal! Tucson, Arizona. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) animal spirit Atala Toy everything is energy great horned owl Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Tucson AZ Thu, 07 Jan 2021 12:52:41 GMT
Council Tree in Mann's Choice, Pennsylvania Council Tree Facing RightCouncil Tree Facing RightCouncil Tree Facing Right. CLICK HERE to read the full story. A Council Tree is a courthouse tree where nature spirits bring issues to be arbitrated by a council of nature spirit elders. The Council Tree is usually surrounded by an open area on at least one side where nature spirits of various types will gather, as the audience. The audience is waiting to hear the petition of various nature spirits regarding such issues as rights and responsibilities, including claims of negligence of duty.

Council Tree Facing LeftCouncil Tree Facing LeftCouncil Tree Facing Left. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

















If you encounter a Council Tree on a walk, you will note a weighty silence about it. This is similar to what you would hear in a human judicial court that is not in session. There are frequently many types of beings sculpted into the tree. They could be guards, or sculptures of various judges of the court.


Deer HeadDeer HeadDeer head guard at the Council Tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Guardian Spirit | Manns ChoiceGuardian Spirit | Manns ChoiceGuardian Spirit at the Council Tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Tree Portal | Manns ChoiceTree Portal | Manns ChoiceSpirit Portal at the Council Tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Entry SpiritsEntry SpiritsGuardian spirit at the base of the Council Tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This Council Tree exists in a private residential area in the farmland surrounding Manns Choice, Pennsylvania. It has its own island, on a dirt road through the enclave that splits to wind around the tree then unites to continue on. The tree energy was strong enough to generate its own protection, when the road was being developed.

You can see the various spirits who watch over the court - a peaceful ornate deer-like creature with long tusks or horns, an aggressive harpie-like being, a horned Pan guard for one of the several portal openings on the tree, and a welcoming figure at the tree base.
































(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Council Tree everything is energy Manns Choice Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 06 Jan 2021 12:49:16 GMT
Dawn at Yosemite The awesome vastness of Yosemite National Park is seen from an overlook. It's dawn in the mountains and the mist is rising slowly from the valley floors.

Dawn in YosemiteDawn in YosemiteReceding mountains in the morning mist. Yosemite National Park, California. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy mountain spirit Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Yosemite National Park Tue, 05 Jan 2021 13:17:08 GMT
Garden of the Gods at Sunrise The fairyland of red sandstone spires shines bright in the morning's sunrise.

Garden of the Gods - Early MorningGarden of the Gods - Early Morning

This breath-taking panorama greets the visitor as you top a roadside hill and prepare to descend into fairyland. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Garden of the Gods mountain sunrise Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Mon, 04 Jan 2021 13:10:36 GMT
Tree Faces - by Human and by Nature Artists Tree Faces - Port AngelesTree Faces - Port AngelesAn artist's interpretation of tree spirits. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Here's a fun juxtaposition of tree faces by artists from the human and the spirit realms.

I was traveling up to the Olympic Peninsula and stopped for a bite to eat in lovely Port Angeles. There by the visitor center is this wonderful tree sculpture that honors the magnificent evergreens of that area. The artist was capturing the variety of spirit images that will manifest in a tree. 

I thought this was so artistically sensitive - I captured it on camera.

Faces in a Pine TreeFaces in a Pine TreeTwo tree spirits peek out from this pine. One is a face - the other looks very much like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! Port Angeles, Washington. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Then, a bit later, I went for a walk around the Port's public park. And there, on the edge next to woods, I came across this sculpture crafted by Nature Spirit Artists. They look uncannily similar!

I'd say that human artist was very much in tune with the nature spirit artists of his home area!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Port Angeles tree faces tree spirit Sun, 03 Jan 2021 13:00:00 GMT
Rock Spirit Stability in Times of Stress It helps, in times like these, to identify with life forms who have been around a very long time…and have survived. For me, rock and tree spirits have always proven to be my stable place holders. Rock spirit is especially useful when I have to just dig in, stay stable and ride out a storm. That’s where we as a civilization are right now. We all have to get to the other side of this pandemic storm…and stay as stable as possible while doing so.

Sunrise in AcadiaSunrise in AcadiaSunrise on the cliffs at Acadia. A spirit watches over the small alcove. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Rock consciousness has been present since earth’s beginnings. It has seen many transformations and its very origins are a lesson. Some were formed through intense fire that melted and molded them; others through millions of years of pressure. They’ve seen storms, earthquakes, gentle rain, soft and intense sun. They’ve endured being cracked, split, worn away by wind…and it has only made them more beautiful and more unique…and very peacefully, non-interferingly wise.

Sitting With a Stone

I love to sit with rocks and absorb their story, their strength, their message. During this time when most of us are indoors – and others of us are on the front lines of disaster – it can prove very comforting to sit with a stone.

If you are a rock collector – pick a different one of your stones each day, sit with it and absorb its qualities and its story. Or go outside your home, ask nature to find you a stone to talk with and when it “pops” – take it to sit with. It could be as tiny as a pebble…or very much bigger.

You can also focus on a photo of a rock – one that inspires you – from a small specimen to a mighty mountain.

Seen above is an inspiring rock cliff. It is located on the Maine Coast, in Acadia National Park. There is so much to absorb and learn here. You can sit with this cliff in so many ways. There is the change of color between where the rising sun has turned the rocks red to the blue-grey of the rocks still in shadow. There is the cracked nature of the cliff. Some parts stay strong. Others have fallen off. Yet the disappearance of parts, caused by issues beyond the cliff’s control, is what has given it character. Each area we study has its own story to tell…just like us, weathering our own storms. 

Multiple Layers of Personality

Rock Spirits in AcadiaRock Spirits in AcadiaSeveral Rock spirits have manifested head portraits. Seen at sunrise, Acadia National Park. CLICK HERE to read the full story. And then there are the multiple images this cliff spirit, and other nature spirits, have generated – some of which are recognizable to our human sight. There are a multitude of energies visible here. How many can you see, and how does each energy differ from the other? This is another aspect of this cliff’s story.

It never ceases to amaze me how life forms beyond our human understanding can work with these ancient, solid materials to express ideas, as though the stone was butter they are moving about. How other lifeforms ARE the object, and over millennia shape themselves to express who they are or what they have seen or what type of energy they embody.

Just like humans – rocks have many aspects to their character. While humans have multiple personality layers that they learn to reveal or hide, rocks have a solid, limited canvas. As they only have so much physical space , they often create very sophisticated images that slide into each other. Looking at a rock from a different point of view will often cause you to see an entirely different image and energy. 

I had a wonderful time sitting on this extended seaside cliff area one morning, from sunrise to midday. The solid beauty and variation of the rocks, the sound of the ocean waves, the changing light – it was peaceful and fulfilling to all the senses and I simply sat. 

The Mayan Connection

Eventually, as the rocks awoke to the dawning day, they began calling out to me. They had connected to me and my own personal mission, which is to photograph the nature spirits and thus document their sentient nature. They became quite insistent that I make my way to look down this alcove and connect to an energy down below. I finally moved – and found these wonderful Mayan head and skull images. This area of the Maine coast has a number of images connected to the ancient cosmic Mayan lineage – which I am connected to and protected by – and they wanted the energy documented. This area is part of an extensive grid of energy lines (some refer to them as ley lines) that has grounded the Mayan knowledge and kept it accessible to any who wish to connect. This viewing also let me understand why this particular area was so soothing to my soul.

So, this is a sharing on a personal level of just a part of the experiences of that morning…and how sitting can be so fulfilling. In a time when many of us are being “forced” to sit due to home isolation…it is a practice you might want to explore.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Acadia National Park Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirit Sat, 02 Jan 2021 11:26:10 GMT
Don't Mess with Someone's Guy! This is the story of a female spirit who messed with the wrong competitor for some male's affection. Maiden and CroneMaiden and CroneThis is the story of a female spirit who messed with the wrong competitor for some male's affection. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Shown here is a collage over time of a large tree with a dark energy off the usual path of a local preserve where I often walk. The photograph at the left is when the tree was in her flirtatious prime. Notice her long eye lashes and pursed lips and her multiple arms curving forward in a grasping movement (left).

I didn't particularly like the energy around this tree so didn't visit often. But five years later, on a visit, I found the tree had transformed into an old crone - and then died. Only her shell was left. (See tree to upper right)

In the upper left and lower right corners you see a closeup of the two stages.

A Rapid Disintegration

The speed at which this all occurred was unusually fast, in tree time. But a careful check of my camera stats showed a mere 5 years difference. In the middle I placed a shadow of the tree in her prime, as a spirit overlooking this rapid progress.

The tree toppled not long after and in only a few years more totally disappeared. Now this was a very heavy and large tree in a forested area. But there is nothing left to show it existed - no trunk, no root system. The energy of the location where she had been also changed. It had been very dark but now the area is notably light in feel. Below you can see where she had been positioned - it is the large nodal tree with grasping claw-like branches, across the river that the Bear Guardian is looking at.  Guardian of the ValleyGuardian of the Valley

Which leads one into the realm of fairy tales and what ifs...

A Female's Curse

I know that the fairy realm will often punish transgressors by imprisoning them in some way, either for a specific term or until the natural object disintegrates. They've shown me this.

When I ask about this situation, they are notably silent, which is not usual for them. Which means something they do not wish to discuss. But my persistent puzzling over the situation has led them to provide me with a gentle "what if"...

From the looks of the evidence, one could say that some life form got a little too flirtatious with some powerful female's guy and didn't back off when warned...

The push back was that this threat, her flirtatious vampy eyes, succulent mouth and grasping claws were turned into a tree and cursed to stay there until the tree died and disintegrated.

Compassion Descends

As the flirt grew older, imprisoned in the tree, her looks and her temper disintegrated. When she finally died and fell over, compassion must have appeared from that world and they disintegrated the tree rapidly, releasing her spirit.

In other words - don't mess with someone's guy, especially if his female with rights is very powerful. Strange things can happen!

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve maiden and crone Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Fri, 01 Jan 2021 13:01:12 GMT
Nature Spirits at Olmstead Point, Yosemite These huge mountain spirits are part of the history of our national park system. They face Olmsted Point, Yosemite National Park. Mountain Spirits on Olmstead PointMountain Spirits at Olmstead Point

The famous naturalist John Muir took US President Teddy Roosevelt on a three day camping trip in Yosemite. It is said that they had lunch on these cliffs and it was here they discussed creating a National Park System.

Muir is known as the Father of the National Park system. Following him, Frederick Law Olmsted became one of the first Commissioners for the park and an innovative conservation philosopher. This was one of his favorite sites to picnic and to reflect. 

Olmstead Point SpiritsOlmstead Point SpiritsClose up of the Olmstead Point Spirits and attendants. CLICK HERE to read the full story. You can see how powerful the nature spirit consciousness is in this area. The entire hillside across from the point is dominated by a Buddha-like figure but with elf ears. Next to him is a military-looking cohort. 

The Buddha-like figure on the left is a spirit messenger – one eye is in this world, the other eye is missing, as it is turned inwards to spirit. His companion, to the right, also has the other eye visible – two beings, each bridging spirit and matter from a different point of view, much as Muir and Roosevelt did in creating the park system.

Next to them, much smaller, are two attendants (you can see them better in the close up).

There are a number of large loose boulders along the Point itself and in the large image you see two of them, looking across at the mural. They have clear nature spirit faces and pointed elf ears.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe….John Muir

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Frederick Olmstead John Muir Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Olmstead Point rock spirit rock spirits Yosemite National Park Thu, 31 Dec 2020 11:35:13 GMT
World Turtle and the Kissing Camels Known as Camel Rock (see the two Kissing Camels upper left), this rock island stands at an entry point into Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. To me, the entirety of this redstone rock island looks like a savoir faire World Turtle. The Native American cosmology sees the world as situated on the back of a turtle in the cosmic ocean.

Camel RockCamel Rock This turtle has a jaunty French beret and is looking up, actively eager for exploration. There are many kinds of beings in his shell back - some visible here, others on other sides of his shell.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy camel rock Colorado Springs everything is energy Garden of the gods hoodoos kissing camels Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 30 Dec 2020 13:47:49 GMT
Lightning-Struck Transformation Trees Lightning PortalLightning Portal You have a strong ally for change when you encounter a tree who has been struck by lightning. These trees are known as transformation trees. If you are fortunate to come upon such a tree soon after it has been struck and there are bark or wood pieces scattered on the ground from this event - pick one up. It is a good tool to use for your own personal change - or if you are a practitioner, as a tool to work with your clients needing assistance with change. 

Snake Portal GuardianSnake Portal GuardianThis snake energy guards the portal opening in the left lightning-struck tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Here are two trees in close proximity, each struck by lightning. They create a transformation portal. There is an energy sheath between the two. If you choose to walk through this portal consciously, you can use it to drop old issues and refresh your energy. If you are unaware of this opportunity, and just happen to wander between the two trees, you simply get a nice refreshing energy sweeping across you.

Nature Spirit Portal GuardianNature Spirit Portal GuardianThis mustached and bearded nature spirits guards the right side lightning-struck tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Where lightning strikes, a wound opens up the tree's energy field. This results in a flow of energy between the tree and the outer world that needs to be regulated. While protection from spirit is immediate, gradually the energy of a guardian for this portal will manifest itself. Shown here are the guardians for each of the lightning portals.

Above right is the snake guardian that arrived to protect the portal in the left tree. To the left is a mustached and bearded nature spirit and, around him, the larger head of a dog-like spirit. They protect the right side tree's portal.

These trees live at the Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, St. Charles, Illinois.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy interdimensional LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve lightning-struck tree nature spirit photography transformation tree tree spirit Tue, 29 Dec 2020 10:47:50 GMT
Happiness from a Wound Magnolia Smile Close Up | Atala ToyMagnolia Smile Close Up Cheers to you from a very happy magnolia spirit! 

I have on a number of occasions found huge smiles on trees where a limb has been clean cut. Wouldn't you think that strange? Part of a life form has been cut off and it results in a smile?

The trees tell me they are so happy because a human cared enough about them to clean up a bad situation that could have devolved into decay setting into the trunk!

Magnolia Smile | Atala Toy Nature Spirit PhotographyMagnolia Smile Wounds to an energy field - tree or human - become entry points into a grid's integrity. They are points that need to be dealt with. In a human, they are where outside influences can affect emotions and health. In a tree, they can reveal the internal character and affect health. They can also serve as a portal into the tree's world, or into another realm, which is why you will almost always find a guardian watching over the "wound". 

In a human, a wound holds emotions that need to be addressed and remedied. It has affected the integrity of the body's grid. Humans are the guardians of their own grids, and internal examination helps understand and integrate the situation. This is especially true with traumatic wounds such as those received in battle. This self-examination can lead to an even stronger energy field than before.

For this magnolia tree, treatment of the situation was a happy experience. This fellow lives at the Morton Arboretum, where it is their lifework to take care of trees.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy magnolia Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Mon, 28 Dec 2020 13:13:42 GMT
Christmas on the Spruce Trail Someone decided the woods needed to celebrate Christmas as well! They hung a green and a red Christmas Ball on a small Charlie Brown tree who lives beside the Spruce-lined path. Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois.
Christmas on the Spruce TrailChristmas on the Spruce Trail

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Charlie Brown Christmas Tree everything is energy Morton Arboretum Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Spruce Plot tree spirit Sun, 27 Dec 2020 13:00:00 GMT
The Beauty of the Elements Elements. The skeletal elegance of a long-dead tree set in a moving background of earth, water and sky. Skeletal BeautySkeletal BeautyThe skeletal shape of a tree against a stark ocean setting. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bull Island everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography South Carolina tree spirit Sat, 26 Dec 2020 11:18:36 GMT
The Stark Beauty of This Year This has been a year when we've all been stripped to the very skeletal basics of existence. May the universality of this starkness be a blessing to you. 

Stark BeautyStark BeautyTree skeleton in ocean. Bull Island, South Carolina. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bull Island everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography South Carolina tree spirit Fri, 25 Dec 2020 11:55:55 GMT
Lady of the Forest and the Rodent King Lady of the Forest with EntourageLady of the Forest with EntourageThis lady has a bird energy - notice her headdress and face. She has a long cloak and stands on the energy of her entourage - a handsome nature spirit, a crone, and various other spirits in her domain. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The Ladies of the Forest are a special category of nature spirits who oversee the comings and goings of all life in their area/domain. This bird lady has been teasing me for several years, telling me to come find her, but when I stand in front of the tree - she eludes me! This time I found the right frequency and she appeared for me to photograph.

Nature spirits are all around us - they are the energies that keep their world of nature organized and at peace. But for us to see them - we have to learn to identify with their other-dimension frequencies. There are beings who resonate with each of us, and these are more easily seen by different people. It really helps for you to photograph and collecting these images. You can understand more about who you personally resonate with.

This Lady has a bird feather crown (like a cardinal), a face with a pronounced bird beak. She is wearing a long cloak and is standing on a collection of nature spirits, including a very handsome masked elf, a nature spirit crone, and various other faces that are parts of each other. This artistic symbolism reminds me of images of Kuan Yin standing on clouds, ocean or dragon; it is the same concept.

This tree lives on what was once a long-time convent retirement community and like many of the images here there is the energy of a contemplative, nature-loving nun about her as well. She looks like she could as easily be wearing a nun's cowl and ornate breast covering as a bird's fancy head and breast feathers.

King of the RodentsKing of the RodentsThis ornately headdressed nature spirit has very large ears and as his familiar a large rodent. He is King of the Rodents. CLICK HERE to read the full story. As in any mature tree who chooses, or is chosen, to have energetic images - this tree also has interesting ones. It is always good to carefully walk around such a tree, looking high and low, and see what else the tree wants to say.

If you look at the lower right back of the trunk, you will see a large burl. Moving around it, I discovered another distinct image. Again, this image had enticed me and eluded me for several years; this winter I finally saw it. This is the King of the Rodents. He is frowning and in a bad mood. He has elaborate armor that frames his face - a typical nature spirit world armor but fancier than ordinary warriors. He has very large ears and a familiar - seen side view on the right of his face - who is a rodent. 

I suspect the King has had to deal with caretakers of the buildings putting out poison for rodents, resulting in members of his domain dying painfully, and he is in warrior mode attempting to rectify the situation. Also, birds and rodents are often competitors and the overlighting deva of the area, and this tree spirit, may be holding them together to balance out the energies. Balance in nature is a major theme.

This grouping lives at the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve in St. Charles, IL

Bird Lady of the Forest - Full ViewBird Lady of the Forest - Full View

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Forest Illinois lady of the forest LeRoy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Oakes Preserve tree spirit Thu, 24 Dec 2020 13:51:44 GMT
Spirits in a City of the Dead Graveyards are very active places - just in other dimensions than our own.

When I was in my twenties, I found graveyards to be peaceful places to sit and contemplate. At that time, I felt they connected me to a deep silence that also seemed alive. It was as though the dead might talk to me at any moment, connecting me into the mysteries of the universe. Graves at Magnolia CemetaryGraves at Magnolia CemetaryOld graves at Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC. Click here to read more.

As I grew older and reawakened to a knowledge of consciousness, I found graveyards interesting for many other reasons. Over the years I've seen ghosts, way stations where the dead gather to cross over, spirits tending to their interdimensional duties - and I've helped some disoriented souls cross over to the light.

Graveyard SpiritGraveyard SpiritThis is a tall elegant hermaphroditic spirit, gracefully watching over gravesites at the Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston SC. Click here to read more. Nature spirits live in graveyards, as everywhere else. Like any community, various spirits have various duties. Here are three places where I found active nature spirit presence.

The site is the historic Magnolia Cemetery, located in Charleston, South Carolina. It is 92 acres and is called the City of the Dead. Founded in 1849, on an old plantation site, it has seen its share of wars, of soldiers lost too young, of children who died too soon, of mothers lost in childbirth, of statesmen and commoners who were granted long productive lives. There is a profound sense of mortality, but also of comfort and of a coming to terms with our short human time on earth.

To the right is a tall hermaphroditic spirit, overseeing a collection of gravesites. This image is representation of the tree spirit itself.

Hooded Elf at Magnolia CemeteryHooded Elf at Magnolia CemeteryThis is a signature image denoting this tree is a hooded elf's home base. Click here to read more.













To the left is a hooded elf with a heart-shaped face. This marks the elf's home. It is a homing device; when something happens in this area, the elf is immediately notified, no matter where he is traveling at the moment. This elf is a being of the air. He is looking down at a broken stone with a hole in it. In many traditions, such as the Native American and the Chinese, a hole such as this signifies an entry gateway into spirit. This particular tree has many spirit images in it. It is itself an entry point into the spirit worlds.

Gnome at Magnolia CemeteryGnome at Magnolia CemeteryThis is a gnome's signature image, signifying this is his territory. Click here to read more.



(I often wonder who else - human or otherwise - is interested in these things, and leaves the small hardly distinguishable markers that define what a space is for, or where a special location is, or augments the meaning of a location by the placement of a symbol, such as this stone.)

To the bottom right is a gnome, who has marked his territory with his portrait. It is always good luck to have a gnome in residence, and this one watches over one of the ancient pathways through the grounds. Gnomes are deep earth energy and this image marks the portal into a well-ordered underworld.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Charleston SC everything is energy Magnolia Cemetery Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Wed, 23 Dec 2020 11:55:28 GMT
Imagine All the People... In these uncertain times, it's good to dream and hope for a better, safer, more peaceful future. This beautiful mosaic is the featured art piece at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY. It features the title from the John Lennon | Beatles song. 

Imagine - Strawberry FieldsImagine - Strawberry Fields“Imagine all the people sharing all the world…” This memorial to John Lennon, in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York City, reminds us to keep dreaming, hoping, striving…CLICK HERE to read the full story.

This is an interesting site. Each morning it get cleaned and cleared and a flower laid next to the title. This in itself is a wonderful memorial to one of the great songwriters and peace lovers of the 20th century.

This appears to be the work of an individual who then, throughout the day, attracts tourists with stories of the site and the Beatles, invites them to place mementos (and then, in best New York style, asks for a personal donation :) )

Strawberry Fields figures in a Beatle song and is the name for this area of Central Park, which is just off Central Park West and across from The Dakota, where John Lennon lived. It is said he and Yoko Ono enjoyed walking here.

The lyrics to Imagine are:


Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

...John Lennon

(courtesy of


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy imagine interdimensional John Lennon Nature Spirit nature spirit photography Strawberry Fields Tue, 22 Dec 2020 17:20:15 GMT
Red Berries in Snow The austere beauty in the prairie states of red berries in snow, in front of a stark grey sky.

Red Berries in SnowRed Berries in SnowThe austere beauty of red berries in winter snow. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography red berries tree spirit winter snow Mon, 21 Dec 2020 13:08:22 GMT
Buccaneer of Bar Harbor This is a complex nature spirit story that has as its canvas the entire width of the old town Commons in Bar Harbor, Maine. It is a love story about a dashing Colonial-era Buccaneer, the woman from the "wrong side of town" he loved and left, and his regrets in his dignified old age. The other half of the story is seen as a dream emerging from the older woman's bitter memories - see left image.

Ancient Love StoryAncient Love StoryThe female love interest rests below the now exposed heart-shaped broken limb story of the youthful passions of the buccaneer and his love. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This is a - "Serious, folks, I couldn't possibly have made this up!" story. It was shown to me on my trip a few years back to an Out of Chicago photography conference at Acadia National Park, Maine. (Wonderful photography group with comprehensive outings.) I arranged to stay a few days after to see what else there was in the area. Being a New Englander myself, I had a wonderful time soaking up the ambience of this beautiful, historic seacoast town, its endless supply of lobster and handmade ice cream, and its sophisticated nature spirits.

Nature Spirits of the Town Square

I headed to the old town Commons, figuring that its years of interactions with humans would ensure a few good stories from the nature spirits. The nature spirits of trees and rocks, and the higher level devas and interdimensionals, will often record some human activity that they have found particularly interesting.

And what a story they presented me! Like other such complex stories, it took me a long time to grasp the details. I took many photos, in case I didn't grasp some aspect while on site. My camera would capture those details my mind was not able to absorb and translate, and I would see them later, in front of the computer screen.

This material, like much information I receive, is delivered as a ball, or merkaba, or energy. It contains all the multi-faceted information of the situation, beyond time and space. It always exists, once presented, and I can access it at any so-called future point of time. My assigned "job" is to unravel that information into a 3D sequence for humans to understand. So - here goes.

The Old BuccaneerThe Old BuccaneerThe Buccaneer grown old. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Colonial Dandy or Buccaneer?

On one side of the square, a tree that shades an old horse trough contains the image of a Colonial Dandy - a distinguished though rough-featured man, complete with a bouffant hairdoo, fancy long waistcoat and stockinged legs. He is looking at something across the town green. On the left spirit side of his face there is a side view of a dashing mustached young man - a buccaneer. Who he is now - a conservative town elder - still has the shadow of the adventurer he once was.  Old Buccaneer and the ShadowOld Buccaneer and the ShadowNow a city elder, the shadow of the youthful buccaneer is still present. CLICK HERE to read the full story.














I spent some time studying and photographing this bas relief and communicating with the deva of the Commons. It had been created, she said, to memorialize and rectify a societal situation - e.g. of itself it was not alive.

Bar Harbor Old Town SquareBar Harbor Old Town SquareThe town square separating the two lovers. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The nature spirits asked me to visually follow the energy line that started with this image and travel across the Commons to a specific site on the far side.  I would find the rest of the story there.

See the tall luxurious tree top center. The story exists in a tree behind that tree.

The Rejected Woman

I followed their directions and discovered an older tree no longer in great shape. Part way up was the image of a woman's head, older with sad eyes and downturned mouth. Above her head is an area where a large tree branch had fallen down, revealing, inside a heart-shaped opening, the love story. 

On the left side of this opening you see the image of a sweet-faced woman with a large earring and on the other side there is a handsome mustached man. They are turned away from each other, separated by a barrier.

Notice the mustached man has the same features as that of the left face side shadow figure on the other side of the Commons. 

Dalliance TreeDalliance TreeThe tree beneath which the lovers dallied. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This is what the nature spirits said the story was. Back in Colonial times, when all the trees and people in this story were young and adventurous, a handsome buccaneer of good family and a woman from the wrong side of town were in love and had many a dalliance beneath the trees of this area. He was a bar-visiting, hearty-living charismatic young roustabout and this woman often accompanied him on his outings. 

Then at some point the local constabulary arrested him and threw him into jail - a local building near the square. The woman visited him often, talking with him through the windows of the jail. She would sit under this tree and sorrowfully mourn the buccaneer's incarceration. The barrier between the two in the downed limb represents both the jail cell walls and the wall that gradually grew between the two.

A Reformed Man

This jail experience caused the buccaneer to reform his ways. He left his old lifestyle, and the woman, and set out on a path to become a staid New Englander. He achieved it, but only by repressing his adventurous nature, turning into something of a fop and a dandy. But, beneath it all, the adventurous buccaneer still remained, as did his love for the woman. In old age, he would often stand by the horse trough, look across the Commons, and reminisce about a passion for life he no longer had.

The woman did not fare as well, and as she grew older, she grew bitter - see her very small down-turned mouth. She would sometimes visit the tree - located in her area, the seedier side of the old town - and look across the Commons at the water trough where the well-to-do, including her former love, gathered on their horses. She locked the story in her heart, which was only revealed years later, when the tree limb fell away.

The trees and nature spirits of the area felt the love and pain of this story, much of it caused by human adherence to superficial social disparities, and memorialized it in their canvases.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bar Harbor Buccaneer everything is energy Maine Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography tree spirit Sun, 20 Dec 2020 13:21:52 GMT
1000 Years Old But Who's Counting... This serene and wise water tupelo has lived in his Southern Illinois cypress swamp for over 1000 years. Ancient Wisdom Keeper | Atala Toy Nature Spirit PhotographyAncient Wisdom KeeperSerene and wise, this ancient water tupelo has lived in this Southern Illinois cypress swamp for over 1000 years!

King of the Cypress Swamp

He now has a girth of 23 feet in circumference. This wisdom keeper is definitely chill. His energy is focused in his throat and heart. He has the relaxed smile of an ancient wise one who has weathered the trials and tribulations of life, enjoyed its beauties as well, and is comfortable in his own power and ability to survive.

I enjoy the little nature spirit protectively nestled in the tupelo's dreadlocks... 

Cypress ShadowsCypress ShadowsCypress swamp of Southern Illinois. CLICK HERE for the image story. A Locally Famous Tree

This tupelo wisdom keeper is a locally famous tree with his own marker and lives in the Cache River State Nature Area, Illinois.

The cypress swamps of Southern Illinois have their own beauty, filled with reflections on water as the sun changes throughout the day, mysterious in their shadows and eery silence. To the right is a view of the nearby Heron Pond cypress area.

Some Ways to Connect with Us

If you would like to see more nature spirits, head over to my gallery at Or just click on the image to go directly to the room of each available image.

If you would like to share your own nature spirit photographs, head over to our community nature spirits group at Facebook.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Cache  Illinois  nature  tree  water  wisdom Area Atala keeper Nature photography River spirit State Toy tupelo Sat, 19 Dec 2020 22:57:38 GMT
Elf Wizard of Bear Lake Elf WizardElf WizardThis elf wizard lives in a pine tree at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. Pine trees incise their images in their bark (v trees like oaks that do it with knobby burls). He is of the masked elves family. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This is a wizard of the masked elf clan. He lives in a pine tree at Bear Lake, Colorado.

Spirit images can be difficult to see in pine trees. That's because pines are very subtle in their art. They incise the image into the bark - up close it looks like someone ran a putty knife through soft butter. (That's different from trees like oaks who often work configuring burls into images.)

I augmented the color and contrast a bit here, for you to more clearly see. Below is a closeup and a drawing of the elf.

Not the clearest image, but I wanted to try to show you this fine fellow as meeting him, on my declared nature spirit photo outings, was an achievement many years in the making.

I was aware there was a spirit there, but I couldn't make it out. I sensed it was an authority figure who wasn't interested in communicating with humans. It teased me with its elusiveness and I returned to this tree over the years to solve the puzzle. I finally achieved this last year, with the help of my wonderful full-frame Nikon D850.

Notice, in the head shot below, the wizard's pointed elf ear, the bark mask that covers his eye area, and the tall wizard  hat.

On one side of his face he has two eyes, one eye looking down to earth and the other up to heaven. The eye on the other side of his face is missing, indicating he travels between spirit and matter carrying messages. The bark mask is a feature of the masked elves, a group I have a special relationship with, no matter where I travel.

Upper left, in the long view, you can see he has a long cloak and ends with two stout feet digging deep into the earth.

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
Elf Wizard DrawingElf Wizard Drawing Elf Wizard Close UpElf Wizard Close Up


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) "elf wizard" Atala Toy Bear Lake" Colorado everything is energy masked elves Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rocky Mountain National Park tree spirit wizard Sat, 19 Dec 2020 11:34:41 GMT
Pine Trees in Snow Two's Company...Two's Company...Where there are two there’s warmth and companionship…two pine trees stand gracefully in their new dusting of snow.. CLICK HERE to read the full story. It's lots of snow right now for some on us...

May the beauty of this white silence tamp down all discord, if only for a brief moment of time... 


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy interdimensional nature spirit photography tree spirit winter snow Thu, 17 Dec 2020 12:23:40 GMT
Guardian of the Redwood Portal Redwoods GuardianRedwoods Guardian This is a redwood portal guardian.

One of the fun activities I have when out on a walk is getting to know the various tree portal guardians.

Openings in trees are potential entry points into the world of trees. These gateways always have a guard whose job it is to activate the energy portal at the proper time and to keep it shut tight at the proper time. Only those with access rights to that world are allowed to enter. 

This redwood opening is taller than an human and hikers sometimes like to climb inside the opening. Not to worry if you want to do this - the guardian finds it fun and is sure to keep the energetic doorway shut. You will safely remain inside the human dimensions!

However...if you would like to explore the tree spirit realms - this is an access point - a doorway, not a wall. If you energetically connect with the guardian and he sees your authentic intent - he might give you a glimpse or even grant entry...

I like the ornate nose on this guardian. His one eye signals he is a gateway between matter and spirit (one eye in either realm). A small standing cat hides inside the guardian's cloak, lower right.

I took a number of photos of the redwoods during some years-ago visits with my older son who then lived in San Francisco. At that time I was new to both photography and nature spirit photography so my photos are not the best quality. And I could feel the energies but not see them.

However, the digital cameras are wonderful friends and recorders; they capture what is there even if you cannot see it. When going back and looking at your images, you will often see what it is you were feeling. 

The redwood spirits are different in look from the East Coast tree spirits. The West Coast Redwood spirits remind me of the Tlingit art - the art of the Totem pole nations. These nations identified with their nature spirits and translated it into distinctive art. You can see traces of that in this Guardian portrait.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy nature spirit photography nature spirits portal guardian redwoods tree spirit Wed, 16 Dec 2020 12:02:00 GMT
Praying Hands, a Cathedral and a Giant Tucked away next to the road out of Garden of the Gods is this white sandstone rock formation. Some refer to this as a Cathedral. I also see hands raised in prayer. And, on closer look, two massive stone figures. To the left is a cheerful animal nature spirit. To the right is a cheerful giant.  Praying HandsPraying HandsThis is a complex stone formation that at first glance looks simple. Called by some a Cathedral formation, I also see praying hands...and on very close look, two beings - a happy nature spirit on the left and a gentle giant on the right. Garden of the Gods, Colorado. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Gentle GiantGentle GiantThis gentle giant looks out over the prairie at Garden of the Gods, Colorado All images here are inspiring energies in this white sandstone formation tucked in among the massive red sandstone formations that dominate Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Garden of the Gods) nature spirit nature spirit photography rock spirit Tue, 15 Dec 2020 14:15:51 GMT
May the Strength, Endurance and Peace of the Oak Be With You this Holiday Season May you be as stable and strong as an oak in winter storms - as you are in gentle summer sun. Happy holidays to all our friends!

Oak Tree Holiday GreetingsOak Tree Holiday GreetingsMay the strength, endurance and peace of the oak be with you this holiday season. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy happy holidays nature spirit photography oak tree tree spirit Mon, 14 Dec 2020 11:52:57 GMT
Touching the Moon Tree branches reach up to touch a winter full moon who was still shining bright in a damp early morning fog.

Touching the MoonTouching the MoonWinter branches early on a foggy morning reach for the full moon. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy full moon interdimensional nature spirit nature spirit photography tree spirit winter moon Sun, 13 Dec 2020 12:24:41 GMT
Three Wisemen and Their Camel This collection of Mt. Lemmon HooDoos reminds me of the Biblical three Wisemen with their camel. Happy holidays to all! These rock Wisemen are very tall, proudly majestical and over look an amazing landscape of mountains and valleys.

Three Wisemen and Their CamelThree Wisemen and Their CamelThis Mt Lemmon HooDoo collection reminds me of the Biblical three Wisemen and their camel. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

These types of stone formations were named HooDoos by early pioneers, who thought they looked magical like New Orleans VooDoo.

There are a lot of these stone sculptures throughout the Southwest. Arizona's Mt. Lemmon - now a favorite ski area - has cascades of HooDoos up its steep and winding road.

The wind, the weather and a combination of rock spirits, nature spirits and interdimensional artists have formed various of these figures. Perhaps over hundreds of thousands of years. Perhaps over a short period of time, like the overnight formation of crop circles.

Winter Sunset on Mt LemmonWinter Sunset on Mt LemmonSunset Here is the view these three three wisemen have looked at for as long as they have been in existence.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) 3 Wisemen Atala HooDoos Mt Lemmon Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography rock spirits Toy" Sat, 12 Dec 2020 11:40:57 GMT
I Survived; You Will, Too I Survived - You Will, TooI Survived - You Will, TooThis burl-weighted tree is one of the few large trees to survive in a forest area that had been hit by a micro-burst tornado. She has two mouths - the lower one wavering in fear, the upper one pinched in determination to survive. Her eyes are open wide as she faces the destruction that surrounds her. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This is a survivor tree. Here is her story.

I was out photographing in a local preserve. It was a new area for me – I’d visited it once, and was now back for another visit with the wonderful nature spirits who live there.

One area of the woods had been hard hit by a micro-burst tornado. It had touched down and an entire section, inside the larger intact forest, had been largely laid bare. Huge old trees had been ripped out of the earth, their entire root system on display.

Within this area there were a few trees left standing. They were not the huge trees – they were the more modest sized ones. One of them particularly drew my attention. This was not a particularly pretty tree. It had a huge burl growing out of it. But this low heavy weight had provided the stability needed to survive a whirling storm.

This burl was consciously aware and was emitting a somber, joyfully-relieved survivor energy. Her energy intrigued me and I went for a visit. I walked around the tree to study its particular energy, walked back to study it from a distance, then moved forward to look closer.

Suddenly, I felt very, very happy in my heart. “I really, really like you,” I was inspired to tell the tree out loud, sending her a wave of love. “And I really, really like you, too,” the tree responded, sending a smile back into my heart. And so we started a wonderful, intimate conversation, and it finished with my taking her photograph.

I survived!I survived!Close up of this gentle burl's face. She has seen the terror of a micro-burst tornado that took down most of the large trees around her, but she survived. Her eyes stare wide open, a mixture of fear, relief, courage. She has two mouths - a lower wavering one and a higher one of determination. CLICK HERE to read the full story. You can see her heart-shaped face, her wide-open eyes that are staring in two directions at the devastation around her, her two mouths with the lower one wavering in stoic bravery as she faced her new situation and her higher mouth pursed tight in determination, with an upward turn of a smile because it is important to be happy no matter what.

In the old adage that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – this survivor tree asked me to share with people her learned wisdom: “I survived – you will, too!”

It’s something for all of us to remember in these difficult times that are testing everyone’s individual resolve. Sometimes it’s the big guys who fall, leaving the smaller ones behind to carry on the work. Even if you’ve always thought of yourself as one of the little guys – now it’s left to you to be the leader.

Even when devastation is all around you, you can’t give up – your decisions affect not only you, but also your entire environment – friends, family, and people you may not even know are watching and absorbing.

I Survived DrawingI Survived Drawing That wavering undervoice may still be there, but the upper voice of smiling determination will prevail. That smile is important. It helps you – and it considerably helps all the others around you, who are moving through similar situations themselves!

Now’s the time to pull in your energy, center, find your core, and find that resolve to go forward. You are a survivor. Smile.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy burls interdimensional nature spirit nature spirit photography tree spirit Thu, 10 Dec 2020 12:25:58 GMT
Elegy for a "Song Bird" Descending HandDescending HandThis intriguing portal features a descending spirit hand and a full figure guardian at its front door. It resides in the Tekawitha Woods Forest Preserve,Illinois - a property once part of a convent. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This unusual tree portal features a pointing hand  and a guardian spirit. Is the guardian a man or the underside of a bird, showing claws and tail? 

The tree, now outwardly dead, lives on a preserve that once housed a convent. It is on the edge of a path leading down to the gently flowing, anciently-revered Fox River in Northern Illinois. 

This is a witness tree and a memorial. I recognize it, and it acknowledges me. But I am told it is not a portal for me to explore or enter into.

When I ask what it is for, I always receive the image of a violent act that occurred here and which nature is seeking to rectify, to return the area to balance. 

Chicago mob boss Al Capone lived nearby and was a big donor to the convent - seeking to buy his way into heaven? This portal has something to do with that energy.

I get the inner message that this is nature seeking to balance out the murder of some mobster who "sang like a bird" to the wrong people, was "fingered" for elimination - and buried nearby! 

This portal is a gateway into another dimension and while I find it intriguing, I also find it a bit frightening. So I have, over the years, been delighted to observe, honor, and not seek to enter into some energy place I might not want to be!

The guardians are doing their duty - keeping out those who are not to enter, enticing in those who need to go through.

Interdimensional cooperation works like that. You need to apply wisdom to what you discover and be grateful for the presence of guards who prevent you from getting into trouble!

In situations like this, nature is working to rectify a situation. When the tree finally decays...the energy has been corrected.

This intriguing tree can be found at the Tekawitha Woods Forest Preserve, St. Charles, IL.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography portal guardian Tekawitha Woods Forest Preserve tree spirit Wed, 09 Dec 2020 13:02:48 GMT
Support from Mother Nature Mother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature Birthing a BirdMother Nature - The Lady of the Forest -with her heart-shaped face, part in this world and part in spirit, is birthing forth a baby bird. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The tree spirits asked me to post this today, to show humans how Mother Nature is always there to support them.

This photo shows Mother as the Lady of the Forest, overseeing the comings and going of all in her domain, including the birthings and passings of beings.

Here she is, with her heart-shaped face, half in this world and half in spirit, rising up from inside the earth and birthing forth a baby bird. She wears a tall crown and long veil. 

The tree spirits ask me to remind you that when you are in need of comfort, of hope, of knowledge of your connection to the all - take a walk in nature. Perhaps find a tree - or brook, rock, plant, prairie - where you feel comfortable and safe. Sit or stand or lie down and just - merge. Return to your own personal roots and pull in strength from the earth herself. She is ready, willing and waiting for you to recognize the ancient strength from which you have emerged. 

You have it inherently inside your very being to pull strength from the universe you are a part of and from which you emerged. Go home. You are loved.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy frequency interdimensional lady of the forest look for the signs mother nature Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography one love quiet your mind resonance seeing is believing tree spirit Tue, 08 Dec 2020 13:23:05 GMT
It's Time to Explore the World! The eagerness of youth to explore the vast world outside the safety of the home! These three young squirrels are feeling the joy of a warm winter day with no wind, the sun warming the air, and a whole world out there to play in!

Ready to Explore the World!Ready to Explore the World!Three young squirrels greet the late winter morning sun, ready to explore the world. CLICK HERE to read the full story. Young Squirrels at PlayYoung Squirrels at PlayIt's a sunny warm winter day and these young squirrels are getting ready to explore! CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) animal spirit Atala Toy everything is energy Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography squirrels tree spirit Mon, 07 Dec 2020 12:50:56 GMT
Silent Watchers and Their Public Face These silent New England granite watchers remind me of so many of us. The two on the right are wise and vigilant but they have no mouths. Instead their spokesperson is the side looking, pleasant, a bit whacky and seemingly a bit dumb being at the far left.

Guardians of the PathGuardians of the PathI was walking along a path through the woods when I came upon this trio of rock spirit guardians. These watchers live on my family's property in North Conway, New Hampshire. To me, they give hope and an answer on how so many pioneering souls can/have had to/ exist over the past centuries.

Deep deep inside - in the tough survival granite base we all have - we know the truth. The truth that isn't what the outer world wants us to believe. The truth we need to know, to survive the storms of life.

To stay safe, we vigilantly and silently - watch. With deep-set eyes that see the truth. Yet so silent that moss has grown where our mouths should be.

And we consign our spoken word to conform to that which will keep us safe. We put on a cheerful, whacky, funny face - and we survive.

Most of us are watchers nowadays, longing to speak...hoping our leaders speak...keeping our knowledge to ourselves until...

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy granite face interdimensional nature spirit nature spirit photography New England rock spirits the watchers Sun, 06 Dec 2020 12:37:22 GMT
Vision Quest Canyon Here is a vision quest site that very few hikers recognize. It is located at the Rim Rock Nature Trail in Southern Illinois. Let's take a journey to see what the nature realm has created. Guardian of the SiteGuardian of the SiteThis rock guardian watches over all who enter into an unrecognized Vision Quest site. Rim Rock Nature Trail, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

Native American tradition honors the vision quest. This is a journey to find your own specific purpose and path through life. This journey is frequently made to some significant energy spot. The earth contributes its own power to your personal search.

For contemporary Western mainstream society, this inter-relation between human and nature and cosmic patterns has long been lost. But we are slowly recovering our yearning for connection. 


The Ascent. (above) To reach this site nowadays, you have to travel down a long trail to a ravine by a gently flowing stream. This site has been occupied by many different peoples over the centuries because it has a large cave overhang permitting protection from the elements. Leading up out of the ravine is a somber, hooded Rock Guardian, overseeing a rocky path that in more recent times acquired a rough stone stairway. Your Vision Quest journey is about to begin


Vision Quest I - In the BeginningVision Quest I - In the BeginningIn the beginning, you birth the vision for your own life. Vision Quest 1 – In the Beginning. (left) In the beginning, you birth the vision for your own life. Here is the start of your journey, and you must enter into the earth mother if you wish to birth your vision. You pass from light to darkness and you must crouch down almost into fetal position if you want to proceed.

Vision Quest II - Walk Your TalkVision Quest II - Walk Your TalkWalk Your Talk – keep going – birth that new vision for your own life!

















Vision Quest II – Walk Your Talk. (right) You emerge into a steep-narrow walled canyon, a “birth canal” only large enough for one person to squeeze through and seeming to end at a blank wall. It’s here you start to birth your vision and determine to walk your talk. And just when it seems this road goes nowhere, and ends at a blank wall…an exit route appears to the left, and you can go on, climbing upwards along a single path varying between steep and gentle, and gradually widening along a rocky ascent that in more recent times acquired a wooden staircase.

Vision Quest III - The GuardianVision Quest III - The GuardianThis powerful 100 foot tall rock being watches over the vision quest process going on in the twisting paths that make up his/her body. Facing him at the end of your climb, you discover you were never alone on your personal journey; Guardians were always present, protecting and overseeing the process. Together you and your Guardians peacefully survey the world below, for you have now traversed the journey from womb to mastery of your own personal energy. Rim Rock Nature Trail, Illinois. CLICK HERE to read the full story.


Vision Quest III – The Guardian. (right) At the end, you reach your goal, emerging at the top of the canyon, at the fulfillment of your personal journey. If this journey is done with reverence, you have walked the passages of life, and energetically dealt with the issues that attend your personal quest. You also discover you were never alone during this process. A close look at the cliff you face reveals the profile of the canyon Guardian – the cosmic energy that has overseen your journey upward through consciousness. The two of you share a view of the peaceful valley below. Parts of the route you just walked stand revealed while others are hidden from sight.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy Illinois Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Rim Rock Nature Trail rock spirit Vision Quest Sat, 05 Dec 2020 10:50:13 GMT
Spirit of Bear Lake Spirit of Bear Lake | Close UpSpirit of Bear Lake | Close Up A handsome youthful rock guardian watches over Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. He has evergreens for hair and mustache. He is wearing a hood and has a prominent eye, nose and chin – “chiseled.”  In some views, as in the bottom photo, you can see the spirit’s familiar who lives on the back of the youth's hood. 

I have visited this area every few years, on my trips to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. The road through the park starts in Estes Park, a scenic mountain town filled with amazing cliffs and gentle people. Bear Lake rests just inside the park, before you begin the ascent over the mountain range. 

Over 4 million people visit the park each year, admiring the scenery, and this appreciation positively affects the nature admired.

The rock spirits manifest themselves very strongly in this area and I’ve had many a conversation with these beings, as they sit for their photographic portraits. They are proud of the work they do inspiring and uplifting people – hikers and car tourists alike – along with their millennia of protection for the animals and plants of the area.

Spirit of Bear LakeSpirit of Bear LakeThis handsome youth dominates the shore front of Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

One of my favorite stops is Bear Lake. The Lake has very gentle energy and there are gentle hikes that take one around the perimeter and up into the hills. The energy the youthful guardian oversees is friendly and this brings that quality out in all the people who visit it. Visitors have many friendly chats on the walk, and lots of taking photos for each other at scenic locations.



(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Bear Lake interdimensional nature spirit photography rock spirit Rocky Mountain National Park Fri, 04 Dec 2020 11:52:25 GMT
Social Distancing at the Beach Even the seagulls know it's good to socially distance!  Seagulls Social Distancing.Seagulls Social Distancing.Even the seagulls believe in social distancing! Along the beach in Santa Cruz, California. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

These birds are just hangin' out along the sea wall in Santa Cruz, California.

This scene presented itself to me on an outing where I got to crew for my two sons as they competed in a Half-Ironman Triathlon. It was lots of fun for this ol' ultradistance runner to see the next generation also enjoying that sport!

Now, which version do you like better - the original overcast sky, or the one with clouds?

One of the issues nature photographers have is being at a scene at the right time of day or right season of the year - especially if you are visiting. An image seen is appreciated and the weather worked around. But what if you shot the scene in a different environment? How does that change the meaning? Seagulls at the BeachSeagulls at the Beach

This is the final sky scene choice for my gallery visitors. I reimagined this scene with a more varied sky, which Photoshop 2021's sky replacement tool lets us do.




(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy birds interdimensional nature spirit photography ocean Santa Cruz seagulls social distancing Wed, 02 Dec 2020 12:27:09 GMT
Go No Further! Stay Out!Stay Out!A tied rock is a Japanese folk message that you’ve reached a private boundary point. So simple, polite, and definite - this tied rock is a Japanese folk symbol for "Stop - Go No Further!"

This rock lives at the entryway to the Zen Garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. 


There's a blessing in all situations and I must say this sequestering period has proven fun for me, in its own weird way. It's a time when so many of us have had to say - stop! And just look at where we are, in our own private living spaces. We've had to redefine space and relationships.

This period also coincides with my own Stop! On January 1, I retire and pass on Crystal Life to longtime, much-loved, extremely capable staff who will be the new owners.

Sequestering and retirement plans mean I get to enjoy photography - and have the necessary time/space while sequestering to do so! I am growing my new online art gallery,  

There is a "rest of the story" for most of my photos and my goal is writing that story - one blog a day for a year. I started last May and have been...pretty good about it ever since! If some of my social media friends have a reallllllly long memory - you may see a photo here and there you've seen before, from "back in the old days" at the old space. They need retelling when they move!

To purchase this image, click on the photo - it takes right to that photo's full-size page.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy Japanese folk tradition nature spirit photography rock spirit stay out Tue, 01 Dec 2020 12:50:12 GMT
Fun with Skies Tree Branches Against a Sunset SkyTree Branches Against a Sunset SkyOak tree branches against sunset-tinged clouds. CLICK HERE to read the full story. This is a fun blog about learning to work with all the digital tools available to us. Adobe Photoshop 2021 has introduced a very nice new tool that makes a landscape photographer's life a lot easier.

It's a sky replacement tool and I must say it works very well. I had fun trying it out on some oak tree branches I photographed last week.

I'd like to see which version you like best; let me know in the comments area!

Tree Branches with Winter CloudsTree Branches with Winter CloudsThis is the original photo, showing oak tree branches against winter clouds. CLICK HERE to read the full story. And a shout out to my photographer friends - look at the fun you can have. Definitely a COVID era stay-at-home playtime activity!

There are a lot of free skies available to try this with. You now have a place to work with all the great skies you've shot and didn't know what to do with. You can even import a non-sky background and the program will work with it.

The top image is a gorgeous sunset I imported. I love how the program picks up on the sky color throughout the rest of the photo - notice how warm the color of the tree branches are.

The second photograph, right, is what the camera actually saw. There were lots of clouds with a bit of winter blue peaking through.

Tree Branches in Winter SkyTree Branches in Winter SkyOak tree branches against a stark winter sky. CLICK HERE to read the full story.



The third photograph I replaced with a plain sky I desaturated to winter blue - it lets the forms of the tree branches really stand out as the feature.





Tree Branches in a Cosmic Night SkyTree Branches in a Cosmic Night SkyTree branches against a watercolor night sky. CLICK HERE to read the full story.






The final image is a watercolor of a cosmic scene. The trees and watercolor work together nicely to create a mystic scene.

Wishing all a play-safe, stay-safe COVID situation.

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy nature spirit nature spirit photography tree spirit Mon, 30 Nov 2020 12:55:07 GMT
It's Party Time in Jamaica WI! Jamaican GreenmanJamaican Greenman It's Party Time! A whole group of life forms are gathered to party, in this Poinciana tree who lives at a fork in the road in Jamaica, WI

Poinciana Tree | Jamaica WIPoinciana Tree | Jamaica WI















This fun-loving tree has stood at this location for many generations of humans, beginning back when local transportation was more by donkey than by car. The tree stands at a fork where the servants for many of the well-to-do homes in this gated community (where residents of many nationalities live) would have walked and gathered, waiting for transportation home or to work. 

Jamaican Greenman DrawingJamaican Greenman DrawingDrawing of beings in tree They would have been in good spirits, conversing with friends, and this good humor shows. The tree's own spirit beings, and those of the devas of the area, have sculpted quite a variety of beings - see the diagram to the left. 

There's a Jamaican Greenman, looking right, with African features and an elephant familiar as his protector hat. Looking left is a Jamaican lady with headwrap and earring. Above left is a nature spirit. Mid-center are two donkeys. Lower right is a Caucasian human and a hooded wood elf.

Poinciana Tree SpiritPoinciana Tree SpiritTree spirit, Jamaica, WI. CLICK HERE to read the full story.













The tree represents the spirit of all the inhabitants of this area and so, on the other side of the tree, is a spirit image of a kindly peaceful landowner of the area. 

Speaks with Two MouthsSpeaks with Two Mouths







In contrast - above and slightly to the right looking directly at all passing by is a spirit portrait of one of the crankier residents, shown with a warty nose and two mouths - e.g. "He who speaks with two mouths" instead of one truth.

I have enjoyed visiting with this tree on various of my visits to Jamaica. He has seen, observed, loved and recorded the various energies of those who pass him by or stop to rest, over many many years and many many rotations of human life forms.


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy everything is energy greenman Jamaica WI Nature Spirit Nature Spirit Photography Poinciana tree tree spirit Sat, 28 Nov 2020 14:48:45 GMT
Summers at the Beach Summer days - puffy clouds - gentle lake ripples - a beautiful green tree offering just the right amount of lounging shade - what could be better!

Summers at the BeachSummers at the Beach

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy nature spirit nature spirit photography summers at the beach tree spirit Fri, 27 Nov 2020 13:12:47 GMT
A Visit with the Spirits of an Ancient Mesquite Tree A lot of us can't be with family and friends during this year's holiday. Still, we can be with them in spirit!

Here's a special mesquite Grandmother tree in the Saguaro National Park in Arizona that I often think about and connect to. It is near a powerful ancient Hohokam petroglyph site. Just a bit off the path, hidden from full view. Although, one time, I found someone had outlined a path to it and around it in small stones. So others also saw what I see!
Desert SpiritsDesert SpiritsThese Desert Spirits live in a mesquite tree at an ancient Hohokam petroglyph site in Arizona. Sometimes when I am led to a spirit tree, I discover that others are also aware of its significance. This spirit tree has an inconspicuous path leading to it from the main path, outlined by someone with small stones. A circle of small stones also encircles the tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story.


Grandmother MesquiteGrandmother MesquiteThis smiling Grandmother lives in a mesquite tree in Tucson's Saguaro National Park. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The front of the black-wood mesquite tree is a complex tableau of nature spirits. There's an entire group of animals relaxing. Beneath them are two larger spirits. It looks to me like two figures - a shepherd tending his flock of animals, the male animal leader (with horns) bottom left. This is a peaceful scene on a wide open desert area and has tremendous intricacy of ornate detail.

The energy of this place holder tree is very powerful, like an acupuncture point driving a specific type of peace deep into the earth. As it is believed the site was an ancient lookout point for the peaceful local peoples, this type of protection, anchored by nature herself, makes sense.

The driving force of the tree is Grandmother - the nature energy who protects and nurtures all life. She lives on the back side of the tree, away from view of those hiking the trail beside the tree. She has shaped herself in the same ornate linear detail as the figures on the front of the tree. There are many other smaller details found around her as well.

I visit the tree often, on my trips out west. Here are some photos a colleague took of me on our visit to the tree. You can see the sizes of the images here. 

I like the one of me with Grandmother - we look a lot alike - two ol' Grandmas hanging out together!

Happy holidays to you all, and may you enjoy your friendships in person and in spirit!

Atala with Mesquite SpiritsAtala with Mesquite Spirits

Atala and Grandmother MesquiteAtala and Grandmother Mesquite

(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Atala Toy grandmother nature spirit photography Saguaro National Park tree spirit Tucson Arizona Thu, 26 Nov 2020 13:36:26 GMT
Arizona Cypress Trunk Arizona Cypress TrunkArizona Cypress TrunkThe trunk of an Arizona Cypress tree. CLICK HERE to read the full story. The Arizona Cypress tree has very thin bark that as it grows older can become colorfully mottled.

I came upon this beautiful cypress trunk while on a stroll through the Tucson Botanical Gardens. It had so many intricate patterns that I spent quite some time immersed in its rhythmic play!


(Atala Toy Nature Spirit Photography) Arizona cypress tree Atala Toy nature spirit photography tree bark tree spirit Tucson Botanical Gardens Wed, 25 Nov 2020 13:05:02 GMT
Odin's Raven | The Clearing Folk School This cedar tree raven presides over a path leading to the Council Ring at The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.

Raven |The ClearingRaven |The ClearingThis massive root structure resembles a raven in flight. Located near the Council Ring at The Clearing, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. CLICK HERE to read the full story. He has huge spreading wings and all the majesty of one of Odin's three ravens, who are sent out each morning to track the events of the mortal realms. Beneath his wings is an old cedar stump with the image of a man in a hat seen full face (and looking remarkably like Jens Jensen, founder of the school). Beneath his head is another head seen sideways.

Council Ring, The ClearingCouncil Ring, The Clearing The raven is a mystical messenger of the gods, connected to the ruler of the Norse gods and to all the majesty and power of that realm. Jensen's work is infused with that same majesty and power. 

Off to the left of this scene is the Council Ring, an outdoor stone area where Jensen and his colleagues would meet to hold council. 

Chinese Scholar