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Enjoy these stories about the many unique nature spirits I have encountered in my photographic journey. Stories click into photos - and photos click into stories. I strive for 100% accuracy in showing you what I experienced, and in explaining the situation to you in the story. You can focus on my images to connect with that life form. You can also purchase most images as inspiring and beautiful wall hangings, energetic focal points and household objects.

We Are Not Alone | Interdimensional Cooperation | A Guidebook by Atala Toy

July 29, 2021
I wrote this book to explain, in easily understood terms, the multi-dimensional nature of the universe. It's full title is We Are Not Alone | A Guidebook to Interdimensio...
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Wolfman - Sinister or Protective?

July 13, 2021
This ominous Wolfman stands guard at the base of a Guardian Tree. His is the entry tree along a scenic path that circles a dark bog. People consider the Wolfmen as sinis...
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Spruce Heart

July 12, 2021
I was walking along the woodland path through this large grove of spruce (below). I felt surrounded by the peaceful strength and confidence of these giants, who towered a...
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Old Things

July 10, 2021
Changes over time are evident in the old farm buildings of the Midwest. Machines grow old...paint peels...nature takes over... Here is a face in the peeling paint of an...
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Happy Gnome of Sunset Park

July 08, 2021
Love that gorgeous long beard on this gnome! He is quite the clown, crossing his eyes to get us to smile and enjoy playing in the park. He lives in the popular Sunset Woo...
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Do Trees Fall in Love?

July 06, 2021
Do trees fall in love? The short answer is - Yes. And they also flirt and dislike...and other of the universal emotions. Here are photo stories from a forest outing I too...
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Fibonacci Spiral | The Nature of Spirit

July 03, 2021
The Fibonacci Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence represents the unfolding and spiraling out of form from source. It is closely related to the Golden Ratio and is a mathematical...
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Council Tree of St Charles, Illinois

July 01, 2021
This Council Tree lives on property that for many decades has hosted a native plants garden center. The tree is the left one in the long view of this area. A Council Tre...
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Human+Nature Exhibit at Morton Arboretum

June 29, 2021
The sentient reality of nature is the theme of this 5-statue exhibit by Daniel Popper, currently on display at the Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois. Most of the statues...
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Long Head at Good Templar Park

June 24, 2021
Here is an image of a being with either a very tall headdress (as in the French Courts of the 18th century Rococo era) - or a being of another dimension with a tall head...
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Lady of the Good Templar Park

June 22, 2021
A graceful, demure, traditionally-dressed Swedish lady is being protected by an earthy nature spirit. Together, they are the Lady of the Realm energy, overseeing the natu...
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Summer Days

June 19, 2021
Long, gently-flowing summer days and the graceful scent of a rose..
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Rambling Rose

June 17, 2021
This graceful white rambling rose greets the morning sun and invites us to "come hither" and enjoy the scent. Fragrant from an early morning shower and part of a rose vin...
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Art Deco at Marquette Park

June 14, 2021
This handsome Art Deco youth is sculpted into a tree at Marquette Park, Indiana Dunes. There are two prevalent styles for Art Deco figures. They are often androgynous an...
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Serpent Power

June 10, 2021
Serpent energy is often present around Native American sacred sites. In the standing stone on the right you see a serpent head and on top of that an image of a Native Ame...
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