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Enjoy these stories about the many unique nature spirits I have encountered in my photographic journey. Stories click into photos - and photos click into stories. I strive for 100% accuracy in showing you what I experienced, and in explaining the situation to you in the story. You can focus on my images to connect with that life form. You can also purchase most images as inspiring and beautiful wall hangings, energetic focal points and household objects.

Holiday Spirits

December 01, 2021
I went to photograph the holiday spirit at Longwood Gardens, PA - and spotted a lot more than the plants and the lights! These spirit beings popped forth and asked to be...
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Wise One of Hoh Rain Forest

November 23, 2021
Deep in the magical Hoh Rain Forest, Washington State, you'll find many mystical beings. Including this forest Wise One. He could have easily stepped out of Jim Hensen's...
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Spirits at the Old Springhouse

November 15, 2021
The Quaker farmers in the Brandywine Valley, PA have always had a peaceful, respectful and loving relationship with the land they work. Here is an old Springhouse, dating...
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Interview with Atala Toy on Nature Spirit Photography

November 04, 2021
Click on this interview title to access a half hour discussion about Nature Spirit Photography I recently had with Djuna Wojton and Steve Sokolow at Voices for the New Ag...
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Spirit of Harlan Glen

November 02, 2021
On the wall of an old ruin the nature beings crafted a plaster portrait. This is their portrait study of a country fellow with "common" features and long hair. Above his...
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Victoria Platter Water Lily

November 01, 2021
This gorgeous large white water lily grows among huge platter leaves. It is a Victoria "Longwood Platter" water lily - a hybrid this famous Pennsylvania garden worked on...
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Princess Tree Heart

October 29, 2021
Planted for a beloved granddaughter, this expressive tree has a very large heart on its skirt. It's official name is the "Princess Tree" - Paulownia Tomentosa, part of th...
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Beech Tree Elf

October 27, 2021
This small tree elf looks a bit worried about his home. His home has long been in a very large beech tree that fell over in a storm. So he is one open-eyed side in this...
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Halloween Along the Creek Trail

October 26, 2021
Halloween at Crosslands These nature beings are ready for Halloween! They look like they stepped out of a Dr. Seuss story - a little girl with a fungi curl at top, restin...
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Autumn at Red Jack Lake

October 25, 2021
White birch trunks against autumn colors at Red Jack Lake, Munising, Michigan.
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Autumn Rose

October 23, 2021
The graceful lines of a red rose as it unfolds to an autumn early morning sun.
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Memories of Crows and Horses

October 22, 2021
A lifetime of happy memories have stayed with this old tree that stands along an open field in Brandywine Valley horse country. A large crow calling out to his community...
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Images in an American Elm

October 21, 2021
Few of us remember the time when giant American Elm Trees lined the streets of our country villages and cities. This giant elm stands at the entrance to Longwood Gardens,...
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Zinnia World

October 19, 2021
There's a unique little world inside this lovely pink Zinnia.
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A Master Tree Artist

October 18, 2021
I am in awe of the artistic achievements of many old trees in the Brandywine Valley. They are extremely sophisticated in their crafting ability and there are many with ve...
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